Tears for Fears


They are an amazing band, their music is so meaningful. I truly love them as musicians and as people. They are brilliant, the music that comes out of their imagination is unbelievable. As far as we know they never did drugs. Roland has said that he has never smoked. You couldn't be that good of a musician and do drugs! They are really sweet people.

It is impossible to write in a few words how they are great! Brazilian people are luck because we are having they back next november! It is not good?

Tears for Fears have gathered and held a loyal fan base for the past 30+ years. There's a good reason for that... They are amazingly good musicians, songwriters, performers and their music is timeless! Generations of fans LOVE Tears for Fears... And you can only say that about a very few bands today! TFF Rules!

Tears for Fears is an amazing band that wrote and still write so many very meaningful songs! They are beautiful inside and out, they deserve to be the best not just because they want to rule the world but because they have written the songs out of painful truths and they touch so many! Don't let me forget to mention they were kind of cute in the 80s. I have not had the chance of seeing them live but when I do I will be crying because of the beauty of their music not because I am a giddy school girl who loves their looks. <3 TFF always

You are insane. Tears for Fears in the US had 1 #1 album and 2 #1 singles, off that same album. They were never popular enough to be in the top 50. They are a fine band, but not creatively innovative or influential. Ever hear of Prince and the Revolution? Racist much? You include these holdover 70s bands that never charted, but not Heart? Sexist much? Iron Maiden? You cannot be serious. Someone who didn't live in the 80's made this list.

The only criticism that one can make of Tears for Fears is that they don't record as often as most fans would like. We love their music and have pleaded for new tunes... Hey... Even old tunes... B sides that we know exist. What do you have to do to get these guys to GIVE US MORE of what we LOVE?

They are a wonderful band they have even got better with age:) the new songs are awesome, they are so talented and are great musicians. And that voice on Roland no one sounds like him. They are the best. Thank you.

Roland Orzabal was the heart and soul behind this band... He levelled the illusory world of the Matrix to rubble so that we could all see the truth of our imprisonment within society! Songs From the Big Chair is one of the greatest albums EVER... Seeds of Love was another great record (they all were). This was a man who cared deeply about others and true Freedom!

Tears For Fears are very underrated. The were famous in the 80's for their brilliant music, but are less known today. Their music is just as amazing, if not better today!

I grew up listening to Tears for Fears and even in my 30s I still listen to them everyday. Deep and lyrics plus catchy pop hooks and finely crafted music makes this band one of the classics. One of the very few 80s synthpop bands to go on and create music that stood the test of time.

I love Curt and Roland, they never disappoint! They sound amazing just as they did in the early 80's or even better! I love all the Tears For Fears songs. They are simply the best!

I think Tears for Fears is the greatest band of our time. There still going strong with sold out shows where ever they go. Please lets get them to

These guys are awesome! For me they sound even better live nowadays! You can feel their emotion, it's contagious!

The most polarizing band of the 80s, as far as popularity vs. Critical acclaim. These guys were better than they've ever been given credit for. Their songs have aged gracefully and their more contemporary material is not a sad retread.

Their music actually has substance, not just empty words that rhyme. Poetry in song formation. They will always be number one with me.

They definitely qualify for desert island tunes... I'd be completely happy to have only TFF to listen to. Why is that? You have to ask yourself why this band above so many others has made music that you can listen to over and over and over... And still enjoy as much as the first time you heard it. That really says something about these guys. They surely deserve the #1 spot here. TFF forever

I've loved them since I was a kid and nothing's changed. They are still great! Just wish they would make more albums and tour more.

They are the best 80s band
because their music is relatable
you can always count on these guys
to be 100% live & 100% good

TFF should be in the top ten, if not the top five. Their music has stood up to the test of time and is as relevant and beautiful as it was twenty-five years ago. And yes, their live shows now, as in last month, are fantastic. A must see.

Awesome, thoughtful lyrics and amazing tunes. Tears for Fears should be at the top with Duran Duran. Roland and Curt's inventiveness is pure genius.

One of the best bands ever! When a song(s) stay in your head for 30+ years and still make you smile... It's the sign of a classic band! TFF forever!

Banda scored this much to my life and continues to mark, the songs of Roland and and Curt talent is still alive among us...

Tears For Fears won fans in the 80 'and today besides those already tanned, many young accompany this banda Wonderful

I have seen these guys 4 times and actually the last studio album... Everybody loves a happy ending... Is their best

This band is just the greatest band ever it's a pleasure every time I see them in concert LOVE TEARS FOR FEARS FOREVER