Greatest Guitar Solos of Rock and Metal

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101Rock Bottom - Michael Schenker

Suspect most voting haven't ever heard this. Find it & make sure it is the original studio version. Schenker was just 16 when he played one of the greatest solo's ever. This solo stands on it's own in the song. What makes it special is its ability to start slow and build into a frenzy without ever losing melody. If it was heard more you'd see this in every top ten list.

This is without doubt the greatest piece of guitar playing ever committed to vinyl. After hearing this other guitar players would lay down their guitars and go learn how to play the drums. Its that good, no its beyond that good, listen, I beg you, I plead with you, beg steal borrow buy or even download a copy... You will not be disapointed

Other solos can go hard, but this takes you on a journey. It starts slow and builds into a crescendo of technical excellence - greatest solo of all time.

A huge influence on my playing. One of the greatest solos of all time. The live version, of course.

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102Heartbreaker - Jimmy Page

Dude, this solo has lines of 32nd notes.

It is a great solo jimmy page at his best.

Seconds only to whole lotta love.

103Hate Crew Deathroll - Alex Laiho

i have never seen anybodies fingers move so fast in my life

Incredibly underrated guitarist, such speed in his solos...

104Scar Tissue - John Frusciante

Great song, even better solo...It comes and goes which adds to the whole mood. It's like a story in the form of guitar notes, so simple yet so effective.

Great solo, I do pprefer this over the dani California one, I think it should be much higher the 74

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105Jesus of Suburbia - Billie Joe Armstrong

It is one of the best solos Green Day has done ever - idolangelx13

106We Will Rock You - Brian May
107Stream of Consciousness - John Petrucci

the solo in this is insane and the song itself is amazing... an incredible instrumental on the album train of thought by the technically amazing Dream Theater... in this solo John Petrucci shreds with great technicality and even does a little sweeping to add some extra flavor to the fast shredding solo - dddddoug

108Seize the Day - Synyster Gates

This solo might not be the fastest but it is still amazing and the most emotional solos I have ever heard.

Amazing solo makes me so happy. Not the fastest but it sounds amazing, maybe my first love.

109Domination - Dimebag Darrel

the hardest guitar solo anyone could ever try to atttempt to play

1102 Minutes To Midnight - Adrian Smith/Dave Murray
111Psycho - Daron Malakian

A sultry solo at the end of an energetic song. I still don't get why Lonely Day isn't on the list. The melancholic solo will definitely make you cry.

A fantastic solo that's even better live!

The best solo guitarist in the world

112The Unforgiven III - Kirk Hammett

The buildup is pristine, and boy does it ever deliver.

113For The Love of God - Steve Vai

How underrated! Steve Vai is like one of the gods of the guitar!

114Life's Like a River - Ulrich Roth

His guitar playing is so amazing..

115Blackened - Kirk Hammett

undeniable metallica's best solo, the first part is the best though - Psykosauron

116Jump in the Fire - Kirk Hammett

Amazing solo, but dave mustaine played this one in the studio, not kirk

The fastest paced and most intense solo to have a great flow to it.

117Nothing Else Matters - James HetfieldV1 Comment
118Green Grass and High Tides - Henry Paul, Billy Jones and Hughie Thomasson
119Bed of Razors - Alexi Laiho
120Under a Glass Moon - John Petrucci

Anyone who actually takes the time to listen to it will realize it's better than the other 48 entries. It's just obvious.

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