Greatest Film Directors of All Time

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241James Gunn
242Roland Emmerich

He's known for working in the disaster and action genres. his films include moon 44, universal soldier, stargate, independence day, the 1998 remake of godzilla, the day after tomorrow, 10,000 because, 2012, and white house down.

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243Fred Zinnemann
244Frank Lloyd
245Dario Argento

Yes, he's one of the best film directors. Thank you for the horror, Dario!

246Vittorio De Sica
247Judd Apatow

He is number 3 in Indian film industries

249Mike Leigh
250A. R. Murugadoss

He is the greatest director in Indian film industries...

Simple man with loads of vision

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251Stephen Hillenburg
252Shankar Shanmugham

Just copied from others movie and showcased big budget movie - gdchetan

253Mel Brooks

He directed such comedy classics as spaceballs and young frankenstein.

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254Uwe BollV1 Comment
255Jon Favreau
256M. Night Shyamalan

I don't care what people say, I like his movies. The Sixth Sense and The Village are two of my favorite movies of all time. Signs and Unbreakable were awesome. The Happening, that was only ruined by Mark Walberg's Acting. Lady in Water I admit was a big misfire. I haven't seen After Earth yet, but I plan to.

The last airbender was horrifically good. The earth bending was awesome! I loved the northern water tribe war cry.

GREAT science fiction director! Directed Signs, Lady in the Water, The Village, and tons more.

Is this a joke?

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257Michael BayMichael Benjamin Bay is an American filmmaker known for directing and producing big-budget action films characterized by fast cutting, stylistic visuals and extensive use of special effects, including frequent depiction of explosions.

Only good movie was The Rock. And the first transformers film. The rest were mediocre

I liked him in Epic Rap Battles of History - ShuhBanggg

I don't care what people say, his movies Transformers 1-3 are really good.

The Transformers movies may not have been bad, but other than that, the only good movie he directed was The Rock. Every other movie he's directed sucked.

This is not true

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