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101Relight My Fire - Take That

Great take on a club classic with a 90's twist.

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102Babe - Take That

Soft Mark Owen lead and a great music video.

103Patience - Take That

The ultimate comeback single, epic.

104The Flood - Take That

15 years in the making and it delivers, welcome back Robbie. A modern classic.

105Love Love - Take That
106I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight - LFO

One Direction wishes they were on the same level as LFO

107Close - Westlife
108She Is My Girl - S4

S4444 I love you all, I like your voice, face, attitude, and everything about S4, you're a different boyband

109Driving Me Crazy - S4

S4, you make me-make me crazy, I want you S4, I need you S4, I love you S4, S4 you driving me crazy

110Growl - Exo

In.this song, they act as like students.Varoious dance patters are performed by EXO.They debute Korean and Chinese versions

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111When the Lights Go Out - FiveV1 Comment
112We Will Rock You - Five + Queen
113Don't Wanna Let You Go - Five
114Blue - Bigbang
115Midnight Sun - Beast
116A Million Love Songs - Take That

Written at just 15 years old by band singer-songwriter Gary Barlow this is a true classic love song that continues to endure.

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117Love Ain't Here Anymore - Take That

Arguably their most under-rated single of the 90's. A joyous adult love song that connects with more than just the teen age range.

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118Sure - Take That
119Greatest Day - Take That

Uplifting track that builds and builds.

120Said It All - Take That

Love the vocals of Gary and Mark another pop rock gem.

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