Top Ten Greatest DotA Heroes

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81Phantom Lancer

After 10th level this hero will never died

Fun hero can get beyond godlike easily with items pliz vote amazing hero

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82Rexxar, The Beastmaster

One of the best Pushers and Farmers early game. Has amazing attack speeds and can't act really well with carries. For best results go for Maelstorm and Sanga-Yasha with Vladamirs offering. Most underrated player of Dota I feel.

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Devastator and versatile, can be pusher and in a bink of eye just get in on a team fight, out and return to its duties.

84Bane Hallow, the Wolf Faster MoverV1 Comment
85Io, the Guardian Wisp

All abilities op + str range = unstoppable support.

86Pugna Oblivion

Pugna is one of the best hero in the dota becuase his great skill is good and powerful in level 6

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87Man, The Malay Monster
88Fountain, Healer

Anyone gets through is pawn..

89Kaldr, Ancient Apparition

Using this Hero is easy.. You just need patience and timing for his skills especially its ulti.

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90Mael the Lambong

He can lambong all hero in range
His ulti can toss all hero in one shot

I think mael is the greatest hero of all
The best item fit mael is sange and yasha, mask of madness, heart of tarasque and basher

I prefer this hero in any game... Especially for late game
The best killer of all Mael the Lambong

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91Sargeras, The Last Titan

Hey.I don't know if its going to be real, but...i Agree. It might be great.

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92Warcraft, Dota Allstar

A 10 player addictive game and sutible for all ages

Easy to play dota but also very hard to master
Can be played with real people or Ai (computer)

93Cairne Bloodhoof, Tauren Chieftain

The Tauren Chieftain is a strong physical damage dealer who can disable and destroy many heroes at once with his spells. Most of the Chieftain's abilities revolve around the guardian spirit which aids him in battle. Using Ancestral Spirit, Cairne can temporarily separate the guardian spirit from himself. While the spirit is separate, it causes damage to enemies it strikes and mimics the Chieftain's movement and Echo Stomp ability. When the spirit and Cairne rejoin, he gains a boost to his physical damage and move speed, the strength of which depends on how many enemies the spirit collided with. This makes him a very dangerous physical attacker, especially combined with his offensive aura, Natural Order. This ability reduces the base armor and magic resistance of all nearby units, giving the Chieftain's attacks and spells a significant boost to their damage. His final ability is called Earth Splitter, a powerful area of effect spell which can cause severe damage and disable many ...more

Tauren chieftain is the best at his great skill because when you use a last skilll for low enemy life it can kill the enemy heroe

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94Icarus, The Phoenix

Icarus Dive is by far my favourite move in DoTA, and there are so many ways to play Phoenix. Generally I focus on upgrading fire spirits and icarus dive, but sunray is also amazing in its own right. SO MUCH DAMAGE!

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She is literally a 1 woman army if played right with the right items. The more she grows stronger, the more she is able to wipe an entire team alone.

With a point in manashield and a few in mystic snake she can survive until late game when she can really tank!

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Spectre is a very powerful hero because it can exists on 5 characters.

97Franco, Luiz Camacho

First SS then if the enemy is going back use 2nd skill it will die I'm sure because it damages the enemy

Warlock is also the strongest heroe because his great skill rain of chaos, upheaval and shadow word for damage and healing

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Really helpful during skeleton run

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100Ikan Keli, the Stinky Swimmer
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