Top Ten Greatest Female Opera Singers

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101 Margaret Price

A robust voice, rough singing. Not enough delicacy and expression, no sense for psyshology of the characters and no talent for nuances. But still she is bettter than average.

102 Patricia Racette

Clearly, one of the best Butterfly's around. Her performance is so amazing and her voice has such emotion!

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103 Ewa Podles
104 June Bronhill
105 Ingeborg Hallstein
106 Milka Trnina
107 Yma Sumac Yma Sumac

She sung some opera, but she was an ethnic music singer. She had the range of more than 4 octraves, excellent pitch control and a mighty voice. They did not accept her at the Metropolitan, because they concluded she would out-sing their most priced stars.
Judging by voice quality alove, she belongs to to top 10.

108 Julia Lezhneva

Given another 10 years and she'll be among the greatest ever

109 Evgenia Laguna

No one tops the list for stage presence, expression, beauty and a lovely voice in combination.

110 Suzan Erens
111 Shirley Verrett

Great gutsy singer, not always perfect but always exciting. She dared and frequently conquered... My heart!

112 Martina Arroyo

Some said her singing was too placid, but she had such a rich, velvety and glorious voice: she should be in the top 50 voices certainly...

113 Measha Brueggergosman
114 Zinka Milanov

She belongs to the old vintage ages. The recordins of her voice are rare, and technically of low quality. But she once had been the pride of Metropolitan for years. I would put her among first 20.

A singer that few know about except for opera fans that listen to historical recordings. A fabulous Verdi interpretor with a long career at the Met

115 Waltraud Meier
116 Angel Blue

Awesome singer truly an Abel from above

117 Sylvia Sass
118 Emma Matthews

An exquisite coloratura voice with great dynamic range and dramatic sensitivity. Should be on the world class stage.

She is Emma Matthews, what more is there to say?
She is an amazing actress with a voice to die for. La Stupenda, Dama Joan Sutherland herself was a great supporter of her. Emma has taken on many roles that Joan was famous for, such Lakme, La Traviata and the show that earned Joan the nickname La Stupenda, Lucia. Her mad scene is amazing.

119 Ruxandra Donose
120 Astrid Varnay
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