Greatest Guitar Solos of Rock and Metal

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61Dani California - John Frusciante
62Working Man - Alex Lifeson

One of the greatest solo - no one before put such an amazing solo in a song

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63A Light In The Black - Ritchie Blackmore

One of Ritchies best and nonstop guitar performances, this song is punishing from start to finish.

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64Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll - Donald Roeser
65Ride the Lightning - Kirk Hammett

Great solo. You can hear Mustaine's influence on it, combined with Kirk Hammeth's play. Every person who likes metal genre must hear it.

It's writes by Dave Mustaine not Hammett
Any way it's best Metallica solo

In my opinion, the best solo of metalica. Is fast and awersome. Epic guitar of Kirk Hammett. The best

66Painkiller - Judas Priest

Guys you really underrate judas priest but there so good and have the best metal solos I've ever heard go on youtube and type in judas priest guitar solos and you'll find a lot of great solos here is a list of some of there best painkiller, all guns blazing, ram it down, beyond the realms of death, one shot at glory, touch of evil those are just a few that you really need to check out

Wow... Obviously no one has heard this song. I don't know how you can listen to any music without listening to this. Every single instrument on this song is perfect. The drum intro the incredible guitar solo, and the vocals... Should be in the top ten.

This song is on the list twice. Just explains how wicked the solo is.

67Soothsayer - Buckethead

This the most emotional solo he has ever written and its almost 7 minutes long even though people only count the shredding as the solo I count the entire thing and it is a masterpiece of art and shows his true dedication to the guitar and the way that he plays it with more feel than probably anyone else on the planet. LONG LIVE BIG B.

Buckethead is a genius with a guitar. I don't see how this isn't higher on the list. For those of you who haven't heard it. Please do. It is a true emotional masterpiece.

You can find everything in this solo the amazing riffs, the speed and the emotions.. It's without a doubt a masterpiece.. But an underrated one

This guy plays emotion! Enough said!

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68Second Heartbeat - Synyster Gates

Best Avenged Sevenfold solo

Vote for this, can't see this down at 61

69Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani

Satriani speaks, or rather, plays for himself in this one. - ybothermatt

70Brothers in Arms - Mark Knopfler
71Achilles Last Stand - Jimmy Page

Jimmy truly makes his Les Paul sing and cry during this somewhat lengthy solo. The beating of the drums in the background express anger and desperation which harmonize very well with this solo.

How in the world is "Bad Medicine" at number 6? Richie Sambora is not a very good guitarist. However, Jimmy Page can play in any style, any day. That is why at least ONE of Jimmy's solos should be number 1.

It's the emotion in the notes and the phrasing in chords
That make this solo

72Seven - Muhhamed Suicmez

amazing solo why has no one heard of this?

73Serrana - Jason Becker
74Floods - Dimebag Darrel

This solo does have some fast playing like many other metal solos but it contains an emotional feel that many of the other solos do not have.

Truly spectacular, it's so hard to find a guitar solo with exceptional skill, creativity, and emotion all at the same time. The outro is the second half.

This is my favourite solo, ever. I don't understand how this is only in the 50's, at the very least it should up in the 20's, it is simply amazing.

Its simply breathtaking!

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75Time - David Gilmour

Come on people! Have any of you even listened to this?!?! This solo is why the guitar was invented...jezz!

Best damb guitar solo ever. It is the best sequence of one of the best albums of all "time"!

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7621 Guns - Billie Joe Armstrong

It's an amazing song and the solo is awesome.
Love Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre cool, Mike dirnt and Jason White

77In Bloom - Kurt Cobain
78Since I've Been Loving You - Jimmy Page

This is a wonderful attempt of Jimmy's to play a blues song and he really pulled it off. Due to the fact that this song is mostly based on improvisation, it makes a great live performance.

What? This is the one of the most emotional solos I've ever heard. Deserves a better position!

Jimmy Page's Solo in this song is better than in Stairway to Heaven. - malamJONES

79Iron Man - Tony Iommi
80Still Got the Blues - Gary Moore

Great solo. One of the finest guitarist but also one of the most underrated.

I agree Gary Moore had some very metal sounding pieces and an overall predisposition to metal. To me 'Out in the fields' is a great power metal song. Everything speaks metal: pretty fast and non-bluesy song, the riff is a stand-alone melody, the solo is a metal solo, lyrical theme is dark, and so on. One of the greatest songs I've ever heard. No wonder at least 10 metal bands did covers.

Hard to believe Moore was not already on the list. Picked this song as it features one of his classic solo's. Metal Heads should check out his G Force album which has Van Halenesque solos

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