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Tarja Turunen


For me, Tarja is more than a great and amazing singer... She's a real muse who helps me to cope with the daily monotony. Her voice is a pure diamond of power and nobility... but is also as tender and soft as velvet. And this voice is like a breath from heaven, making everything brighter. So... Thank you so much Tarja! :-)
Her voice is just stunning. When she sings Ave Maria I get shivers!
She is both mesmerizing and very talented. Despite all of her talent and voice, she is a really sweet person. I've met her in person, got an autopgraph and a picture with her, and all I can say is, that she is one of the sweetest people I've meet. Beauty, voice, talent together with kindess - perfection!
I really love both kinds of Tarja's creative work: classical and metal. Unfortunately I was only at one of her concerts (WLB on 28 April in Saint-Petersburg, Russia), that was really amazing, but I hope to see her again and to hear her opera vocal.

P. S. Who knows may be the next time I would be able to get the autograph.
she is emm... amazing very amazing I love her songs

amazing singer and amazing personality!
I am glad she will be in czech again!
Tarja brings a lot of inspiration to everyone, there are always people who may not like her, but they can't deny how beautiful or influencing her voice is. She's without a doubt, made an amazing name for herself and deserves to be rewarded for reaching so far in life.
Tarja is the best singer of the world... she can make me cry but she also makes me verry happy
Tarja is absolutely the winner! She's such a gifted person! The music she composes, her every song has its own soul, a huge dose of emotions. It touches me so much and I know it touches many people as well. She definitely has a gift and I'm so proud of being her fan. Forever!
My Personal Goddess :-) I would give my Life for her :-)
Her voice is unbelievable and she looks like an Angel so I think thats the reason why she called " The Voice of Finland" because there arr no others like her :-) Tarja is the Best absolutly
Tarja is the best in the world she have most beautiful and strong voice, she is better in live concert and she is really better then sarah brightman and maria calass and montserrat caballe every one say it right when he or she listen tarja turunen voice
She is the best singer this world ever gave birth to!
She's not just a good opera singer... She also has a unique voice and the feelings she conveys while singing are simply stunning and unbeatable.

Only Tarja could make me cry!
Tarja is incredible woman. She is very talented, so beautiful and such kind to her fans. Her music is really touching, always makes me cry. Tarja Turunen is definitely greatest opera singer ever.
She is just... unique.
Tarja is Tarja, and no one can beat that.
I know her technique is not perfect, but who has a perfect technique?
Besides, her voice is just gorgeous, and there is no technique that can teach that to anyone.
Tarja has the most incredible voice I ever heard. She should have cast a spell on me with her voice at the first time I listened to her. And she is beautiful and an amazing person.
Tarja is an Angel on Earth, she is the Angel of Music! Her voice is divine, and she is incredibly kind and generous as a person! Her eyes are just unbelievably star-shining!
She has a beautiful and strong voice and great talent of course.
She's my favorite vocalist. She's great live - on concerts she sounds even better than on CDs.
Tarja is the best and she deserves to win!
Tarja is absolutly the best singer of the world, she's not only looking beautiful but she also is always very friendly and kind to her fans,
I would die for her, she's my Goddes and Heroin for life...
She's the best, at least in the metal scene!
Her great powerful voice and captivating stage charisma made her most metalheads' favorite female vocalists <3
Tarja is muuch more than the other opera singers at the moment because she is the most daring and unpredictable of all and she stands at the origins of a unique musical genre.
2. callas
999. sarah (cause of pop, read her bio)
I love her! she most be win because there is no one like Tarja and all her versatility and talent, also she is so beautifull and kind. A complete artist, she plays piano and flute... and I love her!
Tarja Turunen is the most amazing singer that I have ever listened to, you should listen to her "Phantom of the opera" and you'll guess why she is the best. I love you Tarjita to death
When you hear Tarja you may fall in love at first listen, if not you have to listen once again to find all emotions and feelings that she is singing about and I am sure you will love her as I.
I see stars when I hear her sing... Her voice is so powerful and deep, yet so clear. Tarja's voice is very unique and special. Wish her all the best in the world!
She has a beautiful voice. Tarja is a classical and metal singer! .. I Tarja Turunen! My best singer in the WORLD! Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and perfect.. = Tarja Turunen!

Her voice is pure and cold river somewhere in Scandinavian Mountain, that sounds magnificent! She's been my favorite singer since 1997. To feel her charming power-just close your eyes and listen to her soprano!
She is so unique and her voice too
The only opera singer that I love
Its so hard to sing opera in a metal band (Nightwish)
She is opera metal singer
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