Greatest Jimi Hendrix Songs

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The Top Ten

All Along the Watchtower
Unquestionably the best Hendrx song! This song could also easily find it's way on a top 20, best songs ever.
The best guitar solo of Jimi Hendrix
This Made Great history for all hard rock


[Newest]This was actually a cover version of the 1967 "All along the watchtower". But this song is better than the original in my opinion but still. without the original this song wont exist

2Voodoo Child
Voodoo Child has the meanest intro in the world. No one else has ever come up with something so cool and creative. Granted there have been some really cool songs, but nothing is as mind boggling as listening for the first time to a recording of Hendrix playing Voodoo Child, whether it's the original, or any other live version.
One of the most historical solos and in my opinion is the best of Jimi's songs.


Above all other work that the magic of the Experience put out, never had there been a song to shake the scene of not only psychedelic music, but the Rock foundation in general. Honestly, "Watchtower" is as good as it gets, but something about "Voodoo Child" just speaks, and speaks damn loud.

One of Hendrix's most biting riffs, and the solo is legendary, almost impeccable. I do believe this should top this list.

3Purple Haze
INCREDIBLE song and the guitar playing is insane and the lyrics are cool, and I don't know how it's not number 1, I have to admit I love all Jimi Hendrix songs but this should be 100% number 1.
It's a very hard, electric, acid, psychedelic riff, and the lyrics is way very psychedelic, but the best part is all the song. All Hendrix songs have too much quality,
I can listen 2 this song anytime, anyday and for any length of time and still can't be bored! Its simply awesome!
[Newest]This is pure gold! Everything is great. Just perfection. All Along the Watch Tower is fantastic too.

4Little Wing
Beautiful song writing and guitar playing. Beautiful guitar solo at beginning. All Along the Watchtower is also excellent.


The Mastery of Song is in the endless interpretation of the lyric. The Composition the Key Can cross all genre making it even more beautiful to play with any instrument or style
This song should be number one for its guitar work. It highlights much of Jimi's style with chordal hammer ons, pull offs and slides. The haunting melody and words are magical and deserve a good listen. Sharing this song with younger players might inspire them.
[Newest]Awesome song. Beautiful intro and the solo.

5Hey Joe
classic! jimi is the greatest of all time hands down
Hey TheTopTens, why isn't this song number 1? Seriously a classic that cannot be ignored! Awesome sound, Jimi makes it sound like he's playing an original song. (it's a cover song)
Jimi Hendrix is the best! Enough said. Hey Joe has so much pation thrown into this marvalous song that you can't even rate it according to normal bystanders
[Newest]Loved all his songs

6The Wind Cries Mary
To me this song means so much, it makes me think about life and how short jimi's was. The solo is very powerful
This should be in the top 5 man made me cry, not as close as along the watchtower though

This song is so awesome. The guitar, the vocals, the bass, and the Power Drums!


8Crosstown Traffic
Should be a lot higher


9Foxy Lady
This song is off Wayne's World, the movie's awesome but not as awesome as this song. I don't mean awesome, I mean AWESOME!
omg every time i hear this song i think of that scene in wayne's world with garth and that hot chick
When my big bro and I first heard this song, we started dancing like Garth and we looked like idiots. My favourite song, and the second is...hmm All along the watchtower

10Castles Made of Sand
It deserves to be at least 5th


Castles made of sand is one of the deepest and most musically inclined of Hendrix's repertoire. It definitely deserves a place at 5 at least.
Underrated song! Really really great song

The Contenders

11Bold As Love
No doubt, best song, not only jimi's, we are talking about the best song ever, the best part is the end, for me is the expression of psychedelia, a disorted guitar that screams " they all bold as love". The lyrics are perfect too, he talks About colours and finishes the speech saying " a rainbow like you" in this song, we can appreciate jimi is not a just the best guitarist ( no slash or others, jimi is the best guitarist, we all agree right? ), we can see jimi as very good lyric creator, we can even say he is a poet, it's very difficult to make a top of jimi, but because of this song and many other ( not just the songs that appear here ) for these songs and others ( for ex valleys of Neptune, castles made of sand, if 6 was 9 or slow version) WE CAN SAY JIMI HENDRIX IS THE BEST MUSICIAN OF HISTORY, at least for me
I never heard anything better than this. The rhythm is the best piece of music ever made, the Intro and the way he plays the song. Hendrix is the best composer ever.
Great intro, great solo, jimi hendrix stuff.
Awesome song!
It at least deserves to be in top ten.
Rely cool song.
[Newest]One of my favourite songs... Awesome rhythm and awesome solo..

12Red House
The first song of hendrix I listened to and GOD that was good! And lyrics are kinda funny!
You gotta vote 4 it!
My favourite song of all time.
Love the music and the lyrics too
[Newest]That's where my baby stay...

13Manic Depression
Great opening followed by a great solo which in my opinion is one of Hendrix's greatest guitar solos, a true masterpiece on the guitar.

141983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)
One of the best psychedelic songs of all time
Very awesome song, why this is not in top ten?

15Are You Experienced?
Not neccesarily stoned, but beautiful!


The only song, which definitely needs no drugs to get high.

16If 6 was 9

17Machine Gun
The way that he was able to simulate war noise with just the guitar and the use of the other guys instruments is just incredible. I honestly have a feeling some people need to listen to this again, it is excellent musically and a great anti-war song
He is a blues guitarist and this cries out the blues. Yeah the psychedelic and popular stuff is cool but this is by far his best work feeling wise and meaning wise.


Good god why is this number number 1 its 13 minutes of awesomeness, and that guitar solo, its like nothing before it and its still unbeaten to this day.
[Newest]One of my favorites, simply beautiful. Not the best jimi Hendrix song but it deserves to be highest on this list.

18Spanish Castle Magic
This song is sick! A Top Ten for sure!

This song is so beautiful because it doesn't show off Hendrix's flashiness with the guitar, but instead shows it through his lyrics. Mitch Mitchell's intense drumming style and Noel Redding's bass licks give this song the emotional boost it needs for me to consider it Hendrix's best song.


One of the most beautiful songs you will hear. No more needed to be said

20Night Bird Flying

21Highway Chile

22Voodoo Chile
This track is so powerful, probably the most powerful Jimi Hendrix song because he says, "Cause I'm a million miles away and at the same time I'm right here in your picture frame, " and other stuff like this. Plus it sort of shows you what voodoo is like. They say that loud drumming is supposed to bring back spirits and this song has really loud drumming and a pretty complex drum solo. This would have to be his best, everything is great here, instruments and lyrics.
Sometimes you can see how skilled a musician is not by what they pour out of them, but by what they hold back. How he lingers over every note, the intensity of the drums, the poetic lyrics... He's laying it all out on the table for us. THIS is Jimi.
I have no idea how this is not in top 5.
A studio jam which takes us through a trip of psychedelic blues.
Vintage Hendrix!

23Stone Free
How is this not in the top ten I can't get enough of this song it's one of the stand outs from the album!


25Third Stone From the Sun
Are you kidding me? He's literally doing some magic tricks with his guitar in this song. I close my eyes and enjoy the view from up there.
One of the greatest space rock songs to ever come from a guitar point of view. He literally takes you on an adventure with his song.

26Like a Rolling Stone

27Up From the Skies

28Star Spangled Banner
Who knew that a hippie could be so patriotic?


29Pali Gap
Pali Gap have to be in the top ten for sure. If you haven't heard it do yourself a favour and play it LOUD
Should be number 4 or 5
My favourite Jimi Hendrix song, it's just amazing.
Make me feel so peacefulness.

30Can you See Me?

31May This Be Love


33Let Me Go

34Valleys of Neptune

35Burning of the Midnight Lamp
Instrumental but the guitar is godlike

36One Rainy Wish
Beautiful song and lyrics, don't know why it's so far down

37Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
Hey Baby and Pali Gap have to be in the top ten fir sure, Pali Gap in particular is very hard to find. Only came out on the Rainbow Bridge Album didn't even make it into the 4 cd bix set. If you haven't heard it do yourself a favour and play it LOUD

38Come On

39Ezy Ryder

40Catfish Blues
If you like blues you will like this song. Amazing drum solo.


42Dolly Dagger

43Love or Confusion

44Villanova Junction Blues
I don't understand why this isn't higher in the list

This should be way way up there

46Killing Floor

47Earth Blues
Are you serious?!?! This is ONE OF MY FAVORITES by Jimi! What kinda list is this?!

48Hear My Train a Comin'
I have little respect for this list until this song recives a higer position. Jimmi showcases his phenominal talent in this song. He releeses it both acoustic and electric. Both are mezmerizing and flawless. He fill it with the waa pedeal and has beutiful licks and runs. One of his fineest

4951st Anniversary


51In From the Storm
Can't believe its down here.. This song is so cool & awesome. More people should listen to & vote this..

52Message to Love
Who else can play in 3D? Very, very, powerful!

53Drifter's Escape

54Gypsy Eyes
Good hendrix song! Not my favorite but saw it wasn't on the list so had to add it

55Trash Man

56Moon, Turn the Tides... Gently, Gently Away
This song is amazing. One of my favorites

57Once I Had a Woman

58Wild Thing
I like this version better than the original


59Sunshine of Your Love
funny to jam too. fast and fun.


60House Burning Down

61Long Hot Summer Night

62Lover Man

63Wait Until Tomorrow

64Stepping Stone

65Peace In Mississippi
Best instrumental ever made. Ever

66Room Full of Mirrors

67Straight Ahead

68Suddenly November Morning

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