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281Over and Over - Carlos Santana
282Coming Home - Synyster Gates

Plain Genius, Just Out of the World Best Solo ever!

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283Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Very emo and but it makes you want to dance

284Alone - Michael Paget
285Bitter Taste - Barry Stock
286Born to Be My Baby - Richie Sambora
287You Give Love a Bad Name - Richie Sambora
288Technical Difficulties - Paul Gilbert

This is the best solo by far it has pure shred to nice vibrato bends if anyone listens to this your mind will be forever influenced.

289Lucretia - Marty Friedman

One of the most complex and epic solos of all time. Really exotic

290Don't You Lie to Me - Albert King

Where are all the great blues pickers

291Man In the Box - Jerry Cantrell

Amazing work by Jerry

292War - Brad Delson

One solid hell of a solo! Supereb use of the wah effect! Finally Brad got a chance to prove himself!

293A Line In the Sand - Brad Delson
294'74-'75 - Mike Connell
295Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
296Rainbow In the Dark- Vivian Campbell
297Smooth - Santana
298Hail to the King - Synyster Gates

For a great song, it seems pretty low on the list

299Fat Old Sun - David Gilmour

I think this is Gilmour's second Magnum Opus after, or maybe along with, Comfortably Numb, and for that matter, Sheep. Fat Old Sun soars and this solo is as intricate, emotive, and crisp as any Commander Gilmour ever did after 1970, the year Atom Heart Mother came out.

300My Sharona - The Knack

Did everyone just forget them or something?

I didn't know this son even had a solo

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