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How is this not number 1? I mean this has tons of players and you can build whatever you want, try to survive, and this is just the best game EVER! This should be number 1!?!?

This thing is a little too popular. Only a little though. Remember Minecraft is all about building everything amazing and playing even more!

Endless possibilities. No game even comes close!

Internet game? - ABBCC

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2Team Fortress 2

To fun with epic combat and funny characters whats better than that?

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3Happy Wheels

Awesome game hundreds of new levels every day one of the best games ever

Hilarious, but the gore is so realistic to!

Minecrap whoops sorry Minecraft is like I am great because I can build a block and knock it down I did look at me I love this game bla bla like it's a copy of ROBLOX. HAPPY WHEELS IS SO DIFFERENT YOU CAN NOT THINK OF A GAME LIKE HAPPY WHEELS MINECRAP IS SO BAD IT TOOK NOTCH LIKE 22 YEARS TO MAKE IT

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5G- Mod

This should be number 1 you will never get tired of this game get tired of vanilla get mods get tired of mods you can play the other 100 gamemodes like t, prophunt and murder how is Minecraft and team fortress 2 so high they are the most overrated games ever made

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7World Of Warcraft

WOW is way better! Why isn't this number 1? Runescape... Oh RS, I used to love it. I used to love being a member. I was happy.

Then I met WOW. Now, WOW is amazing. It's better; mounts, races, classes, swearing is fun, plus you don't get banned if you say the eff word, oh, and mounts! Yeah, I know. I already said it. But did I say FLYING mounts. I'm sorry RS, but when WOW came, everyone went R.I.P WOW. Just because it's better.

Some more stuff about wow... PvP, Dungeons, Guilds, Raids, oh, you don't need runes for magic!

And lots of other stuff!

wtf WoW is jsut like runescape but 500x better heres a list why: mounts! variety character customization, races, better graphics, you can swear, you can have bigger map, and WAY more armor and wepons to choose from and WAY funner

This should be number one, because Runescape sucks. WoW is like the better version of RS. - jprg12

8Moshi Monsters

I'm not really into 6 year old stuffs when I'm older. Club Penguin was my childhood but now it's ruined - bugger

9Monkey Quest
10Interactive Buddy

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11The Impossible Quiz

It's impossible that this isn't at the #1 spot

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12Surgeon Simulator
13Guild Wars

I think guild wars is the best because you can explore many thing on it. - solomonshae

14Counter-Strike: Source
15Grand Theft Auto Online

It's fun but really annoying for many reasons - Chaotixhero

16Diablo 2
17Second Life

I love secondlife, I play SL every day, anybody wanna play? username is DEADPOOL ROXYANN

18Adventure Quest
19Bloons Tower Defense 5

Nice freakout for this bloons td game!

This game craps all over the first 4.

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20Neverwinter Nights - Demo Lair
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1. Happy Wheels
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