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1Dumb And Dumber

I seen this movie what a movie I love and till end its so nice and fun movie I laugh so much its a great movie I love jim carry movies he is so good...

I have seen more funny people but I haven't seen the funny like Jim Carrey because whenever I just look at the face of Jim Carrey I start laughing. and this movie made me laugh from the starting to the end. and now also when I remind the scene of this movie it makes me laugh. Jim Carrie is the King of the comedy.

Really! Best Jim Carrey movie. Every time I watch this movie, I can't stop laughing.
The most Epic movie ever watched.

I liked so much

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2Liar Liar

it's one of the best movie I love it!

The most Epic movie ever watched!
I was laughing like hell, And its one of the best movie of mine, jim carrey your just awesome and best actor amongst all of them!

Jim carry's acting is awesome..
He makes to laugh too much...
His awesome expressions that he delivers...

Its his best one!

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3Bruce Almighty

It's great! This is really a b-e-a-utyful movie I've seen.

This movie is one of his best I also liked dumb and dumber, liar liar, ace ventura series and the mask

Well here it is worlds #1 movie. Great to see it here. Hopefully it can get to the top. Dumb & Dumber rubbish should be lower. I am sure that it can go.

And another perfect day to forgive Bruce!

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4The Truman Show

Amazing mind behind the script! And abt jim carrey, I don't think I need to say anything! Lovely! A treat to watch..

in my opinion, with "23", his greatest movie - mariangella

this is a best jim carrys film I love it its one of my fav films - SoaD

Best Film ever made

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5Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Jim carrey is fabulous, I think no one can act like him and I want his movie also release in India and I m sure it will make grand opening

that's the funniest movie of jim carrey. every time I watch it it makes me laugh. when I saw it with my friends we had been laughing for an hour

Most comedy movie in the world... Jim carrey is the best ever as always.. He makes us laugh very much through his acting and expression..

Love this movie so much and love him too

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6The Mask

no one can just act like jim
he is real super hero

Influenced me to do comedy. This film blew my 4 year old mind all those years ago

Great expressions, real new style of comedy angle

I love this movie I think it is really funny I showed my best friend the movie the mask and we all fell off the couch laughing it was super funny

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7Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

This performance is comparable with any of Charlie Chaplin's performances. - Shynash21

The better of the two Ace Ventura films by far!
Such great skill showed by carrey, hilarious opening scene to add :')

Such a hilarious and original role. Could only be played by Jim Carey. He is the best physicaly comic actor.

Definitely my favorite Carrey movie!

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8Yes Man

It is an awesome movie had seen 13 times yet. It is really good. I love his works which he is doing by making people laugh.
I had seen the following movies by now
Liar liar
Bruce almighty
Yes man
Ace ventura pet detective
Dumb and dumber
The mask
"must watch the above movies all are awesome. "

Best comedy ever watched... Love you jim... Keep it up. I couldn't just stop laughing this movie is full of comedy and the touch of love story has made it exceptional... TOO GOOD

This movie should earn at least 10 awards because this movie makes me laugh 70 times a day and the song just makes me cry. It is just so god! IT, S JUST AWESOME!

Jump off a building? Yes! Go skating? Yes! Is this movie the best? YES!

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9Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

My favorite movie of all time! Why this isn't No. 1 I don't know. - InsertNameHere

This is by far the best movie of Jim Carrey! My personal favorite of all times!

this would have been taken the first place.
an awesome movie giving many solutions & compromises to love

Not only one of jim carey's best movies, but one of the best movies of all time

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10The Cable Guy

Jim I'm your gretest fun and you are the best in all your movies especially the cable guy and I love you phillip morris such an inspiration at all time, and I wish like you could make another movie or standup comedy. cz I haven't seen you in it at all.

One of my favorite movies of all time, I can quote this movie almost in its entirety. It is INCREDIBLY underrated. It's a shame that people were so off-put by his darker role in this movie. I literally cry with laughter every time the Medieval Times part comes on. Chip Douglas/Ernie Douglas/Larry Tate/Whatever the Cable Guy's Name Is is one of my favorite characters in any comedy movie. I really wish more people saw this movie and appreciated it. It's JIm Carrey's black sheep for sure but just an amazingly funny movie. Oh not to mention, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and a few other well-known actors made cameros in it, plus it was written and directed by Ben Stiller.

This was is and always will be my favorite movie of all time. Jim's character Ricky Ricardo ( last name he used) was genius. I saw this for the first time when I was three and it changed me forever. Thank you Jim you were a big part of my Childhood. I just wish I was not born in 1999 so could have seen this on the big screen.

This is the one I've seen the most. And it's my second favorite, after the Truman show. But this one still deserves recognition.

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11Me, Myself & Irene

Raunchy, absolute hilarity from beginning to end. Only Jim could've pulled this off with "watch it over and over" syndrome.

The best Jim Carrey film I have ever seen can't stop watching it... Jim Carrey you indeed are the best actor I know

Watch it and you'll enjoy!
One of the best movies I've ever watched!
One of the best Jim Carry's movie!

I accidentally voted for this. - RalphBob

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12Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch ROCKS!

I don't get why people hate the sequels to the son of Mask and Evan Almighty just because Jim Carrey's not in it, even though they know it's not the same character. Because I love those movies and I've never seen the originals.

The hilarious body language of jim carrey as the Gringe is unbelievable. For those who have'nt seen the film should watch it. To be swept away by the comic performance by jim carrey

Best I watch it even not on Christmas

Best movie I have ever seen

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13Batman Forever

They should make a dark night movie with the riddler and penguin

14Man on the Moon

As a big fan of Andy Kaufman, I think this movie is great and Jim Carrey's portrayal perfectly captures the essence of the story! - Billyv

Perhaps, his best dramatic role.

Jim was just outstanding in his role as Andy Kaufman

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15I Love You Philip Morris

This is not only a showing of how hilarious the beloved actor Jim Carrey is, but is also a great way to show how great of an actor he is overall. This movie shows Jim jumping back and forth between serious and funny, all in the same role! It's these types of movies that make me happy that I grew up on Jim Carrey films. - izzychavez

What a great film. Made me laugh made me cry. I would recommend this film to anybody with time on their hands.

16The Number 23

Great thiller! Carrey is funny without even trying to be. worth a watch

Best thriller movie I've ever watched.. jim carry hats off best actor in thi world.. I loved your role as detective in novel.

I love this movie, I can watch it at least once a month - westofohio

See jim carey as a different person

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17The Sex and Violence Family Hour
18The Majestic

Jim is top of the list when it comes to comedy, but my favorite is The Majestic. His performance before the McCarthy panel was one of the most moving performances I've ever witness.

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19Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Face it. With Meryl Streep, he was the only worthy actor of that movie. Who could have been so much better. - ohright

I love this movie! Jim did very amazing at Count Olaf! In my opinion, no other actor could be better!

I love this movie I read all 13 books too!

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20Dumb and Dumber To

Come on.. He has great/funny parts in this movie

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