Greatest Guitar Solos of Rock and Metal

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121Don't Cry - Slash
122Paradise City - Slash
123XXX For You - Ichirou Cipher Takigawa (D'erlanger)
124A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation- Corey Beaulieu/Matt Heafy

Aww come on. No one likes Trivium around here. Listen to it, its epic.

! Come on that is the best solos ever I've never seen because it's like a dream.

125Everytime I Die - Alexi Laiho

107? Seriously?!?! Even if the solo isn't as difficult as afterlife, but the tone of this solo suits the song thoroughly! The feeling, the bends, the tremolo work is just too awesome in the entire song! Should be in the top 10 at least

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126Surfing With The Alien - Joe Satriani
127Three Days - Dave Navarro

Stairway to heaven of the 90's... Without the overplay or recognition

Dave Navarro is the guitarist, but the band is Jane's Addiction, dumbass.

128Third Eye - Adam Jones

I have never heard anybody play guitar like Adam does in this song...the entire song is a guitar solo with other instruments aranged around it.

129Blue Sky - Duane Allman/Dicky Betts
130Hour I - Matthias Jabs

Very nice solo that maybe soumds nusual. But i think it's great!

131Purple Rain - Prince

True perfection, nonetheless incredibly underarrated solo.
You have to vote for this one if you think EMOTION comes first when raking solos.

Listen to it again, and trully vote for the solos that gives you

132Pieces - Ken Kitamura
133Road To Nowhere - Zakk Wylde

You really should listen to this one.. very emotional and technical solo, from the ozzy's 1991 'No more tears' album

134Bulls on Parade - Tom Morello
135Hells Bells - Angus Young
136Star Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix

Never gets any better. This solo deserves #1 on the list and almost all can agree to that, even those who voted Eruption by Eddie Van Halen. Totally Awesome.

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137Know Your Enemy - Tom Morello
138Them Bones - Jerry Cantrell

If more people listen to this solo, then it would definitely be at least top 50

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139Jerry Was a Race Driver - Larry Ler Lalonde
140Whipping Post - Duane Allman
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