Greatest Duran Duran Songs Live


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The Top Ten

A View to a Kill

2The Reflex


4Girls On Film

5Ordinary World

6Come Undone
Come Undone, Ordinary World, and The Reflex rock!


7Hungry Like the Wolf

8Wild Boys

Love this song live its really good should be number 7 or 8 not 9 so good love this one vote for this song please great tempo and tune


This song should be number 8 not 9 night boat sucks this song is miles better votecthis one up the list please

10The Chauffuer
Great tune not the best but should be number 11


The chauffeur but from the songbook!

The Contenders

11Careless Memories
This is the best song live! So rocking!


12Finest Hour
Really good song amazing live should be number 9 not 10 vote this song up higher great singing guitar bass and drums

13Night Boat
Is a great song.

14Planet Earth

15All You Need Is Now

16Friends of Mine

17New Religion

18Union of the Snake

19Girl Panic!


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