Top Ten Greatest Chocolate Bars

This top ten will show you my and maybe all of your's favorite chocolate bars and only chocolate!

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1Kit Kat

From age 3 to age 16 now, Kit Kat's never left my home! Really tasty chocolate indeed.

If there's any Japanese Supermarkets near you or if you're in Japan, try buying some of the weird flavors because its really interesting. I personally love the green tea one.

Kit Kat, Twix, and Snickers will remain on "top of best chocolate candy" in any list you see - muzikboii

The thick Kit Kat Rocks.

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Not the best chocolate bar, but sure beats the other guys on the list by a long shot!

In my opinion this should have been number 1. I mean its simple math.

Caramel+cookie+chocolate= GODLY CHOCOLATE

Love the crunchy ness and best part of all the creamy carmel!

I'm with right twix!

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I remember once when I had a loose tooth and was having snickered, I could feel what seemed like an 'unbreakable' nut inside my mouth. I tried to chew it but it won't break at all! And then I figured out it was my fallen tooth!

This is number three because I just don't always love the nuts but.. this is a fasanating bar!

Love Dark Chocolate Snickers. Keep them in the fridge for a cool snack on a summer's day!

It's traditional

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The Best with its Special Dark flavor... Their chocolates
Are of high quality cocoa. Check out its Chocolate World, could be the best trip for chocolate ever...

This is ok but too much chocolate is not always good but I still love the taste of the rich creamy milk chocolate!

When non-Americans have this they say it taste like vomit. Why? Because they put in some of the same particles in vomit... the best? REALLY, AMERICA!?!?!?

This is the kind of chocolate I can sit down and eat it for hours straight without caring

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mars bars are the ultimate chocolate bars
how could you say no to the most amazing bar ever! - bysonman

Mars is the basically a Milky Way bar taken to the next level. The textures are complex but pleasing, and one could devour a dozen in minutes.

I'm sorry. But they don't sell these in the United States

It's the original snickers

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Its not always good but sometimes it is LOVE THE CRUNCH GOING ON!

It's name is a description of how it feels in your mouth

My favorite, simple, nice tasting chocolate, and crunchy. Just perfect.

This is really awesome!

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7Milky Way

So mouth watering in every way...M... perfect for kiddy winks

There are so many puns that go along with this, also the caramel and chocolate and whatever that crunchy thing is together is AMAZING!

It's the best bar that will go in side your mouth

Sorry, but I don't like the caramel in these candy bars

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I really love the chewy nuts, and the super creamy chocolate, ah! Melts in ya mouth!

Exceptional swiss made delightful chocolate...

Toberlone is very high quality, it tastes like a 21st century heath bar

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9Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel

Cadbury is yummy. Godiva is overrated and expensive - MLPFan

Yummy! The best and smoothest chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Cadbury is the best! I am from England where they sell theese everywhere and I acc like them more than Hershey bars

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Are you serious like he said these taste AMAZING he's right it should be in the top 3!


Mint one is AWESOME you HAVE to try it

Aero is the best ever!

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11Hershey's Cookies and Cream

Its oreo and chocolate, what can be better!

This is so good how could it not be number one who ever did this I demand they put this in number one!

YES why is this not higher up on the list?

The best of the best

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123 Musketeers

For so long I thought mars were the best but as soon as I bought 3musketeers its been my favorite but you can't find them and I often have to resort to twix coffee crisp mars but 3musketeers is my no1

milky way- yum
3 musketeers-delish
choco m n ms-cool
- powerpufflover

These are so good and I can rarely find them. Thank you God for the dollar store! I could eat fifty in one setting and not even care.

How is this not number 1?

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I just love that mixed up chocolate inside!

Is the perfect chocolate bar!

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14Cadbury Dairy Milk

This chocolate has awesome taste. I always buy it this chocolate should be top of the list and the dairy milk silk is fantastic mm. - Xstar

The greatest chocolate ever made

Simply one of the best candies all over the world

I agree what is this madness!

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15100 Grand Bar

This is very good because it has the greatest crunch and carmel together! Any one would love this great tasting bar!

Doesn't anyone eat these? This should be #1 easily. Crisped rice and caramel is a perfect combination!

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16CrunchieV2 Comments

Nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger

I love it when it stays in your teeth so you can lick them for an after treat!

When you eat a butter finger for some reason 20 seconds later it's like you're still eating it!

My Butterfinger mmm

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18Mint Aero

Aero and mint aero are the best! Too bad they are not sold in america.

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This is number one because we all love tasting the nice rich carmel in this particular bar. It also has great rich chocolate along with your creamy carmel you got your self a great choclate bar!

Man Caramello's are the best I don't even like chocolate but I'll eat those all day. You should have trried id

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20Kinder Bueno

Great chocolate outside then a rich creamy flavor inside the chocolate melts inside your mouth. So Good So Sweet It Is GREAT!

I like it when it melts in your mouth

I love going to pound land and and buying 3 for a pound

Dog poo in wrapping - elfman73

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