Greatest Bands with Five Members


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Guns N' Roses
they are just incredibly amazing
2nd best band ever.


2Avenged Sevenfold
Hope The Rev comes back from grave and play with them again
Avenged Sevenfold rocks all you who don't think so than don't post anything
Remove this one it's not even worthy of being top 10

They are their own genre. Amy Lee is a phenomenal vocalist and I hope they come out with more music!
One of the best bands out there, without a doubt.

4The Rolling Stones
This is not only the greatest 5 members but at 50 years still rocking is there really any other
Classic rock
Its what started it all

5Def Leppard

the third best hard rock band, this guys made great stuff for listen to


Angus is a oz rock God of the guitar
Long live Bon Scott!

7Pearl Jam

8One Direction
These boys are amazingly talented, they are a true example that hard work pays off. They are not only amazing singers, but also extremely handsome and down to earth. They love their Directioners and their work shows it.
People think that Directioners only love them for their looks, but there's LOT more to it than the looks! They are VERY talented and they worked hard to get where they are now!
One direction are amazing. Like duh, SIMON COWELL created them. You think its easy to get that dude to like a person?!
[Newest]How is this even a band?

this band influenced many other bands, specially Guns N' Roses



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What!? Guns N' Roses sucks, this band is currently eight member. (sorry my English, I'm German)
But Korn is the best. First 12 years okey, but later, Brian Welch left the band in 2005 until 2013 and Korn is cuurently 5 member. My favorite band with Evanescence.

Jonathan Davis, Munky, Head, Fieldy, David Silveria...

Best band ever put together, no one else compares

14Dream Theater
the masters of prog metal, each member of the band does a great work
too bad that Mike Portnoy quit the band in 2010


3rd best heavy metal band and 5th best band ever! I feel like crying because one direction are higher. Dream theater are so underrated. Listen to them if you like heavy metal.


Best band ever. Seriously.

15Children of Bodom
you'll never find a better melodeath band or the screams that Alexi does


16Alice In Chains


18Maroon 5
They're awesome and if you're actually voting for One Direction instead of this, you can go stick your vote where the sun don't shine. MAROON FIVE FOREVER!

19As I Lay Dying
the best band of metalcore, their sound is amazing


R5 are such an amazingly talented band with a lot of passion for what they do. Catchy lyrics and great melodies are only a fraction of why they are so successful. I hope everyone has a chance to listen to a song or two by them and love it as much as I do. With such amazing songs and more great music to come, R5 are going to be one of the biggest names in music.
Y'all are the best ones I voted for you to ross lynch

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