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141Dani California - John FruscianteV1 Comment
142You Shook Me All Night Long - Angus Young

A fast, but with soul and style played, bluesy solo

Love this solo so much! Should be WAY higher!

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143Keep The Faith - Richie Sambora

very underrated solo!
the whole song with the tremolo parts is really difficult - richie4life

144Lay Your Hands On Me - Richie Sambora
145Born to Lose - Michael Schenker

Slow beautiful Song, Schenker adds another perfect solo. -

146While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Prince

Prince's guitar solo is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Truly magnificent.

147Alive - Mike McCready

This might not be the fastest, flashiest solo out there, but damn McCready plays this solo like a true master. This guy can seriously shred a guitar, but he stays calm and collected to bring a high energy and just all round amazing solo that fits perfectly with the song.

2 minutes of some of the best guitar lines ever played

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148Brothers In Arms - Mark Knopfler

I've listened to all sorts of guitar music, and this should be ranked number one in my opinion. There is just so much heart, soul, and feeling put into the composition of the guitar solo. It's just so tasteful. But perhaps as someone said of Knopfler's playing on this song, calling it a "solo" demeans the quality of the guitar writing and playing, and it blends so subtly into the song.

For me this is the best guitar song ever (above 'Sultans of Swing' and 'Hotel California' - though the live acoustic version on the 'Hell Feezes Over' disc is beautifully played by Felder and Walsh).

Brings tears to my eyes every time

Really really great should be in the top ten

Really really great, should be in the top ten

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149Wet Sand - John Frusciante

There's no better solo that I've ever heard! He plays the guitar in this solo as though he's dying, and may never play again. John Frusciante=God

The emotions that Frusciante puts in that solo, it's just incredible. I wouldn't know why you shouldn't vote for a solo like this.

This is a really under rated song! I urge everyone to listen to it once!
You'll be stunned to see how someone can express so much emotions just through a guitar solo! I'm sure everyone will change their mind after listning to this song
Every time I listen this song it sends shivers down my spine!
Amazing solo

150Jerry Was a Race Car Driver - Larry Lalonde

Great solo-LaLonde plays the heck out of his guitar

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151Killer Queen - Brian May
152Black Sabbath - Tony Iommi
153The Four Horsemen - Kirk Hammett
154Don't Fear The Reaper - Donald Buck Dharma Roeser

While in my opinion not the best guitar solo that Buck has ever done, it does capture how melodic and beautiful his work is. For other examples (and there are many) of this great guitarist work, try to check out Dominance and Submission, Astronomy, The Vigil and Bucks Boogie just to name a few on top of my head.

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155I'd Love To Change The World - Joe Gooch
156Bat Country - Synyster Gates

I prefer many other solos but this is really underrated

This should not be as low as it is. Syn is awesome

Why so low? Just because they aren't old doesn't mean A7X can't compare or easily beat most old bands. come on, people! Grow some ears and listen to bat country! You won't regret it.

Amazing solo! - Jado1234

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157Invincible - Matt BellamyV1 Comment
158Hysteria - Steve Clark, Phil Collen

This entire record is full of amazing solos. Animal, Love And Affection, etc...

159Raining Blood - SlayerV1 Comment
160Walk All Over You - Angus YoungV2 Comments
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