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41You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC

One of the best ac dc songs for me

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42Centerfold - The J. Geils Band

This song reminds me of the smurfs theme I mean come on I couldn't possibly be the only one who thinks that am I

43I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister

What's that suppose to mean this song should be number one that's how good this song is twisted sister has made a lot of great songs I love this song I even have it on my phone

Second to none but not on this list

When I hear this, all I can ever think about is the goofy goober song from SpongeBob. lol - MountainDewKid101

44Wild Side - Motley Crue

48 really people Motley Crue was the rock of the 80s

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45Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel
46Money for Nothing - Dire Straits
47I Ran (So Far Away) - a Flock of Seagulls
48Patience - Guns N' Roses
49Still Loving You - Scorpions

ya considering there's people making out on the picture above . But ya this song let me tell you it's amazing I love how it starts slow and soft and gets louder and and amazing towards the end I have this song on my phone and I Listen to it all the time scorpions is such a great band I mean I'm only 14 years old and look at me listening to rock songs that's how good this song is and how good all the other rock songs are. I mean my phone is like literally filled with nothing but 60's 70's 80's and 90's rock songs

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50Don't Know What You Got ('Til It's Gone) - CinderellaV1 Comment
51Runaway - Bon Jovi

The keyboard in the beginning always gets me

52Fire Woman - The Cult

Simply a perfect riff with great vocals.

53With or Without You - U2
54Limelight - RushV1 Comment
55...And Justice for All - Metallica

nothing rocked the 80's harder than Metallica -

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56Can't Let You Go - Rainbow
57Heaven - Warrant
58Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi

Being too cool to like BJ is like having a shower in a rain coat! If you love rock then this band has everything. Probably one of the best selling bands of all time, and certainly one of the best live. This is their trademark anthem, real crowd puller! Maybe not No1 but certainly top 5!

Great song it's too bad the 80's was the greatest decade of rock ever, probably the toughest decade to judge.

Dude u are so absolutely positively 1000 percent correct who doesn't like Bon jovi this is a great song by them or him or whatever

59Any Way You Want It - Journey

Once again journey u have made another amazing song. Considering this is one of journeys top 3 songs

60Start Me Up - The Rolling Stones
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