Top Ten Greatest Female Opera Singers

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The Top Ten

Joan Sutherland
Probably the greatest diva in the millenium. All other divas should strive for the perfection of her technique and evocative and moving interpretations. Luciano Pavarotti called her the voice of the century - Sherrill Milne said in one interview he felt pained to sing on cue as it seemed rude to interrupt such an equisite performance. Peers are the best judges and you have to go with them. Of course, this is all subjective but the respect of her peers - the truly knowledgeable in my judgement makes her the greatest of all time.
Dame Joan Sutherland is in my opinion the best soprano of all time: Perfect technique, pure and rich voice and great interpretation skills.
Voice of unmatched beauty and skill. In her later years, as with most, she had difficulty with her middle range. Yet in her prime, she had control that was unmatched by any other coloratura! Her vocal acrobatics in the Bell Song or The Mad Scene from Lucia the Lamamoor were pure and perfect and never equalled by any other soprano!
[Newest]She was not from this world!
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2Montserrat Caballé
La Superba! Listen to her rendition of Puccini's 'O Mio Babbino Caro' and then tell yourself Sarah Brightman is a better "Opera" singer. This lady is in a league all her own. Number one all the way!
A depth and range of voice that is so effortless and only a stone heart could not be moved.
She is unsurpassed in her many roles and her recording of songs from her native land is quite superb.
Ms Caballe completely captures the soul of the momment in her voice and delivery. She also has such a radiant personality that sheer beauty shines through in her presence.
[Newest]Because someone said: "After me, only Caballé."

3Renee Fleming
Experiencing her art and voice live was a bucket list dream before I had ever heard the term or reached an age when I needed to. Twenty years on now, for me she is simply nonpareil.
She has turned me on to oprea, after listening to her sing
By far the most beautiful voice on the opera stage today. Her ability to express different emotions is unique! For me she stays number one. I listened to her way back in the 80's when she participated in the Unisa singers competition in South Africa. Even then the quality was unique and promising. I was fortunate to meet her again in 2009 when she visited South Africa.
[Newest]Renee has the most beautiful voice!

4Maria Callas
She created her own art, and some people hated it because it wasn't classically beautiful, but who cares it sounded way better and she is by far not only the most talented soprano of all time, but her veracity, her willingness to show facts, accuracy, and honesty in very aspect of her career is so amazing even on top of all her talent. She didn't care about beauty as much as she cared about creating her own honest style that to this day has changed the way sopranos sing, she was honest and cared solely about what she wanted to accomplish and not what everyone else thought if her. She broke through with unbelievable talent that was her own individual sounds that were out of the norm, but were so amazing. I hate opera singers apt just because I find orbiting, although they do hAve some of the most astonishingly and amazingly beautiful voices, it's just not my genre of choice. Without callas being the first soprano to breakout of the norm of society, and create her ow even more amazing style, it then allowed for soprano artists of today's generation to express their own voices in any way they want to, not ways by the book. A perfect example of a soprano voice in today's society is Christina Aguilera. She has the most amazing voice and she is a true soprano because of the notes she can hit, and if it weren't for Maria callas we wouldn't have seen such a diversity in music like we do today. Thanks Maria Callas, and happy 90th birthday.
It's Maria Callas, does anything else need to be said but, anyway easily the greatest female opera singer of all time. The love of her life wasn't another human but, opera music and when one listens to her singing you can instantaneously hear that love. She also, possessed a great ability to be able to sing the greatest love of her life and, in doing so provided the world with the greatest opera singer the world has ever seen. Marvellous Maria Callas, your legacy will live forever!
Decades after Callas's death and her legend lives on. Ask the person in the street to name a female opera singer and chances are the answer will be, "Maria Callas" - the same cannot be said for others on this list! Callas's interpretations may not always have been the most technically accurate, but her emotion, passion and soul shone through. And isn't that what art is all about? The ability to stir something inside you that cannot always be explained? It is rather like Monet's "smears" and "blobs". At face value they are not technically art, but when you look at the whole picture, it is beautiful... For me, Callas's vocal range was unsurpassed by others of her genre, which gave her the most amazing versatility. Plus she was a person who refused to conform to a mould, especially in a time when women tended to have less freedom than they enjoy now. Yes, she made mistakes, but Callas's honesty made her human and a beautiful person. And for all of these reasons, her legend lives on.
[Newest]Maria Callas should be at least No.2. She did not sing with a uniform timbre as the lady above her at this time does. She adapted her voice to the roles, not the other way around. She spoke herself about the practically infinite gradations of color one can get from sound. A hard worker, she was always in the process of perfecting her roles.
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5Dame Kiri te Kanawa
Her voice is as smooth as silk! I get chills when I hear her sing!
I had the pleasure of meeting Dame Kanawa on a flight that I was a working
Crew member. She was ever so gracious & so humble when I acknowledged her
& mentioned how much I enjoyed hearing her on PBS' Great Performances. After the service was completed she took the time to come into the galley & personally thank us for our professional & personal service.
All though I think many "up-and-coming" women may eventually have better voices, I think all females in the opera world wish to be like her.
She has such depth of soul and breadth of vocal repertory. She sings from the heart.
[Newest]I have listened to kiri te kanawa.. Her voice is absolutely beautiful.. She seems to be able to slide effortlessly from an unbelievably low range for a soprano to her lovely high range... Her breathing, to me,... is perfectly timed, she's in my top Two.

6Leontyne Price
L am in shock to see Leontyne Price in the 22nd spot on your list considering some of the previous ones. It is very clear to me that the voters are not familiar with her work nor her struggles as an african- american in the world of opera and else where. The opportunities were not the same for all; nevertheless her talent could not be suppress.
I experienced her performance of Aida at the Met and at her retirement in the same role; it was absolutely breath taking. She was regal and so was her voice. Review your list!
Leontyne Price was my mother's favorite female opera singer in the '50s. Mom's favorite performance was Ms. Price in Ll Trovatore. Time magazine called her voice, "Rich, supple and shining. It was in its prime capable of effortlessly soaring from a smoky mezzo to the pure soprano gold of a perfectly spun high C. "
I've been attending live opera since 1947. Leontine Price is the best of any. No one can compare. Some may get there. Price was technically correct, emotionally exquisite and with a quality at each range that was beautiful and flowed flawlessly from one note to another. Listen!
[Newest]This woman has always had my heart and soul. She is the queen of opera and MADE the role of Aida in the 1950's. There is no one like her, and I will always bow.

7Jackie Evancho
I've been told that there are other prodigies in the world, that prodigy is not as rare as I think, and that Miss Evancho is quite good but not a performer that is nothing less than a treasure for entire world. Well, with the advent of YouTube and streaming music services, it's actually possible to listen to the "others," and that's what they all are -- also-rans. A voice like this can't come along more often that once in a generation, perhaps less often, and it's therefore my belief that that she's the standard by which all others will be judged within a few years. That's why she already should be near the top of this list: she hasn't achieved as much as the others, but the rating here is "the best," not the most enduring or experienced.
This list has the top 11 greatest female opera singers PLUS Jackie Evancho. This is very high praise indeed for a thirteen year old singer. Should you ever doubt her name belongs on this list, listen to her CDs, or go to YouTube and listen. Jackie just naturally reaches her audience the way Opera stars WISH they could reach theirs. These ladies have all worked very very hard over their careers to achieve their positions in Opera, and they certainly deserve their accolades. However, Jackie is such a colossal natural talent, that many believe she deserves a place on this list.

This will be an interesting list in another 10 years.
If there is a voice that provokes disbelief, this is it. When you go to an opera, you expect operatic voices. Here is a child who has been accused of lip synching, (the ultimate compliment) and of being an angel. That her voice can stand alone as one of the best should be proof enough, seeing it's source does make one wonder.
[Newest]Wow! She's the best!
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8Angela Gheorghiu
I am not a fan of opera, but after listening to Angela, who really sparked the emotions with her passion and voice, I could become a convert.
Angela Gheorghiu is a magnificent, pure, pure talent. A marvelous voice and incredible woman! Love to see and listen her, so, so much.
Angela pure beautiful voice not as well known as the others follow and listen you will be amazed. I would love to see her live.
[Newest]Amazing voice. She sings like an angel.

9Carmen Monarcha
Buy the DVD/CD Carmen Monarcha. It has all kinds of great music on it - some well known opera arias and some standards and some by Brazilian composers. Carmen is a rare gift to music - a beautiful voice, great performing skills, great passion and a natural beauty as well.
Everyone should hear the DVD! The opera purists will no doubt scoff but everything this great artist does is from the heart and will often bring a tear to your eye. Beautiful in every way. O Mio Babbino Caro and Ave Maria will break your heart. A modern Callas in many ways such as her passion expression and acting skills but without the histrionics and unpredictable nature of Callas. A lovely girl with a lovely personality who deserves to be in the top ten.
Carmen Monarcha has a voice that makes you realise what your ears are for, the full package of range, power, tone, interpretation and passion.
When I first heard her sing, I fell off the chair-spellbound by that fantastic voice and stage craft. She can make time stand still, nothing else matters, and you tend to forget to breathe for fear of missing something. Totally captivating, unbelievably good. Carmen-the voice of a Goddess. WOW!
[Newest]No Carmen deserves to be higher than number 12! She does sing full opera - half of these contenders have never done so. Let's get things in perspective please. As great as they are they are NOT opera singers.

10Mirusia Louwerse
Described as the "Angel of Australia", Mirusia is undoubtedly one of the greatest soprano opera singers of the 21st century. Her accolades speak for themselves:

Youngest winner in history of the Dame Joan Sutherland Opera Competition.

Has accompanied the world renowned violinist, Andre Rieu on a 6 year world tour.

ARIA Award winner

Lead soloist in Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem".

Apart from her crowning achievements, Mirusia is considered by many to be one of the most down-to-earth and respected celebrities. Her passion for music and helping underprivileged children has made Mirusia an ambassador for two significant foundations:

Australian Children's Music Foundation
Dutch Social Network Foundation

Mirusia's ongoing efforts have raised much needed funds for children in Australia and abroad. Australia is proud and honoured to have such an amazing individual in our music industry!
Mirusia has a beautiful voice, and a passion for her profession. She also appears to care deeply for her audience, and engages with us through her bright smile, and laughter, and occasional joke. She is constantly implementing new ways to be creative on the stage, and I love the fact that her career has expanded and is not just limited to working with Andre. She is also a superb world citizen and donates her time, and effort to various causes which help people and young children. Keep up the great work Mirusia.
Mirusia is truly our Angel of Australia. She is a delight to hear her sing and her ongoing efforts in helping underprivileged children is a testimony to her passion for music and in raising much needed funds for children. She is a beautiful person with a wonderful heart and she deserves all the recognition that she can get. Australia is very proud for have and to know such a wonderful person in Mirusia.
[Newest]She is currently the best ever.
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The Contenders

11Sumi Jo
Only because she's an Asian, so many people don't appreciate her amazing vocal! She totally deserves to be at least top 8
Magical! Fantastic in Mozart's Magic Flute!
Her voice is like a crystal!
[Newest]Pure and delicate she is a crystal voice that amazes us all!

12Kirsten Flagstad
Had she lived today. Her voice would be more than a distant memory and poor quality recordings. We've never anything like it... Before or since..
One of the most glorious voices of all time
She is the best voice of all the time. Who does not know this is ignorant. For sure. Ask the experts.
[Newest]A marvel, an exponent of Wagner par excellence

13Sarah Brightman
I just want to say that I voted Sarah cause I know no one in particular who is an opera singer. Sarah might be trained to reach the soprano notes, and her voice probably has the operatic touch, but she belongs to the world of theater, not opera. She is fantastic and all, but as an opera singer? I'm not so sure. Her voice is angelic, I know, that is why I don't think she belongs in the opera class. She's more of a theatrical soprano that has a more developed operatic voice of Christine that most, but that voice doesn't fit in to be availed in operatic ways. No hate... I love Sarah, loved her as Christine, loved her as a stage actress, just not an opera singer.
Sorry to burst all your bubbles, but Sarah Brightman is not an opera singer. She's a crossover singer. She doesn't sing with a true opera technique, and how many of her songs that you hear are actually from operas as opposed to being just opera-sounding pop tunes? None of you people actually know what opera singers sound like if you think Sarah Brightman is the best opera singer.
[Newest]I believe Sarah Brightman outshines all those that have come before her. All whom are very talented in their own right. Miss Brightman has given all so much more... She has the voice of an Angel... And the Heart that is felt with in her songs.
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14Tarja Turunen
She is the best singer this world ever gave birth to!
She's not just a good opera singer... She also has a unique voice and the feelings she conveys while singing are simply stunning and unbeatable.

Only Tarja could make me cry!
Her voice is just stunning. When she sings Ave Maria I get shivers!
She is both mesmerizing and very talented. Despite all of her talent and voice, she is a really sweet person. I've met her in person, got an autopgraph and a picture with her, and all I can say is, that she is one of the sweetest people I've meet. Beauty, voice, talent together with kindess - perfection!
She is just... unique.
Tarja is Tarja, and no one can beat that.
I know her technique is not perfect, but who has a perfect technique?
Besides, her voice is just gorgeous, and there is no technique that can teach that to anyone.
[Newest]She's one of the few singers that can TRULY pull off a Phantom of the Opera cover
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15Jessye Norman
I heard her sing in a cathedral in Philadelphia accompanied by strings and a jazz orchestra. I'll never forget it. Her voice was gorgeous and full, her emotional expression was superb. She sang arias, jazz and gospel that night. I'm unsophisocated in understanding of operatic music, but she was moving in voice, physical presence and expression. She walked through the cathedral as she sang a set of gospel hymns. She moved like an Egyptian Queen in long, heavy gowns. It brings tears to my eyes to remember it. Wonderful!
Such a rich voice that defies conventional classification. I love sopranos. so many on these list are great to sublime. For me though, Jessye is in a class on her own. Watching her during a performance is like being in the presence of a divine being whose voice penetrates deep into one's soul.
Norman deserve the spot under Joan Sutherland. I can't believe why Tarja Turunen is even here. She's an average voice and not an opera singer. Putting Turunen right after Sutherland is an insult to opera. It should be:

1. Sutherland
2. Norman
3. Callas
[Newest]Beautiful voice. Beautiful Person. Beautiful Opera Diva!

16Renata Tebaldi
Callas was the reason I hated female opera singers - that awful screeching!
Tebaldi's "Oh mio babbino caro" turned me on to female voices.
I cannot believe that Renata Tebaldi is considered #20 on here. She is #1 on my list. I appreciate Callas but cannot believe she is considered the top #1 singer on this list. Her range and pitch is far more superior and I find her voice to me extremely pure and powerful.
Viewing this singer on YouTube is a lesson in bel canto. Watching her facial position and breath are textbook examples for anyone studying classical operatic technique. It is agreed that Renata Tebaldi, Leontyne Price and Rosa Ponselle had the mopst perfectly balanced voices of the twentieth century. They cannot be put on lists. They are in a class all their own.
[Newest]Listen to 'Nimbus Records' and read the opinions od the critics.

17Marian Anderson
One of the greatest African-American opera singers to have ever lived.
That true great

That's so true great so far down the list.

18Birgit Nilsson
One of the greatest operatic voices who has ever lived. Unsurpassed in Wagner operas.
Who have done Turandot or Brunhilde better?
I totally agree, Birgit Nilsson!

19Amelita Galli-Curci
Incredible singer, the benchmark for many sopranos who came after her. The tragedy is that few good recordings exist.
Amelita enthralls me with the lilting beauty of her voice over 2 CD's, every song.
Thanks to my Dad introducing me to her by possessing a couple of 12" shellack records Iwas brainwashed into appreciating quality operatic singers.

20Marilyn Horne

21Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
A voice that takes you further than you can possibly imagine.
A voice of finesse, sophistication and technique

22Elina Garanca
Brilliant vocalist with personality to match. Always a pleasure to watch her perform.
Beautiful, intelligent singer with a warm mezzo that never ceases to impress and touch me.
Beautiful, clever singer, amazing voice and singing technique!
[Newest]Just heard her performing in Budapest! No words.. Heavenly..

23Lucia Popp
A most unusual and musical voice who was respected from her debut. She could mold her silvery sound to any emotion she expressed. Hearing her recording of Brahm's "Requiem" the listener should wonder at her ability to end the soprano solo movement with a perfect blending of her tone into the orchestral sound accompanying her. She was planning a series of lieder recordings, only one of which she completed before she passed away. A tragic and untimely event. A great artist.
Listen to the song to the moon

24Ghena Dimitrova

25Sissel Kyrkebo
I love Sissel's beautifully clear tone and the versatility of her voice. I think I especially appreciate that she doesn't have that typical "vibrato" that you tend to get with opera singers, and yet sings classical pieces amazingly.
I can listen to Sissel all night and all day. She has the cleanest and clearest singing voice I have ever heard in 60 years and her pitch is perfect. She can sing anything, from pop and folk right on up to opera.
Crystal Clear voice, and with perfect control. Can't help falling for her voice. no one beside and no one above!

26Ann Sofie von Otter
An admirable singer and a charming person.

27Rosa Ponselle
A great singer with a great technique and musicality.
Anyone who knows anything about voices will agree
Rosa would sing rings around most all of these mentioned and was at least on a par with Callas and Sutherland. People need to re-acquaint themselves with her as Rosa was THE DIVA in the 20' and 30's while performing with Caruso at the Met. Callas has said that Rosa was one of her first idols so please give a listen as you will not be disappointed.

28Raina Kabaivanska
Beautiful voice, Beautiful and talented actress and strong presence on the stage!

29Anna Netrebko
Anna Netrebko- gorgeous Russian opera singer with a beautiful voice and great range. Stunningly beautiful vocal.
One of the best, and possibly the best singer of our time!
She has very deep unique voice, plus she is exceptional actress, and she is so sincere on the stage. I think she is the best)
Such a beautiful voice --- I always see men's eyes filling with tears when she sings
[Newest]I have 12 songs and would like you to sing one

30Mirella Freno
Mirella Freni possesses one of the most opulent, expressive voices ever heard. She is loved by all who worked with her and has always been humble about her gift. A Great Artist.
*Mirella Freni

True Italian musician. Sang for 5 decades, winning over the hearts of the opera world. Conductor H.V. Karajan was quoted saying once that if he could have any voice, Freni's would be his first choice. The passion for music, not just opera, but music is heart wrenching. Her astounding technique and acting skills don't hurt either. One of the best singers of our time.

31Edda Moser
A powerful voice, incredible performance at The queen of the Night. Very impressive technique with an exquisite staccato...definitively one of the greatest female singers of all time.
Listen to her queen of the night

32Malena Ernman
Malena has the most beautifull voice on the planet, her sence of humour is amazing, just a beautifull woman allroud

33Diana Damrau
Seriously listen to diana's performances of the Queen of the night. THIS LADY HITS HIGH NOTES NO OTHER SOPRANO COULD DREAM OF HITTING. Diana is simply heavenly!
Diana Damrau is for me the best of all bests! She is exquisite! Check out her as the Queen of the Night in the Magic Flute, she is simply breath taking! One word: AMAZING!
Diana Damrau is incomparable. Her high notes, unlike most sopranos, are not jarring and don't pierce the air, but rather, lightly float and touch your heart and soul. She rolls her R's perfectly and has one of the most gorgeous voices ever.

34Cecilia Bartoli
Your singing for the sake of music. Every person on this list you shouldn't compare yourselves to others believe in your own talents and work them for your name
Cecilia is the world's best mezzo soprano. Her beautiful, rich, expressive voice, passionate performances and stunning beauty make for the ultimate in operatic entertainment. She belongs in the top 10.
Cecilia is the very best female singer I have ever watched and listened. She is a wonderful woman!
[Newest]She's simply the best in performance, and the most beautiful and sexy woman on stage.

35Beverly Sills
She is the reason I started listening to opera as a kid. I was just fascinated by her.
She brought me to opera
One of the originals!
[Newest]Her silvery voice and long operatic history put her at the top. So I actually wonder why she appears as low as this in the ratings... It's even sad.

36Carla Maffioletti
Has such a gorgeous singing voice and so uplifting, has me humming all the time! Have just brought her beautiful blue bird album which is so fantastic.
Carla is, in my opinion, perfection in every department. Voice, acting ability, personality, and personal beauty. Wonderful!
This Lady is a Great Wee singer who Always has a smile on her face when she sings and sings from the heart. An Angel on Earth
[Newest]Beautiful and the best singer I've ever heard. Never heard anybody sing such high notes so pure. Number one in my opinion.

37Aria Tesolin

38Frederica von Stade
I second that! What a pure and steady tone quality in here voice!
Something undefinable and unique sets her apart for me. A voice full of warmth and expression.
Beautiful rich tone. My favorite.

39Agnes Baltsa
An outstanding rich dramatic mezzo and one of the greatest Carmens ever - especially in the final act. Her O Don Fatale from Don Carlos is a powerhouse of a performance - but she was not the best at Rossini esp compared to Cecelia Bartoli's note precision.

40Anna Moffo
How can we forget the most beautiful woman in opera. she would be the best coloratura in the 1960's and 1970's if dame joan sutherland did not exist.
Just a beautiful voice, love her Caro Nome!
Her beauty and voice was absolutely divine

41Soile Isokoski
A heavenly voice. A fine artist.
The finest soprano ever.
She is one of the best of european woman opera singers

42Joyce DiDonato
Joyce is a great singer. She is still very young but has a real strong, full voice. She came through the Houston Grand Opera Studio and it was a thrill to watch he grow to the great singer she is now.
The absolute best mezzo of our time. Immaculate technique, impeccable diction and great artistry too. She gives so much depth to every role she portrays.
Really coming into her own in 2012/13. Her Maria Stuarda at the Met was phenomenal.

43Amira Willighagen
It is true that Amira does not currently perform opera as "technically" or as "proficiently" as does the likes of Jackie Evancho. That said, I believe Amira has a MUCH MORE powerful and authentic voice than even Evancho had at her age... And all that WITHOUT any official vocal training.

I believe Amira has the vocal talent and IF she desires; will soon eclipse Evancho. If that occurs, eventually be ranked among the top five female opera singers of the 20th Century.
Amira willighagen has such a STRONG voice, especially for a 9 year old. She looks like an angel sent to sing our cares away. Amazing.
Amira surpasses anyone else who ever sung before, at her age. She has a very clear, strong and expressive voice. Very controlled and sings with real emotion. Amira has all the potential to become a Wagnerian soprano, the best of the 21st century. Amira needs to take up music lessons and study to bring her potential to where it belongs. All ingredients are there to become top of the list.
[Newest]Should be in top 20 at least!

44Victoria de los Angeles
I don't know who is voting here, but is obvious that don't know so much about opera. What is doing this angelic voice in the 68? Should be the second
She should be top five!
She should be no. 1 or 2, not 77!

45Deanna Durbin
Sublime does not really cover it. Her occasional sojourns into opera were so beautiful

46Lesley Garrett
One of the best we have in opera or crossover
She is the best opera singer with the personality to go with it
She brings opera to all the generations not just the stuffy

47Tatiana Troyanos

48Kathryn Grayson
Kathryn Grayson is a ISn't she the voice of Walt Disney's Snow White because she was really NIghtingale...
Her voice and her beauty was amazing I love this voice she sings like a Nightingale so talented

49Gohar Gasparyan
She had an unmatched range and unbelievable clarity of the voice. Unfortunately since the Soviet Union was a closed society, she didn't get a chance to be exposed to the world the way she deserved it.
Gohar Gasparyan was one of the greatest coloratura sopranos of the 20th century. She had amazing voice and she was really a great opera singer.
She is a great singer

50Sonya Yoncheva
She will be the best in the future!
She should be in the top 10 already

51Patricia Petibon

52Julia Novikova
Saw this girl on the Placido Domingo Gala Concert recently, she is absolutely amazing. I usually prefer Tenors, but she is really outstanding and should be way way up this list.
Had the great pleasure of listening to her on a concert in Bahrain, she is one of the persons that makes a unforgetable mark on your life! Awesome performance.
Absolutely amazing Susanna in Teatro Colon.

53Kimmy Skota
She is an international opera singer and watch her she is going to shoot up to the top soon.
She is an amazing singer. I love her voice.

54Patricia Janeckova
Fifteen year old Slovak soprano. Won Talent Mania in 2011 (? ) and is fast tracking her operatic training very successfully. Beautiful young woman with loads of talent!
At 16 years old she continues to achieve new heights very talented young woman
I have heard no better than this young lady, and she will only get better!
[Newest]Outstanding/superb young opera singer with a very bright future!

55Inva Mula
This is the woman who captured non classical listeners, and blew there socks off when she did the voice of plavalaguana in the movie the fifth element if you have never heard this watch that moie and you will see not only is that n awesome movie but that part makes my heart stop, she is a timeless albanian soprano who should have been on this list!
Just watch 5th element (you'll see)

56Anna Caterina Antonacci

57Vesselina Kasarova
One for individuality and versatility.

58Sierra Boggess
Sierra is the angel of music
Her voice is amazing

59Jenny Lind
Nobody heard her, she performed in mid-19th century

60Karita Mattila
I've heard many of the best singers live, but she impressed me most for the rich beauty of her voice.

61Janet Baker
This listener went out of his way to hear Dame Janet Baker at every opportunity afforded listeners in the United States. Her ability to express text was unbelievably true. Hearing her "Air de Lia" from Debussy's "L'Enfant Prodique", (an aria sung by the mother of the Prodigal Son) was so powerful an experience that one felt the repetitions of the mother calling out the son's name came literally from Baker's womb. Do not be put off by that sentence. To have experienced Baker's interpretation created a moment never to be forgotten.
She had the strength of artistry to program Schubert's "Gretchen am Sinnrade" in a recital at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC (the most critical and discerning of audiences). The ovation after the song reflected how clear and passionate her interpreting had been. As a recitalist she was the greatest of artists.
Her final movement of Mahler's "Das Lied von der Erde" stands alone as one of the great performances of the piece.
A rich, full voice that sings Mahler better than most messo-sopranos. Definitely, one of my personal favorites.
The best julius Caesar ever

62Risë Stevens

63Maria Kesselman

64Lori Lewis

65Tsakane Valentine Maswanganyi
The most flexible, yet consistent ranged voice I've ever heard. Not only a perfect voice - but a talented actress and dancer too! Also, apart from being extremely beautiful - Tsaky is also extremely modest, as she has a beautiful personality too.

Vote for someone who actually deserves the professional recognition of a fantastically, superb talent - PLEASE!
Once heard... never forgotten, to those with an experienced ear. Simply unprecedented flexible range, combining a heavenly voice with not only beauty - but unusually, also superb acting skills - in a wonderful, yet modest Sowetoen girl.. who loves to dance!

Her Facebook information page, about her starring roles, including Porgy & Bess (in many countries), Carmen Jones and the star of Winnie - the opera (the life of Winnie Mandela).
Tsakane is a very beautiful girl and has a beautiful voice.

66Dawn Upshaw
Dawn Upshaw is an American soprano described as "one of the most consequential performers of our time" by the Los Angeles Times.
I love Dawn Upshaw
Dawn is the greatest soprano singing today.

67Olga Peretyatko
I wonder who made this list and when? Miss Peretyatko should have been selected among the first 10 best.
On of the best singers of her generation! I've heard her in Salzburg as Giunia and in Arena di Verona as Gilda! OUTSTANDING! And beautiful lady!

68Sena Jurinac

69Elisabeth Schumann
One the finest voices of the late 19th and early 20th century

70Lily Pons
Li Pons was mainly responsible for putting glamour back into opera! No one has equalled her vocal longitivity. Even at 76, her voice remained amazing and youthful! A true star of the highest caliber!
Another febulous singer who played the Hollywood Bowl many times and lead us into musical and operatic history. Tod Jonson

71Adelina Patti
The recordings from 1905-06 were when she was over 60. Verdi said about her she was the top singer of his century. She performed in front of Lincoln in 1862.

72Malin Hartelius

73Aubrey Ashburn

74Ileana Cotrubas

75Grace Bermingham
Beautiful voice of this Irish Soprano. Sings also with Good Works Opera fundraising for charitable causes. Grace has participated in many performances such as ‘Songs of Praise’, BBC Radio, R.T.E. Philharmonic Choir, Lyric Opera and Opera Ireland.

76June Anderson
Anderson is not as good as joan sutherland. but no one is. on this list, june anderson is second only to sutherland. that tarja turunen is awful. she's not even close to an opera singer, more like pop. and she needs a microphone so she should be deleted from this list.
If joan sutherland is a 10, anderson is a 7.

77Nina Rautio

78Mojca Erdmann

79Elena Mosuc
She made big progress

80Ermonela Jaho
From Albania -opera singer - Opera Houses all over the world

81Bidu Sayao
Perfect voice. Humble and so brilliant. Ruled the Metropolitan Opera from 1937 to 1952.
At her prime she was the best, her Manon and Villa-Lobos recordings are gems. Listen to the Met broadcasts from the 40's. She was unique, but has been lost to passing fancies.

82Bidu Sayao
One of the greatest voices of all times. Came to Los Angeles for the opera season and stole our hearts away. Fqbulous lady. Tod Jonson

83Jenna Dearness-Dark
A young talented singer - new on the scene and only 17 years of age. Like Mirusia Louwerse born in Queensland, Australia and also has a Dutch Oma.

84Miliza Korjus
Made only one film, "The Great Waltz", the story of Strauss. Her range was incredible. She would start her runs where a lot of sopranos left off. A beautiful blonde with a sparkling personality.
Miliza was an amazing Virtuoso Musical Technician and musician. In her prime, (only about 12 years) there was no musical technical feat she could not execute!

85Grace Bumbry
A rich lovely voice.

86Joan Hammond
The most beautiful voice ever

87Mimi Coertse
Why is not on the list?

88Elizabeth Futral

89Rita Streich

90Margaret Price

91Patricia Racette
Clearly, one of the best Butterfly's around. Her performance is so amazing and her voice has such emotion!

92Sylvia Sass

93Emma Matthews
An exquisite coloratura voice with great dynamic range and dramatic sensitivity. Should be on the world class stage.
She is Emma Matthews, what more is there to say?
She is an amazing actress with a voice to die for. La Stupenda, Dama Joan Sutherland herself was a great supporter of her. Emma has taken on many roles that Joan was famous for, such Lakme, La Traviata and the show that earned Joan the nickname La Stupenda, Lucia. Her mad scene is amazing.

94Ruxandra Donose

95Astrid Varnay
Ruled the Wagnerian world between the reigns of Kirsten Flagstad and Birgit Nilsson.

96Marie-Josée Lord
She might not be well-knowned but she is a great singer... just watch her...

97Lyne Fortin
She has a traditional and purist approach of her art and a very critical view of opera. Its performance was acclaimed and rewarded many times, both for her voice, the correctness of her play and her presence on stage.
She is known for the correctness of her diction in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

98Marie-Nicole Lemieux
Contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux became the first Canadian to win the Prix de la Reine Fabiola (1st Prize) and the Special Prize of the Lied Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition of Belgium. This prestigious award was known to the international community and allowed her to perform in recital and opera and concerts with major orchestras.

99Barbara Hendricks

100Conchita Supervia

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