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101Ewen McGregor
How is he not on this list? Brilliant actor! Extremely talented! Believable in every role he has played!
Obi-wan kenobi - star wars
Lincoln 6-echo - the island
Ghostwriter - the ghostwriter
Firstly, its EWAN mcgregor not ewen

Secondly he deserves to be much higher, he is an amazing actor
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102Rajesh Khanna
Rajesh khanna definitely greatest actor all time not in India but all over the world

103James Caviezel
How can you not love Jesus? My name is Dustin Bible and think it is a grave injustice that Caviezel is ranked so low. Just you guys wait his new show is coming out and he will show you how talented he is. I think he is the most underrated actor of his time. I mean come on vote for the man.
The Count, The Christ, need I say more.... well, okay, My Own Private Idaho, Frequency, The Thin Red Line, born 1 hour from where I live..... a SOLID guy, ALL-AMERICAN MAN, and it helps that he's so nice to look at!

104James Stewart
Great actor great actor. If he doesn't get into the top 20 something is wrong one of the all time favorite actor
James Stewart was one of the greatest actors of our time. I am shocked he isn't in the top five. A genuinely good guy and amazing actor.
His voice shall be recorded for every woman saying, saying 'Wake up darling, it's morning', I'm sure every women will have the most beautiful day. Nothing left to dsy, as voice speaks of it all.
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105Cary Grant
The most charming man to walk on the earth. Thanks Cary for all the great characters you left us to watch and love.
What made him more sexy was his Transatlantic Accent. The British gaps of 'R's and american swiftness, along with his hard 'A' pronunciaition makes him sound as if an angel on the ground from the heaven, blessed with all. In 1970, he was presented an Honorary Oscar at the 42nd Academy Awards by Frank Sinatra "for his unique mastery of the art of screen acting with the respect and affection of his colleagues"
Debonair, handsome, polished. Did comedy and drama equally well. North by Northwest, Charade, An Affair to Remember, The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby, Arsenic and Old Lace...
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106Jimmy Stewart
one of the greats and always a true gentleman

107Shankar Nag
One of the great directors and great actors of all time in kannada industry.. As well in India he created such a fame for kannada film industry tat it took a change in no time.. First person to direct a movie in 24 hours and to be famous in such a short period of time.. Hats off shankar anna
EUGH! FIT AS. Love his name, makes me go all tingly when I think about him. SUCH A SEX GOD
He is good person and good acter

I love vishnu... Great actor in kannada film industry
He is the legend of the kannada film industry..
Great actor in Indian cinema. He is only next to Rajkumar. His acting skill is just amazing and most handsome hero I have ever seen.
His figthing skills are treat to watch and he is the first action hero in kannada cinema. Most of his films ran for over one year and it shows he is having most number of fan followers in karnataka.

109James McAvoy
I was debating who to vote for (Robert Downy Jr, Alan Rickman, Johnny Depp or Gary Oldman) when I thought to myself what was the last movie you watched and actually thought Yeah that's believable acting. And then it hit me Cillian Murphy in The Wind That Shakes The Barley. If you haven't seen it, watch it.
So here I was looking for Cillian Murphy when I spotted my favourite actors name: James McAvoy. To be honest I had thought of him but then thought no, is he really the best actor ever? Then I saw the name and though ok yeah he's pretty amazing. Let's think, Penelope, Shameless and Inside I'm Dancing to name but a few. These roles couldn't be more diverse. To answer my own question, yes he really is the best actor ever (well in my opinion ever anyway).
If you haven't seen him act, do it, like now, seriously. :P Really though he's amazing.
You've seen him at Atonement, The Last King of Scotland, Becoming Jane, Wanted, X-men First Class... Need I say more! Please vote for James!

110Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the number one actor of our present times. He has an outstanding career since when he left school. He is a CULT FIGURE with films like Velvet Goldmine and the present NBC T.V. series Dracula. He is Henry Tudor in The Tudors and Valentine Morgernstern in the acclaimed Mortal Instruments and City of Bones. All his films should be studied in schools... He is adored by millions of fans woldwide as his characters cover the whole range of the social spectrum... Just watch him from CIA agent in Mission Impossible I to a journalist who saves children in Escape from Huan Shi or as a Politician in Belle de Seigneur next to Natalia Vodianova... His amazing career has also given us films like Prozac Nation, The Loss of Sexual Innocence, Matchpoint directed by Woody Allen... The Tesseract, Octane, From Paris with Love... This is an actor that should have been given an Oscar for each of his films... His brilliant career and life is an excellent role model for today's young as he rose from rags to riches. He was awarded the Globe Award for his role as King Henry Tudor and hold the highest award from Trinity College Dublin Philosophical Society for his contribution to the Cinematic Arts. This actor is the number ONE actor of all times...

111Henry Fonda

112Ben Stiller
IIn Dodgeball he makes the perfect enemy. With the snobbiness and self-centeredness, he is fabulous!


Ben Stiller is my favorite actor by far. I loved Tower Heist and Little Fockers. Ben Stiller is boss and should be in the top ten. He is hilarious and is a fan favorite. Come on Ben!
How could he not be on the list I mean seriously
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113Chris Hemsworth
Can you say THOR... Wow!
Liam hemsworth should be here too

114Omar Sharif
He is one of the best commedion of the south asia

115Alec Guinness
Well obviously he should be in the top 10. Anyone who knows anything about acting just needs to see "Kind Hearts and Coronets", "Bridge on the River Kwai", "The Ladykillers", "Dr. Zhivago", "Oliver Twist" etc. To know that this guy knows how to play his characters to a tee. Only behind Lord Olivier and Brando in my opinion.
He looks harmless and mediocre but when you see more movies you will notice that he can't be replaced.


116John Wayne
Extraordinary. He was not given credit for his acting ability even when he was in the Top Ten box office draws for 22 straight years. Looking over this list I see the demographics are severely weighted toward the younger generation. I would invite you to watch Mr. Wayne in Island in the Sky, The Searchers, The Shootist, or The Cowboys and watch some of the true subtleties of acting genius. Also, look for titles with the following actors; Gary Cooper, James Stewart, Charles Laughton, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, Burt Lancaster, and especially, Walter Pidgeon (Mrs Miniver, How Green was My Valley, Manhunt). Please enjoy.
He is the greatest and my favorite. He made over 200 movies.


If I was ever stranded on an island I would want to be with him, I think
He was a lot in real life as he was in the movies, tall, handsome, kind &
200% male there will never be another John Wayne, EVER!
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117James Franco
Franco is so damn talented.. and so underrated.. I think he is one of the best actors out there right now. In his roles he carries himself with a sensibility so unlike many other actor and unlike a great handful of actors, he is versatile. He appears in a tacky show with tacky script his acting is still great!

127 Hours, Howl, Milk, Good Time Max, pineapple express, even GH
Nicest actor of all time. So damn good in 127 Hours, and so underrated, but he is a little bit like Johnny Depp I think :D
To die for in Tristan + Isolde
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118Michael Cain
Wonderful, no one can top his truly remarkable performances!

119Jared Padalecki
Excuse me, but this man deserves to be way up at the top! He is an amazing actor. He doesn't even have to utter a word, as he has such much expression in his face alone. If any actor deserves an Emmy, it's Jared Tristan Padalecki! Let's get up to #1.


The fact that he is only #208 proves how underrated this actor is! Jared Padalecki is a brilliant and beautiful actor, who can show so much emotion just with his eyes. He definitely deserves an EMMY for his acting on Supernatural.
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120Chris Pine
I absolutely LOVE Chris Pine! J.J. Abrams is a GENIUS for casting him for the role of Jim Kirk! Not to mention, he's quite a catch ;).

121Kevin Costner
Everything he does, he does so very well!

122Sivaji Ganesan
He is the dictionary of Tamil Cinema and one of the earliest method actors in India.
He is the first Indian actor to get an International Award.
He is the first actor in India to star in many languages, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam and Bengali.

Its shocking to see how his name is not in the list. He is an encyclopedia of acting. The great Kamal Haasan calls him his guru. Revered and respect across India and South Asia. He was the first Indian to win international awards & was acknowledged for acting prowess from none less than Marlon Brando. How is he missing from the list. He should be the Number one. Goodness gracious how come Johnny Depp, Dicaprio & Shahrukh Khan are scored above Brando, Al Pacino, De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Kamal Hassan, Naseeruddin Shah & Amitabh Bachchan.
He is the first indian actor received chevalier award. Many actors come and act. But like sivaji no one can act. He is only actor acted so many varieties of roles in the world. He is only indian actor received best actor award in asia-afro film festival
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123Geoffrey Rush
Another one who lurks in the shadows. When considering "the best actor ever, " most lists will have the typical, pacino, de niro, nicholson, penn; but Rush is one of the greats. I remember the first movie I eve saw with him, Shine. I was young and did not quite understand the film but I remember thinking "wow, this guy. " That attitude has not changed. Excellent actor. #1- David, Shine #2- Lionel, The King's Speech


How can Geoffrey Rush not be in this list? He is one of the best actors I have ever known! He did a great role in the movie "The King's Speech. I like his face, the way he looks at people and also maybe his voice.
Reasons why he is number 1.
- His body of work is incredible
- He has won an Academy Award AND a Tony AND an Emmy!
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124James Gandolfini
what happened to james gandolfini. The sopranos is one of the best shows if not the best shows ever. c'mon if freddie prinze jr. is 32 we could probably squeeze his big ass in somewhere.
Let me start by saying james gandolfini is in the top 5 actors in the world just his portrail as tony soprano alone gives you that incredible insight of what a actor can do he's up there with de niro pacino denzil washington brando its a shame to lose such a great actor R.I. P James Gandolfini 1961-2013 gone but not forgoten
No 100, come on?! He should be number 1!

125Raj Kapoor

126Sean Connery
Sean should definitely be higher on the list! Not only the Best Bond, he also is a powerful performer! The Untouchables, The Rock, Medicine Man, Finding Forrester just to name a few!

127M. G. Ramachandran
Actor of the millenium

128Wentworth Miller
I love him he is the hottest, sexiest guy I have ever seen. He makes me drool. I love him so much. He's mine.
The 'Prison Break' series is.. awesome. The best thing I ever watched on Television! Hats of to him!
His worth his name just like his thnking and his being cute
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129Steve Buscemi
He was so good in Fargo...

130Richard Burton
Watch "Becket" or "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? " or "Night of the Iguana" and then compare... Burton belongs in the top ten!


131Spencer Tracy
A true star and great actor. His characters were always true to life, they had flaws and realism, his emotions came across real, and he demanded your attention when he was on screen in spite of his every man appearance (or perhaps because of it). He could be lovable, cantankerous, tough, or anything else the part called for and it was never obvious he was acting like many lesser actors of his day. If a movie has Spencer Tracy in its cast it is worth a look and often more than one.
2 Academy Awards 9 total nominations for best actor. Leave him in obscurity to show how intelligent you are.
He should be in the top 25 for sure
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132Jagathy Sreekumar

133Colin Firth

134Mads Mikkelsen

135Robert Redford
Are you kidding me? Robert Redford should at least be in the top ten. He has remained a Hollywood icon for decades and continues to shine as a director. Having been in a wide variety of movies and playing a wide variety of characters he has shown versatility as well as charisma. He was and remains as the best Hollywood has to offer. If you don't believe me, spend time with just one of his movies. You'll be hooked.

136Montgomery Clift

truly the original actors actor. those who havnt seen his movies should watch it before commenting

The most beautiful actor that I have ever seen..

137Charlton Heston

The late, great Charlton Heston. One of the best actors of his generation. You're so right. Younger movie goers have no idea of quality acting.


Half of the people who vote on this site don't even know who Charlton Heston is, or may not be old enough to remember him....what a JOKE..a actor for all time... Ben Hur, El Cid, the original Planet of the Apes movies, and a whole list of other wonderful and critically acclaimed can HE not be on this list..I said it before...what a JOKE!!!

138Tim Robbins
I can't help thinking about "The Shawshank Redemption " it's been voted to the best movie ever (imdb) Why? because of Tim Robbins. He is such a great actor especially in this movie. And not to forget the co. actor Morgan Freeman, he is GOD himself!
And of course "Nothing to loose" lol.

Believe it or not, he truly is better than 90% of the current actors on this list
Marshall Mathers acted awesome in 8 Mile!

140Jet Li

Good actor and kung fu master he did great in lethal weapon 4 and romeo must die

Big Kung Fu master and his scenes to films is good, my favour role is lethal weapon 4, and final fight Jet Li vs. Mel Gibson. His super is two fighter to spiteful.

141Chris Tucker
He may be only famous for Rush Hour, but he's a good comedian! His jokes are laughable and you also wanna imitate his lines.

He is like the best laugh out loud

142Rupert Grint
The most funny..
The most amazing
The most charming
I can't believe that this is the spot which people think he is deserving!
He can act very well
And rupert grint or else
Harry Potter's "Ron Weasley"? Comm-on! He is sexy, cute, and really good actor!

143Michael J. Fox

Michael J Fox is so talented. He has had such a varying list of characters: young republican, teenage rocker, irritating actor, concierge, hotshot doctor, deputy mayor, he's even played a character who can see ghosts. His abilities are so varied and he's great. He's also so inspiring. Can you imagine having Parkinson's and having to cover it up for as long as he did? You have to be a great actor to do that. The ONLY actor on this list who is actually a quality actor is David Duchovny, and maybe Tom Hanks. Back to the Future is the best trilogy of all time in my opinion, and Family Ties one of the best sitcoms ever made.

By the way, for everyone who didn't know, Cars is an EXACT copy of Doc Hollywood. So screw you Disney.
Why the heck is he not number 1? He is clearly the best actor. I mean, come on guys get some taste! Have you not seen Family Ties or Back to the Future?
NUMBER 233?! I did a book report on him. He's awesome! BTTF is my second fave movie ever! He rocked it!
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144Richard Gere

145Misha Collins
Misha is an amazing and talented actor! He also has wonderful screen presence, and he's insanely funny and incredibly sweet! Nothing not to love about this man.
Misha Collins is a truly great actor with incredible range. His star is rising and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.


I love him as the Angel Castiel in Supernatural :D he is a really great actor!
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146Sean Bean
He's a great actor! He showed in Jim McGovern's new series accused that he can pull off lots of different roles. He's brilliant in Game of Thrones as well!
Should be No. 1! been superb in every role he's played - Loved sharpe


every movie he makes is automatically awesome


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147Guy Pearce

Can't believe he is not here! Everything he is in is brilliant and he is THE most underrated actor ever! Has everyone forgotten LA Confidential; Memento et al?

148Tommy Lee Jones
Old time classic.

149Ben Barnes

150Robert Carlyle
How is Jared Leto on this list, and near the top, no less... But there is no mention of Robert Carlyle... Or even Gary Oldman... These two are probably the most diverse and exceptional actors EVER, along with Johnny Depp of course.
Extreemly underrated actor who is moving whenever you watch him he seriously needs more exposure one of the best actors I've ever seen. Someone you actually notice for their acting ability when their on screen.
It's a crime that he is below people like Daniel Radcliff, Robert Carlyle acts the majority of people mentioned out of the water

151Jamie Foxx

152M.A. Jalil Ananta
Ananta Jalil (Bengali: অনন্ত জলিল born M.A. Jalil Ananta ) often referred as AJ, is a Bangladeshi film actor, director, producer and businessman who has established himself as one of the leading actors of Bangladeshi Cinema.
Starting his professional career as a businessman in 1999, Ananta began his film career with the film Khoj: The Search in 2010.
He is the GOD of Cinema, He is the one who can make wonder happens. When he cries, we all cry. He has the move like jagger, in music videos he is the deshi PSY! Jalil is not only an actor, he is CIP.

HE is Dhakar pola, and damn he is very very SMART!

153Timothy Dalton
One of the best bonds

154Stephen Merchant

155James Avery

156Anthony Perkins


158Sir Lawrence Olivier

159Kenneth Branagh

Lord Olivier reincarnate. Truly a magical talent on and off stage

160Ryan Reynolds

He is such a great actor and he is so funny and sexy! definitely one of the best of our generation


If I had of seen his name I would have voted for Ryan. Hes so funny and sexy.

He is too funny and very sexy!

161Jack Lemmon
One of the very, very few actors who are equally believable and skilled at being funny or being serious.
All his movies are entertaining. He does comedy and drama better than any actor has.

162Bill Murray
Bill F***in Murray! One of the Best actors to ever graze movies. Known for Ghostbusters, Stripes, Life Aquatic, and a lot of other good movies. The perfect smartass for any movie

163Jamie Bell
He is just the best actor and belongs in the top 10 his role in jumper was just amazing when you don't vote for him you really need to watch better movies (with Jamie)
This actor is incredible! It is very convincing especially in the movie Billy Elliot and in the music video Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day, it was fantastic. He is young and beautiful and there will be yet another movie which will bring his signature.

164Kevin Bacon
I saw one of my favorite movies with him in it, he was great at it, the movie was Hollow Man, I thought that movie was awesome.

165James Spader
James Spader always nuances his performances with intricate details that are fascinating to watch. He amazes me: watch his performance in "sex, lies, and videotape" or "Secretary" or on the 8th season of "The Practice" or many other roles...all brilliant.
James Spader creates such depth, intimacy, such reality, in every role. He creates characters you've never seen portrayed, before. His face, his presence, - convey what can't be written. He amazes me.
James Spader is the most under-rated acting genius of our time. He brings the most memorable and subtle nuances to everything he is in. Absolutely amazing and versatile actor.
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166Albert Finney

167Joe Pesci
Casino, Goodfellas, Home Alone 1 & 2... Say no more.

168Hugo Weaving

Agent Smith - The best sci-fi villain this side of Darth Vader.
Red Skull - the only good portrayal of a nazi outside of Inglorious Basterds.
V - Managed to successfully translate an Alan Moore character onto the screen. The only other person to manage this is Jackie Earle Haley (with Rorschach. )
Megatron - the most badass voice since Kevin Conroy's Batman.
Elrond - despite primarily playing villains, he pulled off the wisest character of the wisest race in LOTR.
... And he's only number 91?

169Alain Delon
-who are you? -this isn't important! -what do you want? -I want to kill you!

170John Goodman

171Clark Gable
The man could kill woman with his seductive smile, charming but shrewd and clever. The song of Heart, 'If looks could kill' is only applicable for him I guess. Whoa, what a man made! In GWTW he looked so charming with the moustache!
God must be praised for making him.
His figure of Rhett in 'Gone with the wind'is unforgettable! Has caught my heart in my youth - and still holds my heart.
Frankly my dear, he is awesome

172Martin Lawrence
He is one of the funniest actor and should be in the top 50 respect

173James Mason

174Jeff Bridges
One of the best and underrated actors in Hollywood. The Dude! The fact that he only won his first Oscar several years ago is sacrilege. Mr. Bridges has been at the top of the game for many years now, almost always Oscar worthy performances. Yet when he finally wins the award it is not even one of his best? Answer me that. Best performances #1- Jack, The Fisher King #2- Jeffrey Lebowski, The Big Lebowski


Brilliant actor, seriously underrated - go back to his performance in StarMan -- especially considering it was shot out of sequence. OUTSTANDING
Consider portrayal of two starkly (no pun intended) different roles in The Big Lebowski and Iron Man
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175Christopher Plummer

176Javier Bardem

Anton Chigurh. End of story

177James Marsters
He's fantastic. He was only supposed to work one season in Buffy, just as a small villain character, but he brought a certain depth to this role and acted so well that the director, Joss Whedon, decided "Oh hey, let's just keep Spike for a little longer..." And James Marsters stayed in the series until the very last episode.


Loved his work in Buffy, the vampire slayer and in Angel.


178Kevin Kline

179Viggo Mortensen

180Jason Segel

181Andrew Lincoln

182Aaron Paul

183Pat Morita

184Frank Welker

185James Dean
The only actor in the world that I look up to... I LOVE him to death, I could watch his movies a million times and never get bored.

The original, the one and only REBEL the world has known and will ever know
The handsomest, most talented actor who ever walked the earth. I totally adore him!
He is a true, he may have made only three movies, half a century ago. But, he is still remembered to this day. and a role model to many actors like al pacino and james franco.
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186Peter Sellers

He could play any character he wanted and he is one of The Goons, one of the most influential comedy acts of all time.

187Simon Pegg
shaun of dead' hot fuzz.legand
He is the funnist ators of our times. Thank god he is english

188Ryan Phillippe

I can't believe no one put him on here. He's an amazing actor and he's a great person overall

189Sam Neill

Sam Neill is the greatest actor ever to live and I am ashamed at the fact that he is not shown any where!!!

190Josh Hutcherson
This is depressing that he's so far down, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Bridge To Terribithia, Little Manhattan, he's amazing in all of them. How can anyone not love Josh Hutcherson?
Great actor. Love the Hunger Games
Deserve to earn an Oscar in future

191Freddie Prinze Jr.

He is adorable and is really good in ALL of his movies.

192Robert Shaw

193Toshirō Mifune
I;ll bet that no-one voting here has ever seen a Japanese movie. This guy is great, and I've seen seven or eight of his movies.

194Dule Hill

Shawn Spencers loyal companion makes the show all the better. If you have never watched it, I suggest you do.


195Jaden Smith
She is so talent

196Jude Law

197Bob Hope

198David Spade
How come no one has even added this hilarious man on the list. His best stuff has always been with Chris Farley but everything he has done whether it was a movie, a T.V. show, it has always made me laugh and smile. Vote this amazing guy up. Come on Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Grown Ups, VOTE!

199Marshall Bruce Mathers

200Redd Foxx

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