Top 10 Best Food Combinations


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1Oreos + Milk
2Spaghetti + Meatballs

All these things go well together. But nothing compares to spaghetti and meatballs. They are just made for each other. A close second would be peanut butter and jelly

I just can't resist this one - zuni

3Burger + Fries
4Tortilla Chips + Salsa Sauce
5Potato + Gravy
6Cheese + Crackers

That is so true! I could eat 10 million crackers with cheese and never get bored!

7Bacon + Eggs
8Syrup + Pancakes

Duh I have it all the time - GoToews17

9Salt + Pepper
10Cake + Frosting

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?Potatoes + Molasses
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11Pizza + Beer
12Waffles + Ice Cream
13Fries + Pizza
14Vindaloo + Poppadoms
15Sausage + Mustard
16Butter + Toast
17Cake + Ice Cream
18Peanut Butter + Jelly
19Sandwich + Potato Chips
20Fish + Chips
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1. Waffles + Ice Cream
2. Vindaloo + Poppadoms
3. Sausage + Mustard
1. Peanut Butter + Jelly
2. Ketchup + French Fries
3. Syrup + Pancakes
1. Oreos + Milk
2. Potato + Gravy
3. Tortilla Chips + Salsa Sauce

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