Greatest Chicago Bears Player of All Time


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The Top Ten

Walter Payton
He was without doubt the greatest all-around NFL running back of all time. No single player could run, block, receive, or pass as well. Has anyone ever jumped over the line at the goal line like he could?
Not only the greatest Bear, but the greatest player to have played the game!
because the bears never have very good offensive players that they may not get any more.
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2Brian Urlacher
He has more tackles than you can count, go's up for the ball like a cornerback, and he does every thing he can to help the team


Very underrated in nfl history
I have his Jersey


3Devin Hester
He's only been in the league 2 years and he's already second on all the time returns for touchdowns list. He could also become a dangerous receiver. Look out Canton.


A punt and kick returners job is so important. Even though they don't always have to score, they can set up key drives.

4Gale Sayers
*22 touchdowns as a rookie.
*Two NFL rushing titles in a six-year injury plagued career.
He was so unbeliveably ahead of his time that it was almost a comedy act watching defenders try to stop him.


5Dick Butkus
*Killed a player with a single tackle.
*7-time all-pro player.
*Forced 27 in his 8 year career.
dick butkus is football. he is rough and tough. high motor. plays 100 percent all the time.

6Richard Dent

7Brina Piccolo
Spell Brian righ! His a legion!

8Jim McMahon

9Richard Perry The Fridge

10Keith Hilldenberg

The Contenders

11Bronko Nagurski
*Played on offense and defense.
*586 rushing yards as a fullback.
*9 career interceptions.

12Mike Singletary

13Lance briggs

14Mike Ditka
*1961 NFL rookie of the year.
* The first TE in Hall of Fame.
*56 catches and 1,026 yards in 14 game rookie season.
Changed the Tight End position.


15Willie Galimore

If he played long enough he would of been the greatest bears running back ever. For now its Nagurski


16Dane Sanzenbacher

He is a go to guy when Earl Bennett was out and he is just flat out a good receiver.


17Brandon Marshall

18Jay Cutler

19Alshon Jeffery

20Charles Tillman

21Dan Hampton

22Sid Luckman
*Leads Bears in career passing yards.
*One of the first elite quarterbacks in NFL history.

23Alan Page
*The first NFL defender to win NFL MVP.
*Lead the Purple People Eaters defense.
*173 career sacks.
*Leads Bears in career sacks.
*Played in 238 consecutive games.

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