Greatest Boy Band Songs


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The Top Ten

Keep On Movin' - Five
I Love the song. It always keep me "moving" when my life starting to slow. I miss great boyband this era
When I listen to music, I don't just to the beat, the contents is what I mostly after. The lyrics of this song is so inspiring. This song can true help people to think positive. Keep on movin' is so great that even national geographic have made it their theme song. 5ive rocks always and forever
This song is extremely catchy and fun to listen to, but although its very basic the message is really great and really applies to everyone... "get on up, when you're down, baby take a good look around, I know its not much, but its okay, keep on movin' on anyway"


[Newest]I really love this sing and band!

2I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys
I think, it is a glorious song in the world.
Please, every person give vote.
I am gaurav sahu. I am Indian boy. So, please give vote.
Backstreet Boys is the best... Forever, love them.. From the bottom of my heart... Song that'd totally make you sing
, No doubt this song is the best song of all boy band song
My childhood right here. Laugh out loud I was only three when this song came out, but me and all my friends kept singing this song in elementary school. So now every time I hear this song, I think back to the times when music was not all rap and electronic and auto-tuned. Not saying that music now is all bad, but A LOT of them are very repetitive and don't have any meaning to them what-so-ever.
[Newest]Man your song is amazing/awesome
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3MMMBop - Hanson
The lyrics to this song are sad (and genius) but the rhythm is upbeat and encouraging. It is a fun song to listen, but also has its depth, which no many people notice. Love it.
MMMBop is like the best song in the world and I could listen forever!
Hanson still rock!!! =)


Mmmbop.. This was a great song.. Hanson.. Was great

4Flying Without Wings - Westlife
It's a classic ballad sung by 5 of the most talented and handsome guys in the world! I grew up listening to it have never got sick of it
This song is and will be my favorite song.. It keeps me inspired, powered and filled with hope, I love westlife and all their songs, I'm looking forward to meeting them in person and singing with them, I'm from the Philippines
This is one of great song from Westlife. And I always listen it every day. The voice of Shane, Mark, Bryan, Nicky and Kian. And the video clip look interest.. I love this song very much..

[Newest]Really, guys? This is the best song ever
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5Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys
Best song ever from Backstreet Boys

6Back for Good - Take That
"Back for Good" is the second single from the band's third studio album, Nobody Else and achieved great success in many countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Spain and the UK where it topped the charts. The song went on to reach number one in over 30 nations, making it the most successful song ever recorded by a boy band!
Brilliant song - should be at number 1 their best song by far. Got to number 1 in over 30 countries. Has been covered well over 70 times. Glad to see it here
Amazing song! It's simple but beautiful at the same time. You can hear it like 100 times in a day and you still wouldn't be bored by it. Just great.
[Newest]This is the best of the 90's or probably the best of the boy bands

7Shape of My Heart - Backstreet Boys
THIS HAS GOT TO BE MY FAVOURITE SONG OF ALL TIME! grew up listening to it but have never ever got sick of it! it's so special, makes you reminisce the 90s so much.. really in love with this song;) million thumbs up to Shape pf My Heart
Backstreet Boys have many good songs. SHape of my heart is one of th best. This song is very touchy and all I have though say: Backstreet Boys desever Grammy!
Every it makes me cry. Awesome song made by superb band.
[Newest]The best song ever made! One of my favorite songs of all time... Brian's voice is so beautiful!

8Incomplete - Backstreet Boys
Fantastic song! Really captures your heart :) Backstreet Girl Forever
I don't really like pop music but this one really rocks. Stands out from all the songs on this list.


This so is simply beautiful and very powerful, has raw emotion. Hands down my favorite on the list. Nick's raspy voice on the chorus gives the song life. Love this song.

9One Love - Blue
This song is wonderful by current boy band from gold I love it very much


Best song on this list!


10As Long As You Love Me - Backstreet Boys
Better than any other song! EVER! My definite favorite - has been for a long time and will be one forever... And a day. The bands harmonies and lyrics just mesh together better than white on rice. And you can't hardly get a better meshing than that.
I'm inlove with back streetboys song
Love thiss so sweet

The Contenders

11Curtain Falls - Blue
A very positive song of blue. Highly relates to the mid 20s people and has a good melody.

12Senyum Semangat - Sm*sh
This is my favorite song because can give me spirit!
SM*SH is the most boyband in Indonesia!
"No more mellow say no to Galau, no more tears say not to fill! " M Reza Anugrah (@mrezanugrah)
[Newest]My favorite song because the song can make me smiling

13Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely - Backstreet Boys
I can't believe that this site not this world wide success song it must be number 1
Oh yeah! Backstreet boys have 8 songs in this list more than any other boy band! They totally deserve it!
Backstreet Boys is the best - they got bunch of their songs on the list! I'm kinda missing Backstreet Boys's era T_T Show me the meaning of being lonely, as long as you love me, everybody; such old but great songs. Backstreet Boys- the king of kings!

14Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) - Backstreet Boys

15Bolero - TVXQ
Beautiful voices and melody. Truly worth listening to it. Lyrics are heavenly also.
Listen to the song, but I suggest you to WATCH the LIVE PERFORMANCE better! Their LIVES are always so full of emotion! TVXQ is unarguably the best Boyband (in vocal aspect) in ASIA ever!

16Sorry Sorry - Super Junior
YEAH! Super Junior Hwaiting all the way until they reach the top! Number #1 for me forever! Pretty cool people, song, video and more!
Well, I'm so addicted to this song! The rhythm and the melody is so much ear-catching and the choreographic is wonderful
The rhyme and the melody are so addicting. And the dance steps are really easy to get people attention.
It's an amazing song in Korea

17Summer Love - One Direction
One Direction... Don't even get me started. And just saying.. To the haters- Please don't hate on 1D. I PERSONALLY know Harry Styles and he is an amazing guy. He is like a best friend to me. So Please don't judge-there is no reason to and you don't have the right.
It's cool that you know Styles personally, and I wouldn't dream of hating people I've never even met, but, I hate to be technical here, everyone has the constitutional right to their own opinions about anything. I agree with you that of course it wouldn't be right for anyone to judge anything they don't really know, but everyone has the right to do it anyway. Aside from that, great post. After reading this, you definitely don't have to worry about ME thinking anything bad about One Direction. Guaranteed.
This song is really good! It is sad and is about once summer is over, the couple must leave each other and return to their regular lives. This is an amazing song.
I like One Direction, Because their voice ;) not just their face :) I am directioners
[Newest]Awesome and melodious song

18You Raise Me Up - Westlife
This song makes me cry! Especially when I hear the voice of Mark!

From:THEA of Philippines
I love this song beacues it makes me cry at the song when I sing it I. M going to sing it on the voice wish westlife was there to here me sing it when I am on there I'm going on there when I'm 15 years old from tammy watkiss I wish to meet them at the end so my mom can see mark out of westlife she loves him so much

19Hug - TVXQ

20Us Against the World - Westlife
I love it!

From: Thea of Philippines
I love all Westlife's song!

21Rising Sun - TVXQ
Definitely Rising Sun. I loved the high pitches vocals and how well their voices fit each other so well no matter what.

22Uptown Girl - Westlife

From: Thea of Philippines
I really loved it!

From: alejandra of philippines (thea's Classmate)
I l like this song.. Ever

23Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC
Great song very bubble gum and sexy at the same time I think this list wouldn't be right if it didn't have n sync on the list, this song bye bye bye is the best teen boy band song of All time, and N Sync got my vote with Justin Timberlake he has gotten sexy today in this world. Love
a song that'd totally make you sing and dance to(: just watch the music video, you'll understand! will cheer you up when you're feeling blue too! LOVE *NSYNC FOREVER!
One of the best boy bands of all time. Love this song and one that anyone could easily listen to today as well. A song for many decades to come...
Should be higher on the list
[Newest]You are great guys it is cool to listen to your music man you are cool

24Love In the Ice - TVXQ

25Gotta Be You - One Direction
They should be on top 10. Really love one direction. they're already part of my life
One Direction should be at the top!


26I Need You - Westlife
Westlife must be on the top of the list!

27Back Some Day - Blue

28More Than This - One Direction
This song is perfection as it can ever be because it talks about getting a girl back and it is slow and it is one of my favorite songs by one direction so everyone please vote and get this song to the top.
I want this because I want this

29Maximum - TVXQ

30World of Our Own - Westlife

31Tonight - TVXQ

32Queen of My Heart - Westlife

33More Than That - Backstreet Boys
Pssh people like more than this better than more than that? This is just really sad

34Breath Easy - Blue
Breathe Easy is the best it must be high


35The One - Backstreet Boys

36Until the Time Is Through - Five

37Daydream Believer - The Monkees

38In Heaven - JYJ

39Little Things - One Direction
This song is very heart felt
It's a sweet song and loved by many girls all over the world becuase some can relate to it. This has to be the best

40Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys
How come this song is not in this poll. It's one of the best of all times. Remembered by everyone and the favorites of every one who is not even a fan.


Yo this song should be first fellow Backstreet Brothers and Sisters

41Fool Again - Westlife
WESTLIFE will be number one! Their songs always give inspiration to people around the world!
It's nice to hear.
The great Song from WESTLIFE! In 1999 :) I like this song! So much! In Meksico

42My Love - Westlife
It's just an amazing song with the beautiful lyrics and track. Such enjoyable when listened it. "My Love" by Westlife was just great! I'm sure many people love it as well
This song can make everyone so happy, I always enjoy this song every time..
Moreover that Westlife has harmonic voices sing it... Hm So Enjoyable
Westlife is great and very romantic... Love and can't stop listening to it.

43Worldwide - Big Time Rush

44Step By Step - New Kids on the Block
Step by step o baby gonna get to you girl

45Shine - Take That

46All Rise - Blue
What is this song doing here on 26?

47Change My Mind - One Direction

48Pahat Hati - SM*SH
Pahat Hati is my favorite song :) this song very specta
Please... pahat hati specta song



49The Call - Backstreet Boys
A DAMN Cool song with a damn cool video.


50Kiss You - One Direction
I love this song and the music video is so funny and even more hilarious
:P this song is very catchy and lightens up my mood

51Get Out - JYJ

52Stay Another Day - East 17

53Blame It On the Boogie - Jackson 5

54Mirotic - TVXQ
Just like one of the lines in this song: 'You want me. You've fallen for me. You're crazy for me. There's no way out of this. I got you, under my skin'. I'm already fallen for TVXQ and when they release this song years ago, I was like GAH!
All I can say is I'm sorry I missed out on getting a chance to see them perform in person, but I will always believe. I was absolutely hooked after hearing this song and the video to it is super HOT! Wonderful wonderful.
I enjoy this song so much. And also this is the last Korea's album that they released as TVXQ5. And also this song makes us to addictive to hear it, even we don't like it, it will make you want to sing this song many times

55It's Gonna Be Me - *NSYNC


56When You Look Me In the Eyes - Jonas Brothers
Equal to one direction
Awesome song ever made, it makes me cry, master pieces made by the jonas brothers
Jonas brothers are the best and this song is wonderful
So happy these boys are in this countdown, they have worked so hard to get were they are now, So proud! Forever a Jonatic

57Keep Your Head Down - TVXQ

58Soledad - Westlife

59Up All Night - One Direction

60What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
Best Song from Best Boy band Ever..
How is this not in the top 10? Come on people!


BEST SONG EVER best example of boybands coming back strong today!
I love these guys and I hope they continue to sing amazing songs like this one
[Newest]What the hell... ! This song should be number 1... Come on people...

61Replay - Shinee
Great song, I hated it at first because of taemin's bowl cut but grew to love the song
Greatest songs of all time for me. I love it more than I can say.

62Music Sounds Better With U - Big Time Rush
Big Time Rush should be the number one boy band! Backstreet Boys is also good, but no band can ever beat Big Time Rush! Because Big Time Rush can do acting, singing, and dancing better than anyone!
This is an amazing song from there new album Elevate. Love them a lot
Hey they are awesome so you have. To vote for. Them plus they are so hot cute and sweet. Kisses from Greece

63Fantastic Baby - BigBang
I love this song don't stop the music. I love their music all of the lyrics of their music have meanings. They are talented and when they perform they own the stage and they fascinate the people.
In my opinion, BIGBANG IS THE BEST! I'm not bashing other groups, BIGBANG is my favorite and even if you're not a VIP, You can still rock to this song. If you say you can't, you're lying.
Fantastic baby is the best ever. And guess what, I'm English!

64Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!
This song is a classic and deserves to be much higher than this.

65This I Promise You - *NSYNC

66Like a Rose - A1

67Everything Changes - Take That
Everything changes but you - 1993 - a classic
Jazz pop at it's best.

68Sexy, Free & Single - Super Junior

69Shake Your Body - The Jacksons 5

70On Bended Knee - Boyz II Men

71Windows Down - Big Time Rush
This song is the best! I love it the song sold a million copies worldwide and they total sold more than 4 million copies in the US!
I love big time rush!

72Glad You Came - The Wanted
Fantastic song I really love it, and the boys too
Can't believe this is so far down

73ABC - Jackson 5

74I Feel Fine - The Beatles
WHAT THE HECK! This is below so many terrible bands, I can't contemplate why it is this low!

75It's War - MBLAQ
Oh... I just love the song and of course mblaq especially thunder

76No Matter What - Boyzone
One of our favorite songs ever, catchy, excellent vocals, beautiful videos.
Great vocals and melody

77Back Here - BBMak

78I'll See You Again - Westlife

79Best In Me - Blue

80Season In the Sun - Westlife

81What About Now - Westlife

82Bop Bop Baby - Westlife

83End of the Road - Boyz II Men

84Monster - Big Bang

85If Life Is So Short - The Moffatts

86Lucifer - Shinee

87Never Forget - Take That
Most epic boyband song ever with a rock blast and varying styles and musical instruments throughout whilst also dedicating the fans.
The ultimate pop rock track and tribute to the fans. Queen like in it's stature.

88Rule the World - Take That

89The Day After Tomorrow - Take That

90Here In My Heart - Plus One

91I Lay My Love On You - Westlife
Songs of westlife makes my day! I really loved them!

92Mungkin - S4
"Mungkin"someday you're be mine S4, love you so much! I really falling in love with you

93Mona Lisa - MBLAQ

94Evergreen - Westlife

95What Makes a Man - Westlife

96It Only Takes a Minute - Take That

97Could It Be Magic - Take That

98Why Can't I Wake Up With You - Take That

99Pray - Take That

100Relight My Fire - Take That

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