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41Look Into the Future
42Why Can't This Night Go On Forever?

How is this number 76?! This song is so powerful, and unfortunately it's always forgotten about. I'd put this right up there with Faithfully!

43Stay Awhile

Beautiful song worthy of a much higher ranking.

44Of a Lifetime

Journey's music was so good before Steve Perry joined the band

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45It Could Have Been YouV1 Comment
46Once You Love Somebody
47Never Walk Away
48Opened the Door
49Troubled ChildV1 Comment
50City of Hope

I understand this is not a song Steve Perry sings, but Arnel sounds exactly like him in this song. Top 10 worthy song indeed with strong lyrics and great guitars and drums

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52Good Morning Girl

Wonderful song that somehow gets lost in the mix because they have sooo many hits.

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55Lay It Down

I don't understand why this kicker of a song doesn't appeal to people more than it does. I love this song. I am a huge Steve Perry era Journey fan and it's just about my favorite. It has a great melody, great guitar, drums, and those high notes! Oh my gosh! It also has a great rock and roll feel to the lyrics, although I am still trying to figure out what "a little vertical persuasion" is.

56Kiss Me Softly

Amazing song...should be way higher

57Line of Fire
58Somethin' to Hide
59It's Just the Rain

Slow, soft, romantic. NO ONE can sing this like my sweetheart, Steve Perry!

60With a Tear
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