Greatest Bands of the 1970s

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101Brownsville StationV1 Comment
102Big Star

Best band of the 1970's. End of Discussion. Alternative Rock 10-20 years ahead of its time. An impossibility realized by everyone.

103Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

How come ZAPPA doesn't get a mention?

10410ccV2 Comments
105The Charlie Daniels Band

Man so low dow they did the worlds 2nd best "the deval went down to georga

V2 Comments
106Jefferson Starship

They were not "Starship" in the 1970's and should be named Jefferson Airplane for this list chronicling the bands of the 70's.

Starship it was, virtually all of the 70's.

107The Hollies
109The Undertones
110Mott the HoopleV1 Comment
111New Riders of the Purple Sage
112Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
113Tower of Power
115The Hudson Brothers

Oh, come on! Elvis couldn't carry their jockstraps.

116The Steve Miller Band

They have so many great hits and they are done with such beautiful melodies. They're a legend. They need to be higher on this list, along with many other bands. And Steve Miller has an amazing voice.

Seems awfully low. These guys filled arenas and their ranked below The Hudson Brothers?

V1 Comment

Seemed to me to be the most popular of the rock and roll revivalists of the 1970s. Really easy to listen to and get the feet tapping.


Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio and Cozy Powel how muc better than that can you get

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120Gary Glitter and the Glitter BandV2 Comments
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