Top 10 Greatest Drum Beats


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The Top Ten

When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin
The beat is so catchy and rythmically in sync it is impossible not to like this drum beat. By far the most catchy beat of all-time! Nothing else comes close.
The effect of the echo and Bonham's groove makes this the most driving beat of all-time. A classic example of simple and sophisticated.
Ominous, full of bad portent, you just know that things are BAD
[Newest]I just heard it and it's great! Thumbs up.

2Toxicity - System of a Down
I'm drummer... dude this is NOT easy to do at all! is an awesome song on drums and when I'm pissed I just play it like 2 times then I just caalm down, toxicity IS the song that will make me and my band get GOOD
The beat in this song is awesome, and yes it showed be in the top three


only one in top ten that has over 3 comments
its underrated
[Newest]YES we are number 1! LONG LIVE JOHN DOLMAYAN :D and SOAD too :D this song is the best drum beat ever made

3No More Sorrow - Linkin Park
You just can't BEAT that!
Mate its too good

4YYZ - Rush
Always a great beat to play to!. Although you could put many Rush songs here, I think YYZ is one of NeilĀ“s highest points
Complex in it's odd time signature; yet easy to listen. Matches the whole song amazingly. -Neil awesome as always-
Rush is legendary and any song by them should win.

-Peart is boss-
[Newest]Peart is the best ever

5Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
The beat in this song is awesome. Deserves to be higher I think.

6Highway To Hell - AC/DC
... ? All of AC/DC's drum beats are exactly the same... You could pick a random song by them and the beat is the same... Lame.

7Behind the Wall of Sleep - Black Sabbath

8Hot for Teacher - Van Halen
Unbelievable intro. Shows the skill of Alex Van Halen and just how underrated he is.

9Down With the Sickness - Disturbed
It's the best, no one can defeat this amazing beat! Disturbed rocks and this is one of their best song of al

10Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles
Ringo Starr, always so underrated in my humble opinion. His work on Tomorrow Never Knows is simply spellbinding. It's not just that beat, it's the sound of those skins as well. Never an overly flashy drummer, but Ringo Starr has creative style and subtlety that deserves attention.
Sends a shiver down my spine. I haven't heard anything like this before. A very unique beat.
Nobody could've played this like Ringo. An amazing beat and the sound is just so Ringo

The Contenders

11Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
yea I forgot about that one
Should be number 1 by far

One of my favorite song ever

12Girl Gone Bad - Van Halen

13Freak On a Leash - Korn
Funky, yet aggressive. David Silveria is extremely underrated. Not relying on tons of double bass. I love the drums in this song
David is a epic drummer!

14I Love It Loud - KISS

15Painkiller - Judas Priest
Not too hard, not too easy. I play this all the time and it is my favorite song to play on drums.

16Bullet the Blue Sky - U2
Its got an attitude very unlike u2's other material. Great riff by the edge! And Larry at his best! Sinister song!
Simple but very effective, makes the song

17All My Love - Led Zeppelin

18Cyanide - Metallica
This song has an awesome drum beat, listen to the beat at around 3:03 to 3:29 its awesome.

19Aenima - Tool
Carey is a beast. The way he brings bass drum rudiments into things is amazing. Hands down better than any other metal drummer. His odd time & polyrythm stuff is the cats ass!

20When I Come Around - Green Day

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