Top Ten Greatest Cream Songs


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Sunshine of Your Love
Its Riff Is The Greatest Riff Ever Used By Eric Clapton. The Perfect Song For Begginer Rock Guitarists.

Also, its Lyrics Are Stunning
Might be the best riff in any song along with smoke on the water. It is an awesome song. I am just shocked that Toad isn't on this list at all. It is an incredible drum solo and in my top 5 cream songs, probably some of the inspiration for Zeppelin's Moby Dick
Great riff and superb offbeat drumming
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2White Room
If not the best Cream song this is definitely a gold standard for Rock songs in general.
I'll wait in this palce, where the sun never shines, wait in this place where the shadows run for themselves... One of the most emotional moments in rock history

the solo is also pretty good... Great song


Anyone who was a teen or twenty something in the late 60s and could hear recalls this song; many will remember simply "In the White Room" was one of the greatest rock tunes of all time, right up there with "Purple Haze" and "Road to Merikesh"
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3Strange Brew
The best psychedelic song of Cream
I'm addicted to this song
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excellent guitar riff, great bluesy feel, and the overall flow of the song is just stellar
Amazing song, so much soul, everyone should hear this song. Really.
One of the best guitar solos forever!
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5I Feel Free
Listen to how great Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker are on this classic--(I swear I believe Clapton was the 3rd most talented guy in this band! )
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6Tales of Brave Ulysses
Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker & Eric Clapton!
End of Story!


Pure Simple Brilliance! This song personifies the Legendary & Incredible Journey of the Mighty Odysseus!
With tales of great solo's, your naked ears are pleasured by cream sweetly singing.
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One on the greatest drum solos and much better than Moby Dick. Also has a great guitar riff to it.
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Best song for me.
I could listen to this song for days, definitely one of their greatest.
Clapton's riff in the middle, restrained but so powerful!
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Ah yes, but not as good as the spoonful on wheels of fire the 16 min spoonful
Superb especially with headphones for full appreciation.
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10Wrapping Paper Listen to sample

The Contenders

11Deserted Cities of the Heart Listen to sample

12I'm So Glad
The riff! Clapton is just so beautiful! The riff is truly life changing! Believe this one is their best song!
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13SWLABR Listen to sample

14Sweet Wine Listen to sample

15We're Going Wrong

Probably the best song for me! What a song! I'm not talking about drum bit or guitar riff or the vocal here.. Because its self understood (all four section are the best). If u look at the lyrics, it just becomes the most auspicious, overwhelming and welcoming song in everyone's life. Just ask urself... WE'r GOING WRONG? Defiantly at the moment!

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16N.S.U. Listen to sample

17Blue Condition

The best cream song hands down. It doesn't have outrageous guitar work, but the lyrics and Ginger Baker's vocals make this a fresh and welcoming song.

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18Sleepy Time Time Listen to sample

19Politician Listen to sample

20Dreaming Listen to sample

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