Greatest Artists and Bands of the 80s

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Michael Jackson
For me, Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainment Ever! He should be the winner!
He rocked the world for 45 years, he's my #1 artist in the world, MJ FOREVER


What is MJ in second? I haven't even heard of A-Ha. Michael Jackson is one of the best singers of all time, let alone just the 80's. MJ is amazing and we need to get him up to #1!
[Newest]Michael Jackson died in 2009.

A-ha is a classic pop band; plus the singer has an amazing voice with an astonishing range, plus the other two are really good songwriters, and all of them know how to play their instruments.
Well earned number 1. For the guy who sad a-ha only had 2 albums then he is wrong they had 9 full length studio albums. I don't have anything against Michael jackson but for me nothing beats a-ha. There is no song I would say 100% sure is my favorite. But I guess it would be one of these: train of thought, hunting high and low, take on me, scoundrel days, I've been loosing you, Manhattan skyline, the swing of things, stay on these roads, the living daylights, the blood that moved the body, move to Memphis, crying in the rain (even tough it is a cover) summer moved on, lifelines, forever not yours, holy-ground, birthright, foot of the mountain, the bandstand. OK I KNOW I LISTED ALMOST ALL OF THERE HITS BUT THAT SHOWS HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM
a-ha is unforgetable and their music will still live on, the best band ever and live amazing, and a true pearl in todays music business, even after their farewall, will never forget the megastars from Norway.
The soundtrack of my life, you gaved me so much.
God bless you.
[Newest]A-ha is fantastic! They have so many great songs and each of their albums have a different sound. They are getting back together to make a new Album "Cast in Steel" I'm so excited.
More comments about A-ha

3Bon Jovi
okay you have got to be kiddin me?!? Bon Jovi isnot number ONE? uh hello doesn't anyone have any sense? they have to be the most well-known and popular band ofthe 80s but there are many other good ones not on this list... wheres def leppard and journey, AC/DC... hello... AWESOME!


bon jovi is the greatest band of the 80's here some facts to back that up.Their 1986 album slippery when wet had two consecutive number #1 hits he first rock band to do that and their 1988 album new jersey had five top ten hits the only rock band ever to do that. and their still good today making numerous 23 years later
OH we're halfway there oh oh we're livin on a prayer! Take my hand and well make it I swear Oh oh we're livin on a prayer
[Newest]I was born in 1996 and Bon Jovi is still my favorite band.

Kill em' all,ride the lightning,master of puppets,...and justice for all.Some of the greatest metal records of all time.All the post 90s stuff is terrible except maybe Death Magnetic which is a great comeback album.


how is metllica not in the top ten?
some of the best metal songs ever came from metallica in the 80's...master of puppets,one,ride the lightning and orion just to name a few.


Hahahhaha pop posers higher than Metallica that made me laugh the only respectable band I see higher than Metallica is heart but during the 80s these guys practicaly created the best metal subgenre so pretty much they deserve number 1
[Newest]How isn't metallica number 1

Heart was very underrated coming into a world dominated by male rockers where women were disco queens or dance artists. They blazed through the 70's 80's and 90's leaving some great songs and guitar riffs.

6Guns N' Roses
I think guns n roses is the best rock band ever because they a class apart
They re-defined what rock n roll should be, when hair-metal rock started becoming a parody of itself.
guns n' roses have a very unique style and its very memorable


[Newest]I LOVE THEM one of they're songs were for my brothers graduation

7The Police
They made great music and were on top for a bit. It really sucks that they broke up.

No one makes music for the ages like her.She is the sound of the generations she has performed for and will be.
Madonna defined the 80s
The 80s without Madonna would have been like a hamburger without the meat!
[Newest]Come on! She's the queen! Should be number 1

How is it that this man Prince, is admired and respected and acclaimed by musicians and songwriters all around the world, writes his own songs, plays every instrument, sings, produces, dances... For one man to have this much talent is obscene!
There are few musicians out there that can play instruments, sing, write music and entertain. Just the song 1999 was an anthem for all in the 80s and 90s every new year started with that song. THE ICON...
Prince is a legend he brought music together he had his own original sound. He brought in the flavor of the 80's with his own twist. He could rock like ACDC, soul like James Brown, dance like Michael Jackson, yet he could grab your attention with his incredible style.

Queen songs in the 80's were so good especially Under Pressure song as soon as you hear that bass riff you automatically feel very 80's and totally rad and Another one bites the Dust was their best song in the 80's especially how Freddie Mercury sing the song they said he sang the song so strong his throat was bleeding and now that's what you call artists and if you can make the crowd clap their hands during the verse when Freddie Mercury sings Radio Ga Ga and every time he says Radio Ga Ga the crowd claps their hands that's pure genius and very 80's.
Heart is WAY over-rated. Queen is by far the best.


Why is this not at the top?!


[Newest]Queen? Wheres the king

The Contenders

11Ozzy Osbourne
Appeared in the soundtrack to "It's a Boy Girl Thing" (2006).


12Van Halen
Van Halen has to be one of the greatest bands of all time. Eddy rocked on the guitar, Alex was awesome, Diamond Dave was one of the most entertaining lead singers ever, and they didn't start as a boy band, put together by executives to make money. They just rocked it out.
The Mighty Van Halen is 34? No way. Vote up Van Halen! Guns N Roses had 1 album in the 80's. A-Ha had one hit, Van Halen changed rock and roll forever!


The talentless pop artists in the top ten will never be better than van halen.
[Newest]Why is aha at the top! Van halen would totally beat anything above 24

13Motley Crue
These guys partied hard and knew how to rock and roll. Sex drugs and rock and roll is and was a lifestyle only few people can survive.

14Iron Maiden

15Bruce Springsteen
He along with Prince released four masterpieces during the eighties.
Bruce should not be no. 15 on any list
Bruce Springsteen defined rock music of the 80's with albums like The River, Nebraska, Born In The U.S. A and Tunnel Of Love. Should definitely be in the top 10.

16K.S. Chithra
Yes, Chithra is great artist from 80's


In 80's Chithra is New face. But she capture the music world in a single song


17Bryan Adams
Extremely talented and a personal favourite of mine. Bryan Adams manages to pull off some lively, rocky songs E.G. "She's only happy when she's dancing", "Summer of 69" and "Can't stop this thing we started" and he can pull off some very relaxed, slower songs such as "Star", "Heaven" and "Everything I do, I do it for you" so whatever mood I'm in, I can turn on some Bryan Adams and I won't be disappointed. With such a repartee of fine rock music and slow, romantic music. Bryan Adams has stuck out for me as the greatest musician of the 80s and of all time. Honorable mentions go to definitely Leppard, Whitesnake and Bon Jovi
Bryan Adams also contributed to the soundtrack to Don Juan DeMarco (1995).


Steven Tyler's daughter, Liv Tyler, appeared in Armageddon (1998). If it weren't for Aerosmith, The Polar Express (2004) is just another horrible Children's Christmas movie.


The 80's really were up for grabs amongst everyone. I will however give my vote to Aerosmith for the longevity of how much love we can have for their music.
O my god please aerosmith he's someone that have an amazing voice I love him GREAT

19The Clash


21Whitney Houston
The most beautiful and amazing woman to live on this planet!
She is the business. The best voice ever
Queen of the eighties if not pop!
[Newest]Queen of pop and 80s

What? Acdc is one of the best bands ever. Not to mention the 80's. These guys should be first with Rush second and Van Halen third.

U2 made the biggest impact in the 80's and still going strong. You know this list is a joke when Bono isn't ranked higher then Heart. He is one of the greatest song writers of all time.
Presence and passion. This is not even close! Time magazines band
Of the decade.
U2 deserve number 1. Forget Michael Jackson, his contribution to music was nothing compared to U2's.


24Def Leppard
How is definitely leppard not in the top 10? They're undisputedly my favorite band of all time, and they've had tons of hits. And yet, aha is second place, even though the only song they have that could even compare to any definitely leppard song is take on me!
Definitely Leppard is one of the greatest bands to rule the 80s. Everyone has heard of a lot of their songs. Pyromania was one of the greatest albums of that decade!
Just look at how many copies Pyromania and Hysteria sold

25X Japan
X Japan has the ultimate fusion about rock n roll and all kind of good genres of music. X Japan takes rock n roll and makes it to a higher level. Every song of X Japan is a unique piece of fine art. Every musician in X Japan is a real artist who has his unique style and gives the interpretation one unique emotion. The legacy of X Japan is the greatest of all world. Every single fan of X Japan knows and understand the greatness of the band. Anyone who likes real music, anyone who loves classical music understand the importance of this band. Yoshiki the leader of the band is a classical trained musician and one of the greatests composers of this time. X Japan has influenced the entire world more than anyone could imagine. Let the love of X Japan be knowed.
HIDE was at his peak at the time, of course X Japan would be the best band of the 80s! Also the chemistry between the members is really strong and you as a listener get to share the same vibe with them no matter what.
X Japan's the best Japanese visual kei rock. Yoshiki's smart artist who can play a piano and a drum with together that's new change. Toshi's the best vocalist who can sing best many songs that's great.

26Duran Duran
How are these guys not higher? Best band in the 80's, cracked America and were the One Direction of the day, but much better. Hungry Like the Wolf, The Reflex, Rio, Is There Something I Should Know, Save a Prayer, Wild Boys, View to a Kill, Girls on Film, Ordinary World, Notorious, Planet Earth, etc, etc. All classics! DD forever guys
Great band. Most underrated musicians due to style and looks. I've seen them live 7 times and they're still going strong. How many of these bands can say that?
Duran Duran pretty much created New Wave. The original 5 members had the perfect amount of Punk and Disco to create the perfect sound. Andy is one of the greatest guitarists.
[Newest]Duran Duran IS the BEST band and will be the BEST band ever be.

27Billy Joel


29Huey Lewis & the News

30The Smiths
Love alseep and this charming man. Glad they made the list.

seriously, how can rush not be in this list... it should be, at least, in the top ten
No doubt, THE BEST musicians one band has ever had


Technically immortal. Progressive genious. Talent infinite.


[Newest]22 that's funny and no. 21 is Belinda Carlisle laugh out loud

32Lionel Richie

33Belinda Carlisle


35The Cure
The cure are so versatile and great songwriters, even today they are still current. One of the top bands ever 👍

36George Michael

37Thin Lizzy


39Kate Bush
I'm flabbergasted that she hasn't been put into consideration. Her perfect blend of theatre and pop music should at least be in the top 20!
She along with Peter Gabriel and few other british artists really introduced 80s characteristic sound and production (smaplers and synthetisers) that we so much love now.




George Michaels can do no wrong

44Depeche Mode
In my opinion they are the best electronic pop group ever, and should be in the top 5 at least of this line up.
The most unappreciated bands in Britain, one of the best live bands you'll ever see.
Only 45? They should be in top 3!

45Led Zeppelin

46Red Hot Chili Peppers
They are with Warner Bros. Records since 1991.


47New Order
New Order are an incredible group; how the hell did they get left out until I added it?! When you think, hm... 80s... 80s... ; do songs like "Blue Monday", "Temptation" or "Crystal" appear in your mind?! They damn well should! So listen to them now!

48Skid Row


Kiss... I honestly believe, one of the BEST Bands of the 80s... Even now, it's quite amazing! Think about it... Michael Jackson, may be good... But Kiss? Kiss... Is.. Out... STANDING! Haha... Take that MJ! Go Kiss!
KISS came out with heaps and heaps of hits I was made for loving you, god gave rock and roll to you, dr love and so much more. They rocked america in the 70s and 80s and they are legendary group of players Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Plus there funny and created a ad for dr pepper and are a amazing band


Appeared in the soundtrack to Super Mario Bros. (1993).


52Public Enemy
It takes a nation of millions to hold us back.One of the greatest and most influential hip-hop albums of all time and is the most influential political hip-hop album of all time.Fear of a black planet is a classic as well.Fight the power is on fear of a black planet and fight the power is the greatest hip-hop song of all time.

53Phil Collins
Did each song in Tarzan (1999), Brother Bear (2003) and Disney's The Legend of Tarzan.


54Kenny Loggins

55David Bowie
A music god, probably the most influential artist of the 20th century.

56Fleetwood Mac

57Gladys Knight

58Bob Dylan
Pushed his way through the sugary sweet decade with his great lyrics and socially conscious mind.


60John Lennon
John Lennon is the best musician on this list
John Lennon is amazing

61Al Green

62Scandal featuring Patty Smyth



65The Human League

Later did a comeback in 1999 with Brand New Day.


67Stevie Nicks
She rocks with class


69Luna Sea

70The Moody Blues

71Talking Heads

72Spandau Ballet
Ivy League wuss boys

73Rolling Stones
One of the greatest

Best party rock if your in your teens and 40s


76Marvin Gaye

77Eric B and Rakim

78Johnny Cash

79Michael McDonald

80John Mellencamp

81Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Re-did "Love is All Around" in Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999).


82Quiet Riot

83Sonic Youth

84Michael Learns to Rock
This band has created songs that brought back sweet memories to many people in the world, especially Asia. Vote for this band!

85Judas Priest

86Status Quo

87Tears for Fears
Gotta Break it Down Again!


88Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam

89Willie Nelson

90Waylon Jennings


92Sparky D

93The Slits

94The O'Jays

Appeared in Burlesque alongside Christina Aguilera.




98Dora Carofiglio

99Twisted Sister

100Rick Astley
Rick Astley is a famous singer, but he is best known for the internet meme "Rickrolling". While his main success came in the 80s and early 90s, he continues to record and perform live. His newest album, without a released name, was due to come out this month, but has been delayed due to a company break up at his record label.
Why is he this down in the top 100 he had a big big hit in 1987

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