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Carmen Monarcha


She is my personal favorite because she is as lovely as her voice! She totally deserves to be #1!
She is absolutely amazing... A beautiful voice... well controlled... She deserve to be in the top 10
Everyone should hear the DVD! The opera purists will no doubt scoff but everything this great artist does is from the heart and will often bring a tear to your eye. Beautiful in every way. O Mio Babbino Caro and Ave Maria will break your heart. A modern Callas in many ways such as her passion expression and acting skills but without the histrionics and unpredictable nature of Callas. A lovely girl with a lovely personality who deserves to be in the top ten.
She is a wonderful person and a great singer
Buy the DVD/CD Carmen Monarcha. It has all kinds of great music on it - some well known opera arias and some standards and some by Brazilian composers. Carmen is a rare gift to music - a beautiful voice, great performing skills, great passion and a natural beauty as well.
The best voice and sensibility...
She is just so beautiful; When she sings Michael Jacksons Earth Song it gives me goose bumps
Carmen Monarcha is the pure expression of female voice in a quality that there was once in this world, but is lost. Dame Kiri is my second choice, but thumbs up for the Brazilian star!
Carmen has a stunning voice, captivating stage presence and deserves to be in the top 10. Just amazing.
I was able to meet her in person - she is a REAL person. Exceedingly gracious and a warm hearted soul.
Carmen is No1. You can understand every word she sings. Iam watching her now on the Andre Rieu show,
Yes absolutely amazing voice and such commanding stage presence you can't take your eyes off her. She has such grace and beauty as well. Her Ave Maria is unsurpassable as is her most moving rendition of O Mio Babbino Caro... And Ebben. The list is endless really. The complete package and a true star who should be world famous and should be recording prolifically but is without a deal. It's incomprehensible really. She's that good.
Great Opera Singer! And also she's BEAUTIFUL! Love her!
Your voice touches and eases my soul and pleases my new Heart (It's a Donor's Heart). I love your soprano and cannot stop listening! To see and experience you live with your own shows MUST be so emotional.
- - - and then: you have that gorgeous look too
Very much under appreciated in opera circles probably due to the Rieu connection but ABSOLUTELY one of the finest around with passion and emotional and acting abilities to rival Callas and a most charismatic personality and presence on stage. Terrific performer.
When voice meets charisma
Carmen should be in the top six for sheer versatility
Watch and listen to her DVD Carmen Monarcha and you will see what a delightful and thoughtful person she is as well as a magnificent vocal talent. Get those votes in folks. We need her BACK in the top ten!
Great to see Mirusia in the top ten but Carmen should be there too. Carmen has the Callas factor - true star quality and charisma in bucket loads!
She sings with the heart.
Full throated warm and passionate voice. This girl is soprano but also can sing mezzo and at times almost a contralto. A real treasure to listen to and to watch. She moves me every time I hear her and that is surely what music is all about.
Her stage presence and breath control are incredible, she lives every note. Superb and very underrated. To go from Hansel and Gretel to Oh Mio BBbino Caro to Habanera to Earth Song shows just what an amazing range she has.
CD/DVD now on sale via her store website. It is quite wonderful. There is much variety in song but it is all very beautiful. I wish everyone could hear her sing Dvorak's Song To The Moon - not on the CD/DVD I don't think but is on YouTube - it's sublime!
Best all rounder of the newer sopranos as she acts well besides having a beautiful voice and is also very lovely. A complete package really.
Carmen monarcha, a melhor cantora do mundo.
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