Greatest Hard Rock Songs

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The Top Ten

Back In Black - AC/DC
ACDC are the gods of music Angus Young the god of guitar Brian johnsen god of singing Phil Rudd god of drums Cliff god of bass and Malcom god of writing music they are the greatest musicians! ROCK ON ACDC!
Back In Black is just one of those songs that makes you bang your head
this song is pure hard rock!!


Back in Black for the win! Best rock song ever and probably my favourite AC/DC song. I love pretty much everything from AC/DC, but Back in Black is just kick ass :D! Amazing instrumental and great singing! I love listening to this song!
[Newest]The vocals in this song are just madness. It sounds like The Devil himself is belting out hard rocking' awesomeness. This is easily the best hard rock song of all time and one of the best songs of all time.

2Livin' On Prayer
Little bit good song... They made some good tunes which developed them
It's like a national anthem... Most of the people in the world know the lyrics...
This is the epitome of great American rock songs. It has stood the test of time and will always rock. A true classic.


[Newest]Great song... None of the other songs are "hard" rock

3Sweet Child O' Mine
This is just the song that made me fall in love for rock music.. Beautiful lyrics, incredible sound and killer solo makes it a major masterpiece in the history of hard rock.
SCOM RULEZZ, once of the best hard rock songs, with powerful Slash Riff, and sing Axl.
Is probably my favorite song of all time, actually now I hate it because when I first herd it, I listened to it so much that I sick of it now, still the most epic song, especially with that guitar solo and intro
[Newest]IT is SO much better than livin on a prayer and back in black

4Fade To Black
This song is one of the greatest ever song of METALLICA!
the lyrics are just awesome. And the guitar solo is the best that I've ever heard nothing can beat this!
how do these guys create such music?
Every thing in the song is awesome, the lyrics the guitar, the F GUITAR SOLO, how did bon jovi beat that
Metallica defines hard rock and metal... This song, master of puppets and enter, how do they make such music? Kirk Hammett especially rocks with that guitar shredding! Rock on Metallica!
[Newest]For me it's the the best slow made any of the hard rock band, and the best ever rock band, what a great song

5Bohemian Rhapsody
This isn't hard rock! It's soft rock mixed with opera.


bohemian rhapsody! wow this song is very cool! everytime I hear this song it feels like I'm floating in the air.. queen really rocks!
This is the living epitome of hard rock and desrves to be higher on this list. It is a perfect blend of many musical elements and it is very inspiring.
[Newest]Galileo, Galileo let me go.

6Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses
This song is an essention of hard rock.
Top of this list is bad...
Back in Black - ok.
Bohemian Rapsody ISN'T HARD ROCK... I love queen
But it doesn't deserve this place.
Sweet Child O mine - ok, but
Stairway to heaven... I don't think that this is hard rock.
It's more likely rock ballad
Next three are ok but Iron Man IS DOOM METAL SONG... And this
Is a list of best hard rock - not metal songs.
For Whom the bell tolls - the same... Metallica is a Thrash Metal
Band... Only few of they're songs are hard rock... For Whom The Bell
Tolls doesn't count to them. Whole Lotta Love is ok but Fade to Black
Is another Thrash metal song. It's a ballad but not a hard rock.
We Are The Champions isn't Hard Rock song... It hasn't even a guitar solo!
That was enough about songs... Above the Welcome to The Jungle...
That's why I think this must be in first three.
I can't believe I'm not voting for a Disturbed song, but this song KICKS ASS. It's not my favorite song, but my favorite song isn't on this list high enough to really count (read: it's not on the first page and I didn't bother to go to page two), and this song deserves more credit than it has. So I'm gonna go ahead and vote for it.
Welcome to the jungle should definitely be number 1 but a lot of these aren't even hard rock. Personally I prefer Fade to black to this as I am a huge Metallica fan, but Metallica are Heavy metal, not hard rock. Top 5 should be:
Welcome to the jungle
Back in black (ACDC)
Stairway to heaven (Led Zeppelin)
Even flow (Pearl Jam)
And Smoke on the water (Deep purple)
I know Pearl jam are classed as a Grunge band but they sound a lot more like a hard rock band, I'm pretty sure many others would agree
[Newest]This song should hit at # 1 on the list

7Stairway to Heaven
Can't explain this legendary song in words. Ledzepplin rocks to the core m/
Just an amazing song - brings a tear into my eye every sin
Both hard rock and an anthem at the same time.
Song builds to a climax beautifully.
[Newest]This is the best song, and she's buying a stairway to heaven..

8Smells Like Teen Spirit
It is the best song I have ever heard man
I love NIRVANA... Kurt rocks.. This is just the song that made me fall in love for rock music.. Beautiful lyrics, incredible sound and killer solo makes it a major masterpiece in the history of hard rock.
Dude it is Grunge.. Not Hard Rock
It's GRUNGE but why on hard rock list duhh! - RESPECT

9Second Heartbeat - Avenged Sevenfold
This is one of the best songs by Avenged Sevenfold! The solo by Gates is just amazing, and of course the lyrics... And the chorus!
... This is just awesome...
It's one of the best song of avenged sevenfold indeed... ! Ii mean the song is amazing! The aggressive punk rock feel with the screaming and the rhythm and the SOLO! Damn that's a solo!
Well, This is not Hard Rock...
This is a metalcore song...
[Newest]This isn't hard rock its metalcore but its great!


10Iron Man
Seriously this song or Paranoid should be number 1. Agreed Livin' on a prayer is a good song but definitely not a hard rock song.
Very good song to hear, best of Black Sabbath according to me? Why is Second Heartbeat of Avenged Sevenfold above this? That's beyond hard rock, people, it's heavy metal!
This song just epitomizes Black Sabbath... They're the true gods of metal... Amazing solo and riffs
[Newest]Every time you listen you found it awesome

The Contenders

11Born To Be Wild
If there is a more iconic song, I don't know it. Right from the simple but sexy guitar to <everybody stops>... "Born to be wailed" line, this song screams Rock and Roll Rules
Wild song I tell ya
The song belongs to Steppenwolf, not Metallica idiot ass

12Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
No. You mean to "all my love", this is where he like... Ahh, I can't explain, nobody can't, listen to it and you will understand, enjoy!
Is this the one where he's like "All of my love. All our love, for you now"?
Why is this so low? This is Led Zeppelin at their best!

13Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin

14Enter Sandman
Hey! This song is a heavy metal, not rock
Seriously? 18th? Are you kidding me? This song should be in top 5. Amazing music.. Haven't you people heard the live version from 1991 monsters of rock?

15Smoke On The Water
This should be at no. 1. It's such a great song. Nice vocals, a world famous guitar riff, and a true story written in the lyrics. This is true hard rock. I honestly do not know why such useless songs from other genres are much higher in this list.
How is this only at 63?! I thought it would be in the top 10, or even at number 1!

16For Whom the Bell Tolls
An awesome song worth replaying aain and again!

the absolutely mind blowing intro riff and the rest of the song makes you head-bang for ten minutes after you listened to it
How is this song not even in the top 5, angus young guitar solo is amazing
This is #1 people!. with Angus Young's Guitar solos!

18How You Remind Me
This thing is just ULTIMATE... I simply CANNOT get enough of this song... It's ADDICTING! LEGENDARY stuff... Enough said!
How you remind me is an amazing song. Chad can sing anything and it will still have meaning to it.
Best song every... You can never get too much of this song... Chad's voice is the very soul of hard rock

19Detroit Rock City - KISS

20November Rain - Guns N Roses
21! Can't believe my eyes I searched it just to see this song in top ten. Its an aammmazing song axl on piano with soulfull vocal and slash's guitar... I can't express my fellings for the song. You can say this song is my turning point in piano and singing carrie just love this song. The is also very beautifull with a preety bride and handsome groom...

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