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41Love In the Ice - TVXQ
42More Than This - One Direction

This song is perfection as it can ever be because it talks about getting a girl back and it is slow and it is one of my favorite songs by one direction so everyone please vote and get this song to the top.

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43Tonight - TVXQ
44Queen of My Heart - Westlife
45Glad You Came - The Wanted

Fantastic song I really love it, and the boys too

Can't believe this is so far down

46Fool Again - Westlife

WESTLIFE will be number one! Their songs always give inspiration to people around the world!

The great Song from WESTLIFE! In 1999 :) I like this song! So much! In Meksico

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47Shine - Take That

Fast moving, catchy and a classic.

48All Rise - Blue

What is this song doing here on 26?

49Maximum - TVXQ
50Change My Mind - One Direction
51Breath Easy - Blue

Breathe Easy is the best it must be high - AJSAMIH

52Evergreen - Westlife
53World of Our Own - Westlife
54How Deep is Your Love - Take That
55I Need You - Westlife

Westlife must be on the top of the list!

56Back Some Day - Blue
57Blame It On the Boogie - Jackson 5
58Mirotic - TVXQ

All I can say is I'm sorry I missed out on getting a chance to see them perform in person, but I will always believe. I was absolutely hooked after hearing this song and the video to it is super HOT! Wonderful wonderful.

I enjoy this song so much. And also this is the last Korea's album that they released as TVXQ5. And also this song makes us to addictive to hear it, even we don't like it, it will make you want to sing this song many times

Just like one of the lines in this song: 'You want me. You've fallen for me. You're crazy for me. There's no way out of this. I got you, under my skin'. I'm already fallen for TVXQ and when they release this song years ago, I was like GAH!

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59When You Look Me In the Eyes - Jonas Brothers

Awesome song ever made, it makes me cry, master pieces made by the jonas brothers

Jonas brothers are the best and this song is wonderful

So happy these boys are in this countdown, they have worked so hard to get were they are now, So proud! Forever a Jonatic

Equal to one direction

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60Replay - Shinee

Great song, I hated it at first because of taemin's bowl cut but grew to love the song

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