Top Ten Greatest Billy Joel Songs


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The Top Ten

Piano Man
Emotional, Touching, Incredible and Beautiful
One of the very few songs that have such amazing lyrics.
This song is probably one of the greatest songs of the 70's
Most emotional sensitive and touching song I have ever heard in my life... Thanks billy for making this song so special.. The lyrics are wonderful too... Love it
This song is like Jason Heyward's MLB Debut. But Movin Out[Anthony's Song] is like Heyward hitting for the cycle with a grandslam.
[Newest]Billy joel is awesome and my favorite billy joel song is piano man

2Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
Played this at my 14 yr olds funeral her favourite song of all time always made her grin when she played it
What can you say? This was Billy's Stairway To Heaven, Freebird, Won't Get Fooled Again, 2112, his epic masterstroke. He's written lots of great songs that have come close to this, but has never quite eclipsed it.


This song is one of the best piano solos I have EVER HEARD... ACTUALLY THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG! The soft begining, then the build up, and then the best piano solo in rock history! I think this song should be number 1!
Either This, Piano Man, or Only The Good Die Young...


3Only the Good Die Young
So sad and true but uplifting at the same time. The song really makes me wonder what life is all about.


This song make me feel good. Great lyrics sung by the best billy joel-voice ever.

4We Didn't Start the Fire
Coolest song on Earth! Woot Woot! Who needs U. S. History with a song like this!?
Piano Man is absolutely and undoubtedly brilliant. We Didn't Start the Fire is much lighter and not nearly as deep in meaning. That said, it is a magnificent tune and a song I so much like, I would put even before Piano Man in my personal list of top Billy Joel songs.
a perfect song to sing and dance to...
Oh god, I have listened to this song way to much...

This is my favorite Billy Joel song. It should be higher up on the list because it is very simple and it has a strong message and the song itself is really beautiful.
The intro to this song is so beautiful! And the rest of the song is incredible... The lyrics are so deep and meaningful... This is his most underrated song!
Most meaningful and most touching song I ever heard. You just don't find true artists like Billy Joel anymore.
[Newest]This is like my life in a song and I can really relate to it and it's just amazing and it makes me so happy whenever I listen to it.

6New York State of Mind
The piano speaks for it self
I don't even like New York, but this is my favorite song!
It's a song that isn't fast but will get stuck in your head. Billy Joel's best work.

7Movin' Out
There's no reason for Movin' Out to be so low on this list. The song is so accurate and easy to relate to; its among his best. No excuse for this being outside the top five.
Movin' out is incredibly underrated though I think it should be in the top 5. The melody is great, the lyrics are not typical and the song makes me move... Not "out" of course))))))
Movin Out there's a reason it was used as the Name for the Broadway Hit. Hard to make a top 10 List There is more then 20 top songs

8Just The Way You Are
This song is so real and perfect in every way! So much better than Bruno Mars's "just the way you are"
This should be the second one before piano man
Everyone has faults but if you really care about someone you see beyond the issues and accept that person as they are.

9Uptown Girl
The catchiest song ever written! My friends and I sing and dance to this song incessantly.
I lose my mind every time I hear this, can't help but dance, no matter how weird I might look
Love song, rock song, whatever you want to call it, there is no denying the wonder of this song...
[Newest]I just started listening to it yesterday but I really like it

10She's Always a Woman
The best definition of a women that I have came across till date.
Definitely my favorite Billy Joel song.. And also Only The Good Die Young, Uptown Girl, My Life and Honesty..
Cool song. Billy joel is epicness complete

The Contenders

11The Longest Time
Theme song of many peoples' lives, including mine! I am only 13 years old and I absolutely adore all of Billy Joel's songs! My favorite happens to be Vienna, I am truly surprised that this amazing tune was not included on the list. Only the good Die young is a beautiful song also. ITS TOO HARD TO CHOOSE
A great song sung by Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. As you can see by the episode "The Time Travelers, " the harmonics are amazing and sung perfectly by the future Ted's and Barney's.
Th e longest time is a
Great song, my favorite billy joel song. It takes me back to the good old days of doo wop music. I wish they would make more songs like this.
This song has an a cappella quality about it. every time it comes on the radio I turn it up. Great song!

Such a lonely world...
"When I'm deep inside of me I know, I know that Honesty is the best song..."
Can listen over and over!

13The Downeaster Alexa
Listen to it brothers. Its such a great song with legendary music, and awesome lyrics and drum beats that gives me the chills. Reminds me of the hardship of fishermen out there in the coast
The voice of Billy Joel is the best it's ever been in this story. Something that could go on forever and no one would ever complain.
A hauntingly beautiful song - this is my favorite or all of his.
[Newest]Loved the Song in Hangover 2

14You May Be Right

15My Life
I can't believe this song is #9 on this list. This my second favorate song and should without a question be in the top 5 on this list. Along with movin out.
By far best song on 52nd street, which is an amazing album. Doesn't beat some stuff on the stranger, but deserves top five at least

16Summer Highland Falls
Billy's personal favorite and just a great, beautiful song. His piano work in this song exceeds anything else he has created.
Very underrated, all the lyrics are meaning full and true.

17The Stranger
Awesome song by Billy Joel. It has an amazing fast paced tempo. I think it should at least be in the top 10.
This is by far his best creation, EVER!
I love the emotion in this song. It was touching to read he wrote it after his suicide attempt.

18It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
How would you not included this song. Catchy and fun to listen to! Should be number 3 for sure!
Best Billy Joel song ever. Makes me wanna get my groove on.
One of the best, Billy did a great job with this song

19Miami 2017 (I've Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway)
For a song that is about the final night of New York City's existence, Billy Joel does a marvelous job at telling the story through the intro and outro, as well as the events being mentioned. Power is turned off, the Empire State Building is demolished, churches are burned, the skyline comes down, and Manhattan is sunk into the sea. Therefore, a concert is thrown that is trying to be stopped, yet the people just don't care.


Extremely underrated song! My personal favorite!

20An Innocent Man
Great song, wonderful bass. I feel like I can grove and sway to it.

21She's Got a Way
Really? It's at #48 right now? What a beautiful love song!
Really does deserve to be higher on the list. So should Goodnight Saigon, Leningrad, and All About Soul.

22A Matter of Trust
This song shows how Billy Joel is an amazing singer and song writer.

23And So It Goes
I can't believe this wasn't on here! This is my favorite Billy Joel song by far. Even after I've heard it dozens of times, it still makes me cry.
This is by far Billy Joel's most beautiful and touching song - so under rated, underknown. Shame.
Great song. Indeed under rated. When you truly love someone you'll understand these words.

24Tell Her About It
Simply a great song. Like amazing.
This should definitely be 10th!

Best Billy Joel song about dealing with psychological and emotional issues and don't so with clever easy to remember lyrics. Momentum of song changes sound adds to the atmosphere. Superb!
Another great song by Billy, and is an epic song in concert.
Another great billy Joel song

26Prelude / Angry Young Man
Piano Man and Angry Young Man are definitely his main songs.
Angry Young Man should be at least be # 10 on the list.
My favorite Billy Joel song!

27Big Shot
? This isn't up there already? I feel like everyone could relate to this song in some way.

This song is my childhood

28The Entertainer
This is a great song that tells about the heart of the artist and how the music industry destroys their soul. If you have never heard the song, go listen now. Disk 1 of Joel's 2 cd greatest hits is amazing.

29The Ballad of Billy the Kid

30Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
Beautiful, sing it with my 6 year old, she knows all the words.
Absolutly the best song ever!


32The River of Dreams
Joel turned his storytelling skills in a new direction here, and the result is an intriguing, soothing, and joyous experience, tied for my favorite on a list of already great songs.
Ok, the reason for this to be so low on the list is obvious so I am explaining: This is the song that goes like "In the middle of the night... " Top 3 easily.
This is an absolutely beautiful song which gives me a lot of hope and courage
Best of the best!

33Rosalinda's Eyes

34Leave a Tender Moment Alone

35Root Beer Rag

36Sometimes a Fantasy

Such a beautiful song.
One really feels the loneliness in billy joel's heart

38All About Soul

39Say Goodbye to Hollywood

40All for Leyna

41Why Should I Worry?
One of the best Disney songs of all time! Although my personal favorite from Oliver & Company is actually Once Upon a Time in New York City. In fact, I love all the songs from the movie.
Awesome song. Billy Joel at his finest.
Great song from a great film

42Captain Jack
How is captain jack now up at #1 or 2? This song is one my favorite songs and it still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it.


This song will always remind me of high school. Has a great beat.
Remember stealing my brothers cd and this was my favorite song

45Goodnight Saigon
It's all about the lyrics with this song. The emotional picture painted through the verses, which build with intensity throughout the song, is simply amazing. This song should be much higher on the list.
Easily one of his top 3 songs, and my personal favorite by far. If you haven't heard this, go listen to it!
Wa... Numer 23?!

Where I come from, this song is in the best 50 of all times! It's Billy Joel's best song. This should be number 1!

This song is so moving and I really don't get why it's SO low.


46Famous Last Words

47Everybody Has a Dream

48Everybody Loves You Now

49I Go to Extremes


51This Is the Time

52You're Only Human (Second Wind)

53Tomorrow Is Today
The lyrics speak for themselves. A dark yet beautiful song which Billy Joel wrote in his times of trouble, when he was struggling with suicidal thoughts. It may not be as complex as his later compositions, but it is truly written from the heart. At one point in life, everyone will find himself or herself into this song and crack a smile of loneliness and bitterness.

"People tell me life is sweeter, but I don't hear what they say. Nothing comes to change my life, so tomorrow is today"

54Don't Ask Me Why

55The Night Is Still Young

56Keeping the Faith

57Half a Mile Away
Best billy Joel song! Has a lot of energy and connects with almost every guy.

58If I Only Had the Words (To Tell You)

59This Night
Such a moving song

60Baby Grand

61All My Life

62Code of Silence

63All You Wanna Do Is Dance

64Sleeping With the Television On

65Running On Ice

66No Man's Land

6752nd Street

68I've Loved These Days

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