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61This Is the Time

This is such an awesome and magical song! I can't believe its not on the list!

I love this song so much... I want this to be my wedding song!

62You're Only Human (Second Wind)
63Tomorrow Is Today

The lyrics speak for themselves. A dark yet beautiful song which Billy Joel wrote in his times of trouble, when he was struggling with suicidal thoughts. It may not be as complex as his later compositions, but it is truly written from the heart. At one point in life, everyone will find himself or herself into this song and crack a smile of loneliness and bitterness.

"People tell me life is sweeter, but I don't hear what they say. Nothing comes to change my life, so tomorrow is today"


Great Classical modern music great story

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66The Mexican Connection

Great Classical / genius modern piano music

67Half a Mile Away

Definitely not his best song. I don't know what this guy below me is talking about, but a great song. I was in a phase not long ago when this song was all I listened to. It's really catchy and dare I say relatable?

Best billy Joel song! Has a lot of energy and connects with almost every guy.

68Sleeping With the Television On

It's so underrated for his best song

It's so underrated for his best song


Garth Brooks' version is exceptional, but he can never top Billy's version

70Somewhere Along the Line

I love this song. I love the images of youthful travel juxtaposed against thoughts of aging.


It's a shame that this is such an unknown song. It's just an instrumental tune, but it is self composed. This song masterfully demonstrates his talent and what an amazing musician he is.

72The Great Wall of China
73Falling of the Rain

I can't believe it's so low on this list, this is definitely one of Joel's best.

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74If I Only Had the Words (To Tell You)V1 Comment
75This Night

Such a moving song

76Baby Grand

One of his greatest songs a standard

77All My Life
78Code of Silence
79All You Wanna Do Is Dance
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