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You to are both right because my friend shore them and she told me so that's how you are right xx
Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor. Other great that has never changed its line-up.


The Greatest ever I can't believe Freddie mucury was 4th on the greatest singers!


2The Beatles
The greatest band ever!
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were legends in music; The Beatles is one of the few bands in which all the members sang.


The Beatles are the greatest band to grace this planet. They set the foundation for almost everything, musically. With the most versatility of any band, and truly great music, they are just greatly awesome.
Can't be beat! Because they start make their album during they are teenager!


[Newest]The Beatles are the best ever.

James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and Cliff Burton made Metallica the best metal band ever! Although there were 4 different bassists in the band, Cliff was the best.


Metallica is the Best Band FROM the 80's... lol I think... too bad the Jackson 5 isn't a four member band... if they were they would of been #1


Love it I wish there was fall out boy

4Led Zeppelin
Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham formed a legendary band in hard rock and heavy metal history. Led Zeppelin is one of the few bands that have never chaged their line-up.


Everything about this band is great. Great lead singer, Legendary Guitar Riffs, and Bonzo on the drums was raw power. They invented Stadium Rock.


Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time... Period.

ABBA has sold about 1/2 BILLION record units (only The Beatles, Elvis, and Michael Jackson have sold more than ABBA making the four of them the four highest record unit selling bands in the history of music. ABBA performed two sold out concerts at London's Royal Albert Hall in 1977 (as part of a multiple country tour in early 1977). The tickets for these two concerts were only available by mail application and the reported number of requests amounted to 3.5 million applications, that would have filled Albert Hall 580 times.


Just a note about my comment above, if all 3.5 MILLION tickest would have been sold for ABBA's two concerts, that would have been equal to roughly TEN TIMES the size of WOODSTOCK!
Thank-you ekos. "Now we know how many folks it takes to fill the Albert Hall."


6Breaking Benjamin

7Black Sabbath

8System of a Down
The line-up of the alternative metal band is Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian and John Dolmayan. This isn't the first line-up, Andy Khachaturian was before John.


Amazing vocals (David Draimen), amazing songs, amazing music. One epic band.

10Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi has the most record's that people will like the song's that they made in the past and the middle age's and that is how much I know of them sorry if you liked it xx
Bon Jovi has four and a "half" members, because the bassist Hugh McDonald.

The Contenders

11Rage Against the Machine

I don't know how I forgot this band, they are great in thrash!


13Three Days Grace


15The Doors


17Pink Floyd
There haunting music was great but the wall really showed them off
How is system of a down higher than Floyd


19Red Hot Chili Peppers
When a Band is the greatest ever, it is also the greatest ever 4-piece band.
You should know that.

20Van Halen
David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Michael Anthony and Alex Van Halen were in the classic line-up. Sammy Haggar also made an important role for the band as a vocalist.


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