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21 Up from the Skies Up from the Skies
22 Stone Free Stone Free

How is this not in the top ten I can't get enough of this song it's one of the stand outs from the album!

23 Gloria Gloria
24 Freedom Freedom
25 Voodoo Chile Blues Voodoo Chile Blues

This track is so powerful, probably the most powerful Jimi Hendrix song because he says, "Cause I'm a million miles away and at the same time I'm right here in your picture frame, " and other stuff like this. Plus it sort of shows you what voodoo is like. They say that loud drumming is supposed to bring back spirits and this song has really loud drumming and a pretty complex drum solo. This would have to be his best, everything is great here, instruments and lyrics.

Sometimes you can see how skilled a musician is not by what they pour out of them, but by what they hold back. How he lingers over every note, the intensity of the drums, the poetic lyrics... He's laying it all out on the table for us. THIS is Jimi.

I have no idea how this is not in top 5.
A studio jam which takes us through a trip of psychedelic blues.
Vintage Hendrix!

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26 Third Stone From the Sun Third Stone From the Sun

Are you kidding me? He's literally doing some magic tricks with his guitar in this song. I close my eyes and enjoy the view from up there.

One of the greatest space rock songs to ever come from a guitar point of view. He literally takes you on an adventure with his song.

27 Highway Chile Highway Chile
28 Valleys of Neptune Valleys of Neptune V 1 Comment
29 Burning of the Midnight Lamp Burning of the Midnight Lamp

Instrumental but the guitar is godlike -

30 Hear My Train a Comin' Hear My Train a Comin'

I have little respect for this list until this song recives a higer position. Jimmi showcases his phenominal talent in this song. He releeses it both acoustic and electric. Both are mezmerizing and flawless. He fill it with the waa pedeal and has beutiful licks and runs. One of his fineest

31 Star Spangled Banner Star Spangled Banner

This is not only one of the most iconic Hendrix performances, but it was also delivered one of the most important messages our country needed to hear. By intermittently interrupting the national anthem with simulated sounds of gunfire and women screaming, he told the country that no matter the war or turmoil we face our country will still overcome it because in the past we have done the same thing numerous times. It is truly powerful, and it doesn't even contain any lyrics. I consider this one of the greatest musical achievements of the 1960s, and for a very good reason.

Definitely the greatest moment of the 60's, maybe even the century. - Doom

Who knew that a hippie could be so patriotic? - blakebouwman

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32 Like a Rolling Stone Like a Rolling Stone
33 Pali Gap Pali Gap

Pali Gap have to be in the top ten for sure. If you haven't heard it do yourself a favour and play it LOUD

My favourite Jimi Hendrix song, it's just amazing.
Make me feel so peacefulness.

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34 One Rainy Wish One Rainy Wish

Beautiful song and lyrics, don't know why it's so far down

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35 Let Me Go
36 Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)

My opinion exactly you would have thought it would have come out somwhere else a true master at work on this track. If you haven't heard it you are missing out bad

Hey Baby and Pali Gap have to be in the top ten fir sure, Pali Gap in particular is very hard to find. Only came out on the Rainbow Bridge Album didn't even make it into the 4 cd bix set. If you haven't heard it do yourself a favour and play it LOUD

37 Wild Thing Wild Thing

I like this version better than the original - blakebouwman

38 Sunshine of Your Love Sunshine of Your Love V 1 Comment
39 Can you See Me? Can you See Me?

Awesome song! His guitar solo is absolutely superb, as usual! He was, is, and will always be the best guitar player ever!

40 Remember Remember
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