Top 10 Best Food Combinations


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The Top Ten

Oreos + Milk

2Spaghetti + Meatballs
All these things go well together. But nothing compares to spaghetti and meatballs. They are just made for each other. A close second would be peanut butter and jelly

3Burger + Fries

4Cheese + Crackers
That is so true! I could eat 10 million crackers with cheese and never get bored!

5Potato + Gravy

6Tortilla Chips + Salsa Sauce

7Syrup + Pancakes

8Salt + Pepper

9Bacon + Eggs

10Pizza + Beer

The Contenders

11Butter + Toast
I can't imagine my toast without butter applied on it.
Geek alert--While toasts attack the taste buds of our tongues, they camouflage the effects butter has on the taste buds of our tongues. On the other hand the effects butter produces on the flavor buds present in our nasal chambers camouflages the similar effects toasts have on the flavor buds of our nasal chambers. This combination creates an exotic flavor as it combines the good things of both, discarding the bad ones.


12Cake + Frosting

13Chocolate + Peanut Butter

14Waffles + Ice Cream

15Fish + Chips

16Fries + Pizza

17Vindaloo + Poppadoms

18Sausage + Mustard

19Cake + Ice Cream

20Sandwich + Potato Chips

21Peanut Butter + Jelly

22Steak + Caesar Salad

23Butter + Popcorn

24Olives + Jalapenos

25Pizza + Ranch
Great but what about chicken wings and blue cheese


26Cream Cheese + Bagels

27Ice Cream + Mint Syrup

28Garlic Bread + Roast Chicken

29Pretzel + Salt
this is the best it tastes so good... go to wetzel's Pretzels if you want to try


30Ice Cream + Fries

31Curry + Rice
Ooh, yes. I definitely want that!


32Hamburgers + French Fries

33Bacon + Mustard

34Turkey + Stuffing

35Focaccia + Olives

36Piadina + Beer

37Chicken + Waffles

38Burger + Mustard

39Curry + Poppadoms

40Venison + Chili Sauce

41White Bread + Fried Potatoes

42Ham + Eggs

43Pork + Beans

44Prawns + Chili

45Tostitos + Barbecue Sauce

46Ketchup + French Fries

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