Greatest Christian Hard Rock Bands


The most liked genre from the beginning was Hard Rock. Here is the list of Christian Hard Rock bands. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Skillet should be number one here! Come on people! Skillet is amazing live.
Simply the best Christian rock band out there. Great drummer and the singer knows how to mix religion with good lyrics.
Skillet is the best. I mean, just look at them. their songs are amazing, lyrics are perfect and seeing them live is one's dream come true. One can't get over them. They rock m/. Love 'em <3. #Panhead
[Newest]Skillet is the best. #1. They have a heart for Jesus and a voice for singing! 😎😝

The greatest christian hard rock band ever is RED. I have no doubt in my mind that they are number 1. If I had to make my own top ten list it would have to be.

1. Red
2. Demon hunter (even though they are more alternative metal)
3. Decyfer down
4. Sent by ravens
5. Project 86
6. Love and death
7. Pillar
8. Fly leaf
9. Kutless
10. TFK
I wish people could know how great Red really is. They have wonderfully written, passionate songs. (concept or not) Not only do they knock most bands, including Skillet, out of the park live, but also in studio. They have a very clear and amazing sound. So come on Red fans! Vote for the best Christian hard rock band, if not band, out there! No offense Skillet fans. I used to be a huge Skillet fan until I heard Red.
Just saw RED in concert and WOW! Red is easily the best Christian rock band by far. If you think RED's music is great listening to their CD, MP3, or music videos online... See them in Concert. Live is even better!

3Thousand Foot Krutch
Thousand Foot Krutch is my favorite band. Listen to phenomenon, welcome to the masquerade, move, scream, last words, be somebody, the end is where we begin... And then you'll know why they should be number 1
Thousand Foot Krutch is just... Purely amazing! You can have a lot of different sounds to suit you mood, and different songs carry different messages to help you through life. I would recommend Phenomenon (The first song I ever listened to by TFK), War of Change, Last Words, Everyone Like Me, Be Somebody, and The End Is Where We Begin. They are just so amazing! TFK is EASILY my favorite band. RAWK ON!
I discovered TFK through my cousin (also got me to also love Skillet) they show the Christian side in hard rock where bands like Skillet, Red, and Pillar you have to look into the lyrics and meaning of them to see the true Christian side. TFK also has a variety of music to fit your personality and mood.
[Newest]No comment
All the others are not even in the competition

Pillar is the best band of the last decade that no one has heard of, but they are not trying to win a popularity contest. They play for the reward they will receive in heaven. No metaphoric, sugar coated lyrics here. Just In your face Jesus. Similar to their Heavy Metal Brothers in Christ "For Today"
How can anyone put pillar as #3? They should be #1! Pillar is not just another rock band that sounds like a typical rock group. They have made some of the best albums that skillet or red can't even touch.
Pillar was so great and fantastic band! I love the tattoos, dreadlocks and the screamo effect! Its epic!

Disciple is talented, no doubt about it. They do have a lot of screaming though. But about 50% of there songs don't and those one's are unbeatable. Dear X and Remedy are my favorites. Best Christian band along with skillet and fireflight. Ashes Remain is also really awesome.
Really good band! Amazing lyrics and they sing a good message. They know how are hard enough, but not too hard. They mix just enough yelling into their songs. Have all of their albums
Where's We As Human in this list? Anyway, Disciple would be my second. Great band!

6Sent by Ravens
Listen, Mean What You Say, Best In Me, and Learn From The Night, are some of Sent By Ravens best songs on the album Mean What You Say. They have the perfect mix of everything. They have piano and violin in some songs and then hard rock in others. Mean What You Say has the best guitar solo; Listen has the best pre-chorus; the vocalist uses the perfect mix of head-voise in all his songs. They are unbelievably talented.
This band is amazing most recommended song I would say is "listen" has a great sound and a good message
Don't know if they deserve to be in the top ten cause consistency is key in evaluating this kind of stuff. And I don't see how you can be all that consistent when you have released two eps and two full lengths.

Fireflight's awesome! But then again it's just an opinion. And everyone has a different opinion. So then what's the point of this rating competition? So that others know what to listen to. Fireflight, Skillet, Kutless, Seventh Day Slumber, Ashes Remain, Sent By Ravens, The Letter Black, Silverline, some of Red, and some of Disciple are some really awesome Christian hard rock bands. Most of their songs don't have screaming except for some of Red and Disciple. Most of the vocalists sing some pretty high notes that could be interpreted as screaming but it's really not. These bands have great beginnings, guitar rifts, build-ups, bridges... These bands are the best Christian hard rock bands out there.
Another thing I like about them is that they have strings, cellos, pianos, and violins in their songs. Listen to them if you like Christian hard rock. These bands are amazing.
I have all of their CD's and have seen them several times in concert and they are fantastic live! I love the edge they have in their music and dawn's voice is a gift from God. Hard, high, and soft when needed! Awesome band!
Fireflight has got that edge to their music and full of powercords and bass and dawns vocals have a way of drawing you in and the message is never sugar coated... Its there lfe through music and Jesus is always the headliner.

8Nine Lashes
Love anthem of the lonely
Amazing vocals, amazing guitars, amazing messages... By far my favorite band right now.


My favorite musicians, their songs have true meaning and rhythm, I listen to them everyday, a fan from Brazil
Still rocking after all these years I love Skillet but just for longevity itself you can not beat Stryper
They started it all and the new album No More Hell To Pay shows they are still kicking ass!

The Contenders

Come on, flyleaf rocks!
#14!? SMH Flyleaf should be at the top! BEST CHRISTIAN BAND HANDS DOWN

12Falling Up

13The Letter Black

14Hawk Nelson
Hawk Nelson is too good of a band to be this low on the list (probably 2nd after Thousaand foot Krutch) but I don't think Hawk Nelson is a hard rock band, more like a pop punk band. But since it was so low on this list I had to vote for them.
They are amasing! I got to see them in cocert and it was so cool! I don't get why they are so low down on this list, I think they should be first

15Demon Hunter
The greatest band ever! They helped me thru some tough times. Their lyrics are deep. I own every album. I love this band.

Ok, their older stuff from their satellite album was good, but their newer stuff is crap. Especially their album called Murdered Love. They dropped the F bomb while they were singing about God. Not cool.
P.O. D should be way some controversy about christian title but really rad band lots of boss music listen to boom and you would agree
P.O.D. their songs are very amazing, some examples are (south town, will you, boom, sleeping awake) ItΒ's rock with rap

17The Birdsongs

18Decyfer Down
Fading: Best Rock Song ever!
Decyfer Down, despite the loss of a significant band member after their first album, produced one of the best albums (in my opinion) the Christian hard rock community has ever seen. Their first album is incredible, their second, out of this world. Their most recent album, however, was somewhat disappointing for me, although some of the songs match the quality of their previous albums. My favorites of theirs include: 1. Fading 2. Crash 3. Break Free 4. Fight Like This and 5. Vanity among others too difficult to list. If I had to make a list of best Christian hard rock bands (not the most popular or well known, it would likely be:
1. Decyfer Down
2. Nine Lashes (also extraordinary hard rock)
3. Thousand Foot Krutch
4. Skillet
5. We As Human
6. Ashes Remain
7. Disciple (in general, too much screaming for me but I do like some of their songs)
8. Starset
9. Falling Up
10. Pillar
Some RED songs are absolutely amazing as well, but they also have plenty of screaming in their style. Demon Hunter also has some good music for those with a taste for some grunge metal.

19Project 86
THESE GUYS KILL IT. Schwab has some deep lyrics that are complex but when they are dissected you can see the meanings.
This band is great! They have been around for a long time and are one of the sickest christian rock bands out there
Hands down the deepest, most complex, true to the music Cristian Hardrock band... I have been listening to them since the early 2000s! Every album is different and will always leave you pleasantly surprised.

20Rez Band


22Third Day
Not a real hard rock band don't get me wrong great band love them but not hard rock this not the only band on these lists that are wrong hilsong not rock
These lists need to be revamped for Christian genre because just because there electic in Christian doesn't justify the title of rock so I'd kick hilsong and most of the band in the top rock bands not top three
These guys are not as good as red but they still deserve a good spot
Great band have all the cds.not one bad

23Relient K


25Love and Death
Such an amazing band w/ a great back ground story

Not on the top ten? Petra is the greatest Christian rock band ever. They started it all.
The best band which I love.
Come they r great.

They should be in the top ten list..

2712 Stones
Love this band. They are amazing in every way, shape and form. They are hard and leave meaningful powerful messages in their songs
This is the #1 band easily!

28Seventh Day Slumber
The real deal! Gotta see them live!


307venth Time Down


Impossible and bring the ruckus, enough said. (even though they both feature Trevor McNevan of TFK)

33Divine Connection
Christian rock band from nagaland, india. Great band.

34Tenth Avenue North

This is one of the oldest band and loved their song scarecrow that narrates the salvation story in a profound way..

36Faith 1
This is not a real band.


38Oh, Sleeper
One of the greatest bands I ever seen or heard, power full lyrics. If you haven't heard of them listen to them now. The song Reveries of flight have me goose bumps, the song The finisher talks about in the end God will put satan in his place "your whispers may sway the weak, but when I speak it roars the seas... The angels will sing to a world reborn they will sing as I cut off your horns, Ill cut off your horns. " They're amazing


40Eternal Decision
The closest thing I've heard to early Metallica/Pantera. Seriously these guys rip and have powerful meanings in their words. Three albums (Risen, Ghost in the Machine, and E.D. I) each better than the last.
Surprised to find this band so far down on the list. These guys Rock!

417eventh Time Down

42Relentless Flood
Little known, but these guys are bloody awesome! Definitely worth a listen.

43Write This Down


45For Today

Should be top 20 for their lyrics alone
Nobody sounded like this band very well done music one of a kind sound, most Christian bands follow a sound or a fad repent never did.
One of the best all times Christian bands no doubt

47We As Human
In my opinion, We As Human is THE BEST BAND IN THE HISTORY OF EXISTENCE. Despite there only being one album of there's out at the time I love it!

48For All Eternity

49King James

50Krazo Band

51Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

52I Prayed for An Afterlife

53Red Carpet Riot
Local christian band in socal

Whiteheart emerged as one of the best Christian bands during the early Contemporary Christian Music era (late 70's to middle 90's). Their initial line up boasted of among the best Christian artists during that time - Dan Huff, Steve Green, Mark Greshmel among others. Can any of the artists among the top ten list above create clasics like "We Are His Hands", "Seventy Times Seven" and "The River Will Flow"?
Highland was so great an Album I went out and bought it for a non Christian friend in a rock band knowing he would appreciate the sheer musical excellence of any of the songs on that CD. I don't believe any Christian hard rock CD can compare to that one honestly in its entirety.
White heart is nothing but the best (wink wink)

55The Choir
This band started as post-punk / new wave band during the early 80's as The Youth Choir. They are still around. They are credited for having pushed the boundaries of Contemporary Christian Mousic to areas never explored before. Their album "Chase the Kangaroo' is arguably among the top ten Christian albums of all time.

56System Saved

57The Protest

58Since October


60GS Megaphone
These guys should be at the top ten. Come on! Look at their poetic words that are always inspiring.

I cannot believe Chevelle is forgotten. It is a platinum rock group and they truly rock! I have all their albums and I especially liked their Vena Sera album.
This would definitely be among the top five for me

Am amazing band whose music sets on dancing apart from singing along. I especially love their song Revelation that ministers to me in a profound manner.


64Living Sacrifice
Amazing band... Its metal though ( count? ) powerful lyrics

Come on people! Seriously?! Stryper, the very band that put Christian rock on the mainstream map, the very core of the genre ranked way down as if a side statement? Makes no sense. Then there's no mention of the best group out today which is Theocracy. Not only is their music far superior to any band mentioned here as the melody and harmonies are unlike any other, but their lyrics are deep... Deep rooted is Theocracy in theology! A Christian band should just be that - Christian. Theocracy has powerful lyrics and music to support it. With no argument or comparison, they are truly the genuine band out there and by far, and simply the best.

66Righteous Vendetta

Why weren't they already in this list?
They're not a Christian band.

68Ashes Remain

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