Greatest AFL Players Ever

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121Michael TuckV1 Comment
122Simon Madden
123Sam Newman
124Craig Bradley

Another Carlton legend who was an excellent player.

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125Shane Crawford

He should be about 30 he is in the hall of fame

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126Ben Kearns
127Ken Hunter

One of the greatest centre half backs of all time.

Was lucky to be. Claremont supporter in the late 70's and 80's. Hunters marks on the hard Claremont track were more spectacular and repetitive than anything I have seen since - including G Ablett Snr.

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128Josh P. Kennedy

He is actually a Sydney player not a West Coast player.

He's the best west coast player ever

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129Scott PendleburyScott Pendlebury is a professional Australian rules football player and current captain of the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League.

He's a freak he's a ball magnet when Ryan Crowley tags him he still gets 30 disposals!

He passes to team mates when not looking you freak

Pendles should be the third best player because his magic and silky

Should be a lot higher

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130Robert Flower

He had extremely great skills and was fast. He is considered the greatest wingman ever. He could run then balk then run and kick a perfect 50 metre kick to a leading forward. He also could play half back flank.

131Jack Huston
132Dennis ArmfieldV1 Comment
133Chris BushV1 Comment
134Caleb Daniel

Despite his height is the goat

135Mike FitzpatrickV1 Comment
136Roy Wright
137Cameron Ling

I can;t believe he is rated this far down! He should at least be in the top ten

Opponents whimpered when they saw his orange hair and impossible pale skin

138Bob Pratt

Best player ever deserves to be 1 first person to score 150 goals in a season

139Albert Thurgood
140Paul Salmon

Should be much higher - only player to be in 2 teams of the century

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