Greatest Christian Hard Rock Bands

The most liked genre from the beginning was Hard Rock. Here is the list of Christian Hard Rock bands.

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1SkilletSkillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.

Skillet should be number one here! Come on people! Skillet is amazing live.

Simply the best Christian rock band out there. Great drummer and the singer knows how to mix religion with good lyrics.

I have never really been into Christian music because I thought it was all like that gospel crap then I found skillet and I'm so happy I can rock out and praise the lord at the same time and actually like too!

I strive to be like Jen Ledger! She is my idol! Well, that came out wrong I love Jesus more than anything, but you know what I mean. I play the drums and I love it.

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Just saw RED in concert and WOW! Red is easily the best Christian rock band by far. If you think RED's music is great listening to their CD, MP3, or music videos online... See them in Concert. Live is even better!

Creative, engaging, unique, full sound - fantastic. Often when I hear "screamo bands" in my search for fresh music, it only takes less than 3 seconds of play time to switch them back off. I do not consider Red a screamo band. They are a talented and lyrically musical band that is able to incorporate some screaming in a way that is musically relevant enough that I can stand it (I am after all, 50+! ). Of course, I still appreciate the Red songs with minimal screaming. All in all, my favorite band. Stay true Red!

I wish people could know how great Red really is. They have wonderfully written, passionate songs. (concept or not) Not only do they knock most bands, including Skillet, out of the park live, but also in studio. They have a very clear and amazing sound. So come on Red fans! Vote for the best Christian hard rock band, if not band, out there! No offense Skillet fans. I used to be a huge Skillet fan until I heard Red.

I like skillet and disciple a lot (having seen skillet 3 times live) but red is by far the best, having produced 5 albums without making a song that I can bring my self to skip and having superior performances to skillet.

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3Thousand Foot Krutch

It was difficult because I like Red, Disciple, Skillet (who are seasoned veterans since the 90's), Pillar...

THAT BEING SAID, my vote went to Thousand Foot Krutch for their versatility, depth of lyrics, incorporation of hip hop into hard rock (needed a new Linkin Park vibe since they've gone too soft), & consistency with the quality of most of their songs. I believe they are from Canada, which hurts my American pride to make them number 1... but it is what it is.

Thousand Foot Krutch is my favorite band. Listen to phenomenon, welcome to the masquerade, move, scream, last words, be somebody, the end is where we begin... And then you'll know why they should be number 1

Thousand foot krutch has been my favorite band for the last ten years now. I've got everyone pig their albums from set it off to oxygen inhale. They have a good mix of hard rock, nu-metal, soft rock and worship. I also have found allot of their musics lyrics very relatable.

Come on guys these guys are the absolute best I love hard rock and I've been a fan for all my life and been a fan of skillet red and lots of others but thousand foot krutch is the best!

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Disciple is talented, no doubt about it. They do have a lot of screaming though. But about 50% of there songs don't and those one's are unbeatable. Dear X and Remedy are my favorites. Best Christian band along with skillet and fireflight. Ashes Remain is also really awesome.

Really good band! Amazing lyrics and they sing a good message. They know how are hard enough, but not too hard. They mix just enough yelling into their songs. Have all of their albums

Disciple has been around for a long time and the reason is because they are amazing Kevin Young's vocals are powerful and the songs hold true

2nd favorite, after skillet

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Come on, flyleaf rocks!

Come on, why isn't flyleaf in the top ten!? - Drum_Solo

Should be top 3

Lacey Sturm is my heroin

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Pillar is the best band of the last decade that no one has heard of, but they are not trying to win a popularity contest. They play for the reward they will receive in heaven. No metaphoric, sugar coated lyrics here. Just In your face Jesus. Similar to their Heavy Metal Brothers in Christ "For Today"

How can anyone put pillar as #3? They should be #1! Pillar is not just another rock band that sounds like a typical rock group. They have made some of the best albums that skillet or red can't even touch.

Pillar was so great and fantastic band! I love the tattoos, dreadlocks and the screamo effect! Its epic!

For reals this band saved me with their deep lyrics and they, are awesome live


Maybe I've been neglecting the Christian hard rock scene. However, I recently found this band Fireflight and I got to say... I like them a lot. That being said, # 5 on the all time list? ASHES REMAIN & PILLAR deserved to be higher. Just my opinion but all things being equal, I think those two should be ranked higher.

I have all of their CD's and have seen them several times in concert and they are fantastic live! I love the edge they have in their music and dawn's voice is a gift from God. Hard, high, and soft when needed! Awesome band!

The first time I heard their songs I fell in love with them. Fireflight sings and rocks it out to all those who need someone to always be there for them. They are incredibly awesome and God has given them talents they haven't put to waste.
Jesus is truly the way the truth and the life.

8Sent by Ravens

Listen, Mean What You Say, Best In Me, and Learn From The Night, are some of Sent By Ravens best songs on the album Mean What You Say. They have the perfect mix of everything. They have piano and violin in some songs and then hard rock in others. Mean What You Say has the best guitar solo; Listen has the best pre-chorus; the vocalist uses the perfect mix of head-voise in all his songs. They are unbelievably talented.

Sent by Ravens is my absolute favourite Band, they have a good mix of screaming and more quiet songs like "Never be enough", so they should be higher than the others, followed by disciple and ashes remain

WOW, Thanks guys, this band is amazing. I loved their style and lyrics. Thank you so much. I recommend this band for everyone who likes Christian bands.

This band is amazing most recommended song I would say is "listen" has a great sound and a good message

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9Demon Hunter

Even though I'm not into the screaming/growling vocals, the clear vocals are the best I've heard. their music is, can't think of a proper adjective, I just can't' get enough of their sound.

This band will certainly turn heads of non believers.

Amazing band, Demon Hunter! great Vocals all around,

One of if not my favorites band of all time

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10P.O.D.Payable on Death is an American Christian metal band formed in 1992. The band's line-up consists of vocalist Sonny Sandoval, drummer Wuv Bernardo, guitarist Marcos Curiel, and bassist Traa Daniels.

Ok, their older stuff from their satellite album was good, but their newer stuff is crap. Especially their album called Murdered Love. They dropped the F bomb while they were singing about God. Not cool.

P.O. D should be way some controversy about christian title but really rad band lots of boss music listen to boom and you would agree

Uh, Hello! P.O.D. are you kidding? Not even on the list. Wow. "South Town", "Boom", "Youth of the Nation"... Enough said.

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11Nine Lashes

World We View and From Water to War are both amazing albums that I recommend. Plus Thousand Foot Krutch and Demon Hunter have collaborated with this amazing band!

Amazing vocals, amazing guitars, amazing messages... By far my favorite band right now.

The void by nine lashes is AWESOME

My favorite band, hard hitting lyrics and genius guitar work

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My favorite musicians, their songs have true meaning and rhythm, I listen to them everyday, a fan from Brazil

Still rocking after all these years I love Skillet but just for longevity itself you can not beat Stryper

They started it all and the new album No More Hell To Pay shows they are still kicking ass!

Number 1 for all time.

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13Ashes Remain

They are way better then thousand Foot krutch

Ashes remain is without a doubt, the best!

Amazing vocals, awesome beats, what's not to love?

They are just awesome, no other comment is needed.

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Silverline rocks and I know because I know all the members of the band and they know me.

Amazing Band!

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1512 Stones

Love this band. They are amazing in every way, shape and form. They are hard and leave meaningful powerful messages in their songs

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16Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson is too good of a band to be this low on the list (probably 2nd after Thousaand foot Krutch) but I don't think Hawk Nelson is a hard rock band, more like a pop punk band. But since it was so low on this list I had to vote for them.

They really aren't hard rock, more like pop-rock. - LarkwingFlight

They are amasing! I got to see them in cocert and it was so cool! I don't get why they are so low down on this list, I think they should be first

17The Letter Black
18Decyfer Down

They have great music awesome lyrics and so much meaning to them! Just a really awesome band!

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19Falling UpV1 Comment

Their hard rock songs like Dark Horses, Afterlife are equally good to their softer stuff. This is the best band ever.

Incredible band, love the way they get heavy but still leave room for fantastic melodic arrangements!

Switchfoot's words are pulled stright from the life and soul of the singer John Foreman, and almost always has a spiritual air to his songs. Tie that in with music fit for an ocean and you've got a groovy band that sounds too good for its own good.

Pretty darn good songs here two listen to afterlife

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