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Surya Sivakumar


Man with a great ability... He is superb...
His actions are realistic, acting is marvelous, he is going to be the king of Indian film industry... He is only actor who's most of movies are remade in other languages,
All the best to him for his upcoming movie 7 am arivu... It will surely win a national award...
Talented Actor..
Next Superstar of Kollywood
One of the successful actors of Tamil film industry.
One of the young star who attracts all young stars...
He is always the best
He is more handsome than vijay or any of the other actors in kollywood. Also he is a hardworker and puts so much hard work for just a single movie, other than vijay who has the same storyline and the same acting in every movie,
Undoubtedly the best actor, person, human being. The person is one of the best versatile actors in the earth and no one can match the energy of this person. People love him, admire him. Just awesome.
Accept it or not he is the multi talented actor in world level. Because the way he dedicate his profession into cinema is simply superb... He is ultimately a trend setter... All the best surya...
Surya is a great and handsome actor. He is a one of the great actor in tamil cinema. His latest movie 7 AUM ARIVU is a great and biggest box office movie.
Surya is the best actor of tamil. Because he has the quality to make any film to top level. He promoting the youngster to make his debut very good. He hard work for every film and also he acting different stories.
He is the one of the best actor in Indian and "World". I hope one day he will debut Hollywood and win Academy award, by the way I am waiting for Maatraan. I like to watch Amir Khan, Sharukhan, Kamal haasan, Rajinikanth, Ajith Kumar and Suriya. These stars can one day make debut to Hollywood. I hope Suriya will win Acedemy Award award for forgein actor. God bless!

The total rocking star... The more marvelous and fabulous handsome actor! Cute guy... Love him always! And he always rocks! All the very best to all his films!
He is next ulaga nayagan... After kamal sir... He is multi talented hero... He work hard for each and every film... His films are treat for all fans...
He the only hero with ability to hold the post of next superstar... Only hero to get high salary next to rajinikanth
He's the handsome hunk of kollywood who is good and kind hearted guy! He have a special attention to the poors. He gave a awesome attention to his career and others life.
He is an good actor and I like his acting, body language and everything definitely he is a superstar of Tamil, telugu and kerala cine industries he is so handsome and young looking actor in kollywood
He is a promising young star in Kollywood...

He has the highest success rate among young actors in Tamil...
He have all qualities to become a top actor
He is full to posh
He is one of the top actor in india
Really he is an awesome actor
he must be in the list of top ten actors... he is more talented compare to indian actor ajith and vijay... he is next after actor kamal hassa...
He Is the most challenging actor in India. His upcoming movie MAATTRRAAN is doubted to be the biggest release in India tll now. Maattrraan is a story of cojoined twins. The story made many actor be afraid to act. But Surya the Iron Man accepted boldly. The film is to be released in 19 September 2012.
His dance is super and also his stunts in fight. He will get first place in top ten heroes very soon
He is looking youth and handsome person in tamil cinema industry. He is the person who have all qualities to become one of the super star in tamil cinema industry. He is the teen age coverer of indian cinema industry. One day he will become the super star of tamil cinema industry.
Surya sivakumar
He is good actor.
Surya is best wonderful nice good excellent amazing actor
Agaram is a good very useful to people
He is young super star
He is one man army
1st six packs Tamil actor
He is a good actor. He is next super star of Tamil nadu. He help the poor children by startins agaram foundztion. I thank him very much. Your a young super star.
The next kamalhaasan in kollywood industry. Having versatile skills and sure he become a top hero world wide
He is the quite gay of kollywodd after rajini kanth. He is the promising actor no one can beat him. He is the rock star. He is always no. 1 position your doing a great job ya
He is the one of the best actors the world has ever seen after Universal Hero Kamal Hassan...
He is the best actor in the world he select different types of characters he is real hero in world

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