Greatest Bands with Five Members


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1The Rolling Stones

This is not only the greatest 5 members but at 50 years still rocking is there really any other

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2Guns N' Roses

they are just incredibly amazing

2nd best band ever. - Alpha101

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the third best hard rock band, this guys made great stuff for listen to - rock2metal

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4Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold rocks all you who don't think so than don't post anything

Make sure this doesn't reach the top, we can't let avenged sevenfailed be listen as the best 5 man band

I literally face palmed when I saw One Direction was on this list and A7X wasn't. Their new line-up consists of M. Shadows, Synester Gates, Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ and Arin Ilejay - Danielsun182

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They are their own genre. Amy Lee is a phenomenal vocalist and I hope they come out with more music!

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6Def Leppard

Best band ever put together, no one else compares

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8Pearl Jam

Definitely top 5 material!

9One Direction

These boys are amazingly talented, they are a true example that hard work pays off. They are not only amazing singers, but also extremely handsome and down to earth. They love their Directioners and their work shows it.

People think that Directioners only love them for their looks, but there's LOT more to it than the looks! They are VERY talented and they worked hard to get where they are now!

One Direction are simply perfect and I think it's the greatest band I've ever known

They are my life.i love them so much

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10The Beach Boys

The beach boys are lower than one direction...this is a joke right? - Toucan

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?The Moody Blues

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11Duran Duran

this band influenced many other bands, specially Guns N' Roses - rock2metal

They are just so amazing they make me so happy love you all..enjoy your life

13Dream Theater

the masters of prog metal, each member of the band does a great work
too bad that Mike Portnoy quit the band in 2010 - rock2metal

3rd best heavy metal band and 5th best band ever! I feel like crying because one direction are higher. Dream theater are so underrated. Listen to them if you like heavy metal. - IronSabbathPriest

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Great band. Listen to their songs Madhouse and Caught In A Mosh. You will be blown away. - IronSabbathPriest

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16Alice In Chains
18Children of Bodom

you'll never find a better melodeath band or the screams that Alexi does - rock2metal


What!? Guns N' Roses sucks, this band is currently eight member. (sorry my English, I'm German)
But Korn is the best. First 12 years okey, but later, Brian Welch left the band in 2005 until 2013 and Korn is cuurently 5 member. My favorite band with Evanescence.

Jonathan Davis, Munky, Head, Fieldy, David Silveria...

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