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41 Run of the Mill Run of the Mill

Most underrated song of all time. Period.

One of the greatest songs of the Priest

Amen to all previous posts on this song! A Top 3!

The song that I keep going back to.

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42 (Take These) Chains (Take These) Chains

A good catchy song.

43 Some Heads are Gonna Roll Some Heads are Gonna Roll

Oh come on, this song should be up there! Not one of the most popular ones, but really, its one of the best in my opinion.

44 Cathedral Spires

Absolute epic masterpiece. With this song, Tim Owens has made his contribution to the band worthwhile.

It's a masterpiece! It should be at least in the top 30.

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45 Ram It Down Ram It Down

How is this song so low on the list? The album wasnt all that great, but this song is so amazing! The guitar is absolutely fantastic! The vocals are so great, and that solo is just so, I can't even describe it, oh my god! Drum machine or not, this song has to be one of my favorite priest songs of all time

Defniantly underrated song one of my favorite songs by judas priest and has a amazing solo plus great lyrics

Ram it the #&%^@ down! This song is great. It's really underrated too, just like "Riding on the Wind" and "One Shot at Glory". Yeah... There's nothing quite like Judas Priest :D

46 Out In the Cold Out In the Cold

How is this at 50?!?!? The beginning is so epic. Robs voice is so great on this track. The keyboards always give a chill down my spine. This song is comparable to Dio's Holy diver, same style and same amount of awesome!

47 Genocide Genocide

Pure, raw original metal from Judas Priest, Genocide is undoubtedly one of their best.

48 Jawbreaker Jawbreaker

It has the best solo and sounds like Glen Tipton played it the way he wanted to it has the best verse chorus bridge Pre-Chorus and everything else this is the best song ever - macrox16

Deserves to be rated much higher and is probably in my top ten Priest songs. Amazing chorus and Rob is spectacular.

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49 Deal With the Devil Deal With the Devil

Underrated song one of their heaviest too bad not that many people know of it

50 Worth Fighting For Worth Fighting For

Worth fighting for must be on the top. It�'s the most epic song I�'ve ever heard. Painkiller is hard but not good. VOTE FOR WFF.

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51 Tears of Blood Tears of Blood
52 Monsters of Rock Monsters of Rock
53 Rock Hard Ride Free Rock Hard Ride Free

What the hell! How is this song at 63?!?!? This song is amazing come on listen to this...

Its too mind blowing to not be at #1

It should be in top 10! Masterpiece!

Best song vote.

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54 Demonizer Demonizer
55 Alone Alone

Epic metal band. Instrument like a god

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56 March of the Damned March of the Damned V 1 Comment
57 Hard As Iron Hard As Iron

Deserves to be a classic. If released in the Painkiller album, would be a live classic. A shame is part of a very underrated album.

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58 Redeemer of Souls Redeemer of Souls

The best song of the new album, should be much higher on the list

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59 Delivering the Goods Delivering the Goods

Easily one of their 10 best songs. This song always makes me want to jump up and rock!

Song with great punch and cool lyrics. I always get in very good mood listening to theis one. Unfortunatly I think it's underrated..

60 United United

My favorite song of Judas Priest! From my favorite album! (british steel). Also this song needs in the top 10 in my opinion.

It's my my favourite Judas Preist song, and one of my favourite all time songs.

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