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101Minoru Kojima
102Steve Ouimette

devil went down to georgia on guitar/we three kings

103Uruha (The Gazette)
104Ben Bruce
105Chris BroderickChristopher Alan Broderick is an American musician, best known as the former lead and rhythm guitarist of the American heavy metal band Megadeth.

Look at the "Betcha can't play this" 8 finger tapping solo. Look at the solo's from Megadeth's Endgame. He must be in the ten.

106Michael RomeoMichael James Romeo is an American guitarist and a founding member of the progressive metal group Symphony X.

The greatest guitarist of all time.
Only guitarists know that, because undeniably he's known as the best guitarist in technique since he does things no one can do.
And musically, well he has masterpieces such as The Odyssey and The Divine Wings Of Tragedy and lots of other songs with his band Symphony X.

107Rocky George

Rocky could wipe the floor with most original metal guitarists and not even break a sweat. Makes Kirk look like a lost puppy.

108Joe PerryAnthony Joseph "Joe" Perry is the lead guitarist, backing and occasional lead vocalist, and contributing songwriter for the American rock band Aerosmith.

How is JOE ' PERRY not higher on this list?! #95 though? Really people? Joe Perry is part of the "Toxic Twins" with Steven. How is he not in the top 20, AT LEAST! LOL.

109Steve Clark
110John McLaughlin

It's amazing how pop "guitar" players get the most recognition, like Riche Sambora, Slash, Synister Gates or Mathew Bellamy. It is shocking how if you thrust a musician or artist in peoples faces, they think it's the only thing out there. John McLaughlin has not only changed the Jazz and rock worlds, but has influenced countless guitar players with his complexity of composition and raw technical virtuosity.

You guys never listen to any jazz fusion at all. Listen to Mahavishnu Orchestra and you see what I'm saying

111Al Di Meola

THe Greatest Guitar Player of the World. Land Of The Midnight Sun, Elegant Gypsy, electric Rendezvouz are All Time Classic.

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112Billy GibbonsWilliam Frederick "Billy" Gibbons is an American musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of the American rock band ZZ Top.V1 Comment
113Dusty HillJoseph Michael "Dusty" Hill is the bassist, keyboardist, and co-vocalist with the American rock group ZZ Top.V1 Comment
114Timo Kämäräinen
115Ted NugentV1 Comment
116Kendall Schmidt

Just the best guitarist ever everybody knows that.

117Dustin Belt
118Drake Bell
119Max Schneider
120best electric guitarist
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