Greatest Final Fantasy Characters

We all know Final Fantasy for being the best RPG series of all time (fact). One of the major factors in contributing in its unquestionnable prestige is the character design in the games. But who, of all of them, is the greatest?

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1Cloud Strife

I think he was the most human (besides Squall and Locke) of all the main characters. His complexities, inability to understand who he is and eventual "rebirth" are what make him an interesting hero. He's not perfect, he is flawed and that makes for great storytelling.

He looks awesome! Got impaled by Sephiroth 2 times! Cutting a motorcycle in half! Able to carry large, broad, swords! MAN HE IS A BAD ASS!

He's the protagonist of the best game of all-time... how can it get better? - CyraxQC

Cloud is way more powerful than any other Final Fantasy Character.

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The embodiment of SEXY, EPIC, and EVIL rolled into one. The villains of all villains and the reason why Cloud is a HERO. If Zack Fair was the inspiration as a hero by Cloud then Without SEPHIROTH as the villain, then there will never be a hero.

Hands down to SEPHIROTH. Enough said. - pierreanime

epic hair and epic voice and epic sword and he freaking destroyd the solar system what do you want more from a final fantasy viilian

The Most Villain Character of Final Fantasy Series..Ever...

Flawless and ever growing. All hail kneel before your lord.

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3Squall Leonhart

255 accuracy, hits even when blinded. I haven't played all FF games but only Squall and Seifer have this feat of not missing an oponent. Seifer is the only character to break Odin, Squall is the only character Seifer has respected. This is all numbers yes, as for the character Squall has problems may be not as much as Cloud but his determination and will is equal to that of Tidus. Overall FF8 is an RPG that actually wanted us not to level, that presented a villain (Seifer) in Holy knight clothing and an adverse her Squall looking like the villain form the start. No other game including baldur's gate nwn, the diablo and any other ff has such a cruel plot as FF8 does. FF8 sure has looholes as it deals with the time paradox but charaterwise, Squall is the most established in terms of story and most powerful due to 255 acc. In all FF games

Squall he is you typical emo in final fantasy 8

He's cool. All that inner moodiness, angsting and uncertainty about things is pretty believable in a 17 year old. He's just a confused kid trying to make sense of an entire school full of people relying on him the way they do. He doesn't realize that his skill with the Gunblade and his outward apparent stoicness make him a figure in the eyes of people like Rinoa on whom they want to depend. I like how he grows into a mature and reliable person through his friends and Rinoa. He's a natural badass. Also, childhood abandonment issues and literally revisiting his own past and seeing the events that will cause Matron to start Garden... wow. Great lead protagonist.

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Aerith is a strong girl. She doesn't have the best looks (those belong to Tifa :3), but she has a lovable personality. Just as you start to like her a lot (and as you start to plan her healing usefulness in battle), Sephiroth happens. So not only have you been traumatized, but you've also lost your main healer. What a dick you are, Sephiroth.

Aerith (or aeris) is a feminine and realistic character you'll enjoy because she's the best female character of all time in final fantasy history because she's so peaceful, harmonious, Angelic and easyto love then suddenly she perishes by the Evil Sephiroth but that's what made Final Fantasy VII (7) amazingly marvellous story so thank you for the creator of final fantasy VII (7) for creating Aerith as a character! I'm from New Zealand Friday 17th May 2014!

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5Zack Fair

He is the embodiment of heroism within the Final Fantasy series and deserves respect. If it weren't for him Cloud wouldn't even be on top; hell, he might not even have survived and yet everyone takes Zack for granted.

Zack is a SOLDIER First Class, he has that training. Cloud basically learned through experience, which can be helpful at times, but the actual military training is probably more useful. - Jamshidi

He died for cloud to live and he saved the world from genesis so if you ask me zack should be on top of the chart

Embrace your dreams, and whatever happens protect your honor... as SOLDIER!

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6Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine is my favourite fictional character ever, he's such the emo cinnamon rolls and he's adorable and a cutie pie, and is by far the hottest

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What? What is Sephiroth doing on 2nd place? Kefka is the best villain in the FF franchise and he's at the 17th place! He needs to get higher!

The others may as well be the dirt on the bottom of his boots! Or the dirt stuck to the bottom of that dirt!

Kefka is the best villain ever in the franchise, and I think Sephiroth is a little bit overrated - Nintendonix

One heck of a personality

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The mixture between beauty and her caring personality really appeals to me as an individual. She is not has childish, naive and/or helpless as other characters in Final Fantasy. Also she is able to take care of herself, without seeming too emotionally reserved (or cold). In addition to that, is she capable of criticizing her friends and teammates, without being aggressive - lexifoxi

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Zidane is just awesome because of his laid back personality and his heart.he saves his enemies from death I mean who does that zidane is a true hero in the final fantasy worlds

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Tidus has probably the most depth of any character 1-10. He becomes mature and a man before your eyes, he knows what it means to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones he loved and cared for, he becomes a powerful character that starts off weak and inexperienced in battle and he is the most relatable of any character in the series. His psychological problems are similar to what most of us face and even though it's a vice to Tidus he stands his ground and keeps fighting. Tidus never gives up in the face of despair making him the quintessential character you would want to take into any battle.

Tidus is Number 1 in my book because 1) he is good looking. 2) He is Loial to his friends. 3) He fights for what he beleves in. 4) He doesn't take no for an anser. 5) He sacrafices him self for Yuna in the final battle.

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The Sailor Jupiter and R136a1 of Final Fantasy

Lightning is just amazing, true her cold attitude is a bit well umm anywayz she and Aerith are my fave oh Tifa and Celes too.

The hottest babe in gaming ever, the hottest chick with the most tasty and delicious legs

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13AuronV2 Comments
14Vivi Ornitier

I only like her because I had a friend named Vivienne AND FINAL FANTASY BOO YAH

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Shes tough hot and is sexy with guns

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How is Cecil not in the top 3. He is far better than any of the characters in the top 10. This list is just FF7 biased

19Freya Crescent
20Yuffie KisaragiV1 Comment
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