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81Solar Angels
82Heavy Duty / Defenders of the Faith

Badass closer, to a badass album.

This song should be un the TOP 10

83Tears of Blood
84Running Wild

This is one of the greatest metal ballads in the history of metal ballads. Downing's solo just owns in this. Deserves a much higher place in my opinion.

How the hell is this so down. Such a mesmerizing song!

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87Burn In Hell

King Crimson's epitaph was obviously better. - DarkenedBrutality

89Take On the World
90GrinderV2 Comments
91Future of Mankind

#106... If you heard this song watch it then. Its coming all the way to top!

92The Rage

Epic song, slow intro, and it just builds up, like someone's rage escalating!

93Blood Stained

Are you crazy? This song is pure metal! I Love it!

My favourite song with Tim Owens. - IronSabbathPriest


This was a hard one. I was going between this, Painkiller, and Victim of Changes. AND HOW IS THIS RANK 97?

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95Locked In

You guys suck 81? Come on go listen the song and then come back...

96Here Come the Tears

I was going to vote for Nightcrawler but this song truly deserves more respect.

97Close to You

What the hell is this? 89? Seriously? This is probaly not only the most underrated song from judas, maybe in the world

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98Lost and Found
99Evening Star

Both calm and rock parts of this song are nicely played and sang - Legogolas

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100Jekyll and Hyde

Such an aggressive sounding song. Definitely worth a listen, or more like 100 listens. Seriously, it's good.

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