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21 After the Fall After the Fall

One of my favorites also, if not favorite Journey song. It belongs in the top 5, beautiful melody with powerful harmonies, soulful: the song has everything. It's one of those rare songs that puts me in a place, something deeply resonant about it. I actually don't care for the syrupy, mawkish, slow ballads, but this less boisterous and more subtle song is a real gem.

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22 Keep On Runnin' Keep On Runnin'
23 Escape Escape

Escape not even in the top 20? That's criminal! It's one of the more creative and powerful, musically complex in a great way, rock songs ever, filled with a youthful, optimistic energy and joy at taking on life, head-on. The song has everything, and it's not another stupid rock song about sex.

This song gets you pumped. Once you hear the first 2 seconds

Journey is probably the most loved band of all time. They are so professional. Love the pounding of the keyboards on this song. It takes me higher. Should be in the top ten.

The end is like a firework finale

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24 Moon Theme
25 Winds of March Winds of March
26 Chain Reaction Chain Reaction

Really like Chain Reaction, also, and think it's too far down on the list. It's hard driving and unusual, in the "love gone south" vein of songs, that lyric, "Love's a viper, steals your soul" a deep expression of negative aspects of what a relationship not going right can do to a person, which the emptiness of the "What now? " sort of theme expresses. It's a sophisticated view, for a thinking, adult person, and the music a perfect match. Whatever people say, complaining of Journey being, as if, a corporate rock band, you can argue against their musical sophistication and tight quality of presentation, polish lacking in many, many other bands. Whatever Journey did, they did it well, like the song or not.

Correction, please, to a comment just a made, "you CAN'T argue with their..." The next song on the list at 25, Too Late, expresses what it is to be typing at this hour! Nice website, by the way.

Love this song it gets you pumped up!

Another monumental Journey song too far down in the list.

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27 Too Late Too Late
28 Don't Be Down On Me Baby Don't Be Down On Me Baby

Mature love song that should be ranked much higher

29 When You Love a Woman When You Love a Woman

25! Should definitely be from the top 10! Sound of Jonathon's Cain piano and violins are beautifully harmonizing. Neal Schon's small pieces yet amazing solo parts. Steve Smith's soft drum beats. And of course not to mention Perry's beautiful voice!

Awesome song I just love, it should've been in the top 10

Should be much higher on the list, beautiful song!

How can this NOT be their best song

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30 Feeling That Way Feeling That Way

If you've never listened to this song, listen to it. I think it should be in the top 15

When Feeling That Way is coupled with Anytime, this duo is unstoppable. Perry's first album with Journey was a slam dunk.

31 Still They Ride Still They Ride

Outstanding song. It just always puts me in a good mood. I don't know what it is about it, but it should be much much higher on the list. Top 10, or hell, even Top 5 for me!

31? This song should be in the top five.

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32 Patiently Patiently

Lovely mellow start then great guitar.Should be higher on list.

33 Do You Recall Do You Recall
34 Happy to Give Happy to Give

Way too low, I can listen to this song for days on end.

35 Anytime Anytime

How the hell is this not higher? Have any of you actually heard this song it is firkin awesome!

Everyone around where this plays, all start singing it; so, why did it only rank 29th? Duh...

Gregg Rolie on keyboard lead vocals.

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36 Faith In the Heartland Faith In the Heartland
37 What I Needed What I Needed
38 Edge of the Blade Edge of the Blade
39 Every Generation Every Generation
40 Why Can't This Night Go On Forever? Why Can't This Night Go On Forever?

How is this number 76?! This song is so powerful, and unfortunately it's always forgotten about. I'd put this right up there with Faithfully!

One of my favorites! How is it so low!?

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