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81Phil Keaggy

He's does Christian music so not many people heard of him.

82Jan Akkerman

Maybe one of the most original guitar player ever!

83Jamed HetfieldV2 Comments
84Johnny Rao
85Phill Collen
86Jack White

"Death Letter" by The White Stripes.

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87Jukka Tolonen
88Hank Marvin

Inspired many after him... apache..a classic...& now gypsy jazz...a living legend.

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89DJ Ashba

He's surely one of the best. This guy played with Guns N Roses but he joined Nikki Sixx's band (Sixx: A.M.).If you listen to his solos in Rise and Live Forever, you'll understand why he's on this list.

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90Chris Perez
91You Adachi
92George LynchGeorge Lynch is an American hard rock guitarist and songwriter. Lynch is best known for his work with heavy metal band Dokken and his band Lynch Mob.

He has his own unique sound and style that goes beyond hair band music

Listen to Mr. Scary or heaven sent and see what you think

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With speed and creativity, he might as well be able to play with hide (if he was still alive). Not only that, Syu's been creating music notes for drums, bass and obviously guitars.

95Vivian Campbell
96Tomo Milicevic
97Ian D'Sa

In my opinion the best Canadian guitarist at the moment, at least deserves to be on the list somwhere

98Trey Anastasio
99Steve Lukather

That awkward moment when a top 10 guitarist isn't on a list with 115 other guitarists on it

100Chet Atkins
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