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381Thomas Brodie-SangsterThomas Brodie-Sangster, also credited as Thomas Sangster, is an English actor and musician, known for his role as Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones, his voice as Ferb Fletcher in Phineas and Ferb, as John Tracy in the ITV series Thunderbirds Are Go, as well as his roles as Sam in Richard Curtis's Love Actually more.

People come on! I mean I agree he's 26 be logical guys is this a 26 years olded boy have you seen him when he was 15?! I actually thought he was 9 or 10 and max 11! Plus he can act! Have you seen the Maze Runner he was so amazing as Newt plus Phineas and Ferb! All kids' favourite cartoon! That boy is too good to be true I mean come on! He can draw, act, paint, design, skate and he is a model! Come on vote let him be #1!

What the...! I mean what 767! That's just unfair, he's a great actor and I think well I don't think I'm sure he deserves a higher place like in the top 10.

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382Hulk HoganTerry Gene Bollea, better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan, is an American professional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur and rock bassist.

Hulk Hogan does not have to act with his face he acts with his muscles and he should won an academy award for Rocky 3 as best supporting role. He really acted well to my mind he is better then Marlon Brando, Tom Hanks, and all those top ten listed actors. People who think different are wrong

Not near as good as Triple-H, Rowdy Roddy Piper, or Ravishing Rick Rude...

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383Roberto BenigniV1 Comment
384Khosrow Shakibai

The knight of Iranian movies is shakibai

The great and awesome Iranian actor

385Liam HemsworthLiam Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He played the role of Josh Taylor in the soap opera Neighbours and as Marcus on the children's television series The Elephant Princess.

He is hot. Have you seen him in the hunger games he looks like a man

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386James Coburn
387Fahadh FaasilV1 Comment
388Sam Claflin
389Don Cheadle

Smart, believable, agile, engrossing! Most splendid indeed!

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390Nick Frost

Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz and paul! Awesome choice of actors for these couldn't thing of anyone better to play Lazy Fat nerd1 but he's so Funny!

shaun of da dead an hot fuzz need i say ne more

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391Oliver Hardy

Whats that?! He is a true legend of film and behind touse hundreds of 'actors' no one has ever heard of?

392Walter Brennan

Best character actor of all time. Three Oscars for Supporting actor say it all.

393Jeff Goldblum

I have watched him with interest since "Thank God It's Friday". His best role was "The Fly" Loved him in Jurassic Park.


394Warren Beatty
395Albert Finney
396Dennis Hopper
397Peter Fonda
398Dirk Bogarde
399Treat Williams
400Sam Neill

Sam Neill is the greatest actor ever to live and I am ashamed at the fact that he is not shown any where!!!

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