Greatest '90s Rock Songs


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The Top Ten

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
This is the greatest song of all time, changed the decade, ruled the generation, and never will be forgotten.
Thank you Nirvana for creating this song. Personally, I go through different musical cravings. At first it was pop punk (Green Day, Sum 41, Social Distortion), then gothic (My Chem. Romance, Evanescence, Black Veil Brides), and then classic (Pink Floyd mostly, also Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who), but now I can lose myself in music like this. Songs like this are so hard and thrashy on the outside, but the lyrics incorporated are so incredibly emotional. Other songs that fit into this category: One by Metallica, Chop Suey by System Of A Down, Come As You Are by Nirvana, In Bloom by Nirvana, and Back In Black by AC/DC.
It's the most honest song written and sung by a rock artist. That's all.
[Newest]No one can beat it

2November Rain - Guns N' Roses
Common man, this is the 6th best Guitar Solo of all time, Best from 90's, Song is so mesmerising that even if it is about 9 minutes, it cannot get out of your head even once during whole time of its playing, with the best rock voice of Axl & best guitar Soloist Slash in the world this is absolutely a perfect beauty, please vote it!
Dude Such a great quality melody this has n has mesmerized me in every way especially Slash's touch of Awesomeness mixed with the Orchestral Mix of Smartness This Song Rocked in every possible way... This is it Just hear the full song once and... !
Everything is just perfect on this song, Slash's mind blowing two solos, Axl's haunting yet calming vocals, Duff's and Matt's fills sprinkled in their makes it perfect. Everything about it is perfect
[Newest]Totally! This song has much passion and love in it.


3Enter Sandman - Metallica
This is a great Metal song. People like to say this is where Metallica went downhill, I strongly disagree! By the way, what the hell is Bon Jovi doing on this list?


Best Metallica song ever. The real meaning is "there's nothing to fear but fear itself"


The best metal song ever
[Newest]Best song ever should be higher but oh well hetfield and Metallica for number 1

4Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
Wow this song has one of the trippiest videos ive ever seen, and has one of the most unique sounds ever. LOVE IT
nothing else sounds like this song. I can't help but love it
The only songs that make sense here is black, black hole sun and november rain..nirvana and metallica is so overrated vote this up to number 3 enter sandman sucks
[Newest]I just simply love this song. Soundgarden all the way!

5Everlong - Foo Fighters
This song should be at the top. Best song in the world, great guitar, great drumming, great singing and that was all done by dave grohl
I can say without a question in my mind, that this is THE best song I have ever heard. This song is sheer harmony, the vocals, the drums, the unforgettable guitar riff; it is all perfect together. If you have never heard this song you need to listen to it. Dave Grohl's best piece.
FOO FIGHTERS most famous hit

6The Show Must Go On - Queen
This is a masterpiece!
This powerful music, this anthem of a man who dies, but does not give up...
The best song ever is so powerful you feel and understand the suffering he have but then he try to calm you but is hard to lose someone so talented.
R.I.P. freddie the show will have to go on but it would never be the same WITHOUT YOU
Best song of the 90s. ANTHEM OF THE CENTURY.

7Man In The Box - Alice In Chains
Still hearing this song on the radio in 2012. Obviously as good today as it was in the 90's. Can't help but crank the volume whenever I hear it.
One of my very favorite Alice songs, great guitar riffs and what can you say about Layne's in your face vocals on this song - everything about this song rocks. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.
One of the best songs every.
[Newest]The greatest 90s metal band hands down. RIP Layne & Mike

8Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
The first song I learnt on guitar and still my favourite to play. I started singing it at lunch time at my school and my friends heard it. They asked me what song it was and I told them, they went home and looked it up. The hole of year 7 loved it. My band is still trying to learn it even though I learnt it in grade 6, everyone thinks I'm a genius because I can play it. My favourite song, My favourite band Forever!
This is how you win revolutionary funk-rock album with very honest and beautiful ballad. 90's got owned.
If you could wear a cd out, I would have with this one. Simply a classic 90's song that is both unique and powerful. As much as I like many of the other songs on this list, this one is for me the best.
[Newest]Not their best song.

9Basket Case - Green Day
Wait. What this song is doing down here? Let's vote this awesome song up!


Fresh new sound defined the 90's and inspired the future of music
Love this song. It's hilarious and upbeat! One of Green Day's best songs in my opinion! (Plus Billie's sexy)
[Newest]JAR is Green Days best song

10Keep the Faith - Bon Jovi
I love this band. The songs are amazing just can't stop humming it. Time and again I listen to the songs it feels like I'm hearing it for the first time. This band rocks. I have kept my faith on this band.
great song, it always kicks ass..


It's one of the best songs of bon jovi! Amazing guitar solo, amazing rock and amzing backing solos! Lord, We gonna Keep the Faith!

The Contenders

11Far Behind - Candlebox
love this song! whatever happened to them.
The best ever cry every time I hear it
My all time favorite!

12Black - Pearl Jam
This is the best song ever. So emotional and powerful. All of the other songs are classics in their own right but Black is incredible.
One of the most emotional songs of all time. Incredible hook to tie it all together. This band could rock!
Pearl Jam sure knows how to plant their emotion into a song. Both sadness and anger just basically mixed into this song. Gotta tell you all, this song is a masterpiece.
[Newest]Alive is the best song on this album. PERIOD.

13Would? - Alice in Chains
One of alice in chains best songs and its a tribute to Andrew Wood one of the best frontmen of the 90s who died before he could get the fame Nirvana would get later on. RIP Layne, Andrew, and Kurt the best frontmen of the 90s!
One of my favorite bass lines of all time..the band showed incredible chemistry in this song, with Layne and Jerry's vocal harmonies being the cherry on top that makes this the greatest hard rock song of the 90's.
Incredible song, should be number one. So much emotion in lyrics especially at the end, and an amazing voice

14Don't Cry - Guns N' Roses
Greatest song I've ever heard at all times, fantastic.
It should be on every list of greatest songs of all time. Not just 90's.
Should be top 10. up Guns N' Roses

15High Hopes - Pink Floyd
Although Pink Floyd's greatest albums were from the 70's, Pink Floyd have come out with the one of the most beautiful things (things, not songs in particular) that came across my life. Ever wondered what Heaven looks like? Listen to that slide guitar solo at the end.
High Hopes is amazing. High Hopes is a classic!
Pure brilliance! It should be much higher on this list

16The Unforgiven - Metallica
The unforgiven at 31 is travesty...
I love all 3 parts of this song more and more. sadly the unforgiven iii doesn't get as much attention as it should.


17Nutshell - Alice In Chains
Layne's voice is uncomparable & amazing. every time I hear Nutshell, I literally get the chills. So raw & emotional. "If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead" RIP Layne
One of my all time favorites!

18Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana
Love this song even though it has been majorly overplayed throughout the years. RIP Kurt <3 & absolutely love Dave & Krist! Nirvana forever!
How is this not up here?

19Killing In the Name - Rage Against the Machine
How would rage NOT be a top 10 band of the 90's?
If this songs isn't in the top 10 and Bon Jovi is, we're not talking about Rock Anthems here...
They should be higher, they were probably the most influential rock group EVER

20Cemetery Gates - Pantera
How is this so low. Pantera is by far my favorite band and I am for sure not alone. This song was an instant classic. Maybe the reason it is so low is because I THINK it was from 1989 since it was off of the Cowboys From Hell album. I also haven't seen ANY of the songs off of Vulgar Display of Power or Far Beyond Driven. Not sure about you guys but I am gonna say this is the ultimate 90s song, and DEFINITELY beats ALL if the Nirvana stuff on here (I do like Nirvana, but Pantera, Alice in Chains, System of a Down, and Tool should all have their songs MUCH higher than 34)
Riff + vocals + class = eligible for number 1


Great song, great music, fantastic

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