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81 Bob Dylan's 115th Dream Bob Dylan's 115th Dream

Something just really works about this song. - ProfessorMercury

A thrill ride just like the kind Columbus took all those years ago

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82 Buckets of Rain Buckets of Rain

One of the most underrated songs on blood on the tracks. - RecklessGreed

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83 Let Me Die In My Footsteps Let Me Die In My Footsteps

I thought this one was going to be at least in the top three. I found it very uplifting

84 When the Ship Comes In When the Ship Comes In
85 I Threw It All Away I Threw It All Away
86 Mississippi Mississippi

What a tender, beautiful song. Probably the best of his more recent ballads, along with Make You Feel My Love.

87 Sugar Baby Sugar Baby
88 Ballad of Hollis Brown Ballad of Hollis Brown

Greatest blues balled he ever wrote listen to it you will be blown away also I believe the times they are a changing is best acoustic album ever! and ballad of hollis brown best acoustic ballad ever made.

89 Isis Isis

Just makes me cry just so wonderful words and music just so cool how dose he do it time and again gabby new cross london

The fact this is only #99 shows just how many great songs Dylan wrote.

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90 Thunder On the Mountain
91 Unbelievable Unbelievable
92 Oh Sister Oh Sister

I added this song months and months ago and I am so glad to see it moving up in the rankings. (Shadows in the Night)

93 Joey Joey V 1 Comment
94 Clean Cut Kid Clean Cut Kid
95 The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest

The heavy metal band Judas Priest was named after this song. It should be higher than 137th. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

96 Mixed-Up Confusion Mixed-Up Confusion
97 On the Road Again On the Road Again
98 Billy 4 Billy 4

Made for the soundtrack of a movie nobody watched, doesn't get the love of his other classics, but give it a listen, it's a defining song about the tragedy of Billy the Kid, the being an outlaw in general.

Stumbled across this gem totally coincidentally but it stayed with me forever since. top 10 for me definitely

99 Shooting Star Shooting Star

Truly beautiful song from the guitar melodies to the harmonica solos. The lyrics are also so deep and get me every time. This song instantly makes me reflect on my entire life.

100 Hard Times Hard Times

This song is so sad... It makes me cry every tim I hear it. Th lyrics too are beautiful. It is pure poetry.

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