Top Ten Greatest Female Opera Singers

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81Aubrey Ashburn
82Ileana Cotrubas
83Tatiana Troyanos

Beautiful mezzo with great courage since she suffered from debilitating stage fright. Her Carmen is superb. Her greatest concert was her last, though terminally ill, she got out of bed and sang for her fellow patients in the hospital. She sang " to give them pleasure " She died that night.

84Bidu Sayao

Perfect voice. Humble and so brilliant. Ruled the Metropolitan Opera from 1937 to 1952.

At her prime she was the best, her Manon and Villa-Lobos recordings are gems. Listen to the Met broadcasts from the 40's. She was unique, but has been lost to passing fancies.

85Grace BumbryV2 Comments
86Joan Hammond

The most beautiful voice ever

87Anna Tomowa-Sintow
88Anna Prohaska
89Nina Rautio
90Mojca Erdmann
91Bidu Sayao

One of the greatest voices of all times. Came to Los Angeles for the opera season and stole our hearts away. Fqbulous lady. Tod Jonson

92Jenna Dearness-Dark

A young talented singer - new on the scene and only 17 years of age. Like Mirusia Louwerse born in Queensland, Australia and also has a Dutch Oma.

93Lyne Fortin

She has a traditional and purist approach of her art and a very critical view of opera. Its performance was acclaimed and rewarded many times, both for her voice, the correctness of her play and her presence on stage.
She is known for the correctness of her diction in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

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94Miliza Korjus

Made only one film, "The Great Waltz", the story of Strauss. Her range was incredible. She would start her runs where a lot of sopranos left off. A beautiful blonde with a sparkling personality.

Miliza was an amazing Virtuoso Musical Technician and musician. In her prime, (only about 12 years) there was no musical technical feat she could not execute!

95Mimi Coertse

Incredibly pure and unaffected voice.

She should have a far higher ranking.

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96Elizabeth Futral
97Teresa Żylis-Gara

One of the most overlooked and gorgeous voices of her time.

98Rita Streich

Rita has an incredible crystal clear voice that soars. A beautiful coloratura soprano with an angelic voice!

99Regine Crespin
100Margaret Price

A robust voice, rough singing. Not enough delicacy and expression, no sense for psyshology of the characters and no talent for nuances. But still she is bettter than average.

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