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August 2, 2015 - The metalcore is a fusion between extreme metal and hardcore punk. Many of the metalcore bands are Christian. What do you think is the best? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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August Burns Red
Man, this band is the most openly christian band in this whole world. They even shout the name of Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, or they even pray for the crowds after their concerts and they would even cheer me up. As I Lay Dying just plays christian music that's all. They are not too open. But abr is.
They inspires me so much every time I see them. They give you so many positive messages and give you hope. My emo friend got over his troubles after listening to the song "Composure" and "Meddler". Abr can change so many people's lives. If abr is reading this, I wanna tell thank you so much for giving me stronger faith and changing my friend
AILD, and ABR easily the best Christian Metalcore bands right now, not really a fan of Underaoth tbh, their songs are to long for my liking!
[Newest]This band is god in metalcore

2As I Lay Dying
I don't know how to say how much this band influenced my life in good way. Their music is so inspiring to better yourself, and it helps you to find out your way in life. After listening of As I Lay Dying and Still Remains I have become better person and it helps me to feel closer to God
As I Lay Dying is not Christian. one of their members ordered a hitman to kill their wife, and failed. The man who ordered the hitman said that they were not Christian, so As I Lay Dying should be taken off of here. I'm only voting for them to show this comment.
All the memebers here have great christian faith, and the power of G*d. God bless you all! :D.
Actually, TDWP and ABR are really awesome too but I like this band better
[Newest]Not a Christian band. They said so.

3The Devil Wears Prada
I don't really listen to any Christian bands other than The Devil Wears Prada and I only actually listen to them because of A Day To Remember, but, yeah, THEY'RE AWESOME!
I Love The DEvil Wears Prada.! They Are Really Awesome.


The Devil Wears Prada are in my opinion the best metalcore band out there but a little un-original
[Newest]This band is the best metal core Christian band and inspire me

Probably THE most well known Christian metalcore band out there and for good reason! Had one of the most talented clean vocalists in the Metalcore Scene and has well written songs, music and lyrics wise!
Come on! It's Underoath. Even though they aren't necessarily a Christian band right now, they've made plenty of songs during their time.
These guys were one of my first Metalcore bands other than Demon Hunter and I still love them to this day!

5Haste the Day
Haste the Day -When everything Falls.. I think its #1myself.. Although the others are nice also this is my favorite band although I did not think it was a Christian band when I first herd it.
Truly an epic band.I listened to every one of there albums for months at a time before I eventually settled on Dreamer and Pressure The Hinges.
I love this band!
My personal favorite, and I'm not even religous. Straight athiest

6Oh, Sleeper
This band is definitely my favorite metalcore bands out there. Every one of their songs has a deeper meaning behind them. Like son of the morning and the finisher. At first I didn't get either of the songs songs until I looked it up and it blew me away. I am so proud of this band I can tell you listen to any one of theirs songs and you will like it! Check me out they are sick!
Love this band, Children of Fire is one song you must hear before you die

7For Today
My favorite of all time. Met Mattie Montgomery at a show and watching him pray with every individual fan had me in tears. He and the rest of the band are True inspirations and they speak truth to troubled youth. They have shown me through god that I am not useless and I have a purpose
Amazing musically, and amazing lyrically. They always challenge me in my walk with God, and their music is always encouraging, and always uplifting the Lord. They are the best.
One of the best Christian Metalcore bands I've ever heard before. I saw them in concert and the lead vocalist preached out to the fans. It was a great experience.

8The Chariot

9War of Ages
More people need to listen to this band hands down way better august burns red and all other bands above it
Great Lyrics, A Lot of Power in Drop C
War of ages #1

10Fit For A King
Very amazing Band that follows the lord and proves to push through the metal scene to show people the word of god
This is my favorite metalcore band ever since I heard WARPATH and HOLLOW KING
FIT FOR A KING! They should be number 1

The Contenders

11Demon Hunter
I like Demon Hunter because they just get me motivated to seek the ways of God! These guys have a gift! I also like August Burns Red, As I lay Dying, The Devil Wears Parada, Wolves at the Gate, and Oh, Sleeper the same way!
Ryan is one of the best ever
Their songs touch my heart
Personal favorites are I will fail you and the last one alive
Great difference between songs
Go demon hunter

12Impending Doom
100 % Brutality,100 % Gospel of Jesus Christ driven...

Brillant, expecialy hollow bodies. listen en you nknow what I mean!

14Living Sacrifice
Best band n lyrics are to-the-point following the music. you gotta listen to this band to know...


they are one of the most influential Christian metal band


15Wolves at the Gate
One of my favorite bands! Powerful and inspirational!
These guys just amazing and have awesome songs!
My favorite metal core band of all time!

16Norma Jean
a great tune from 'em is "I Used to Hate Cell Phones, Now I Hate Car Accidents". When I heard it for first time, I knew they were a great metalcore band!


17Blessed by a Broken Heart

18My Heart to Fear
These guys have amazing and technical breakdowns

They are very good with there instruments

19Sleeping Giant

20From the Eyes of Servants

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