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61 Mike Garson

Played with Bowie over 30 years and added so much to every song he played on, listen to the piano on the Aladdin Sane album, especially Lady Grinning Soul and name anyone better.

There is absolutely no one who compares to Mike Garson.

Best solo fusion Jazz/Avant garde on Aladdin Sane!

62 Chris Martin Chris Martin

Greatest pianist of all time. How could there be another choice...

Chris Martin is a master at keyboards and makes beutiful music with them

63 Kiyo (Janne Da Arc)

He has super fast fingers!

64 Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven

Chopin's on the I guess he's #2

These one is another level. The classics are classics and they are ontouchable. This list is nuts... who think the same?

65 Billy Powell

How is this guy not in the top 20 or so.

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66 Bernie Worrell

Definitely should be in the top 10...simply a genius! Is the inspiration for all the hip-hop, techno and club music that we hear today...

If you ever seen him play live theirs no question that he's one of the very best! Keyboards and moog wow!


67 Richard Tandy

Very underrated player, probably because ELO's music was not keyboard solo heavy. But if you listen to how much ground he covers in the overall mesh of sound they were famous for, you realize what a gifted player he is. Also arranged many of the vocal and orchestral parts, was originally the bands bassist, and is an accomplished jazz guitarist!

Totally underrated, but then again, ELO is always underrated. From playing hard and heavy in Roll Over Beethoven to the electronic wizardry that was shown off in Time, the man could do it all.

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68 Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly is the keyboardist of Marillion and DeeExpus. If he doens't much famous like Jordan Rudess, he's the most melodic keyboardist in the world. His solos are so deep, emotional and cacthy that nobody can do better!

69 David Paich

He is the man! Great Player, Great Songwriter!

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70 Howard Jones

Started as a "one-man band" when he received two keyboards in the mail, when he only ordered one. Went on to take the 80s synth-pop world by storm!

Classically trained and taught people too. Great on a synth as well as a piano this guys needs to be in the top ten of not top in my eyes.

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71 Magne Furuholmen

His keyboard riffs are ever catchy. He's the creator of the most famous pop keyboard riff of the '80... Take on me as well as beautiful piano melodies from the '90 til today.

In my opinion he must be definitely in the top ten.

Magne deserve to be on top ten at least

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72 Lyle Mays

Lyle Mays doesn't make even the top 10? Lyle is the true number ONE! The masses as usual do not have a clue. Such an absolute genius & supernaturally gifted keyboard player who has been willingly/happily subject to an even greater gift (Pat Metheny of course) all these years speaks volumes for his love, passion & respect for TRUE music. MVW

Lyle is a brilliant play that plays exactly what is needed for the sound. Defiantly in my top 5.

Lyle Mays brilliant pianist/keyboardist and blend with Pat Metheny. would glady listen to him before most of his contemporaries prior on this list. Largely unheard of outside the states!

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73 Michael Pinnella

Yes he does deserve to be one of the best ten but people don't even know him.
That's the problem.
Or know him and too stupid to realize.

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74 Franz Liszt

Before people vote, they should be required to listen to some of his music and then vote.

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75 Trent Reznor Trent Reznor Michael Trent Reznor, known professionally as Trent Reznor, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and film score composer. He is known for his intense music videos.

the founder and only lasting member of Nine Inch Nails, and How To Destroy Angels. He deserves a spot on here for his inspiration to other musicians in the dark, industrial, electro, community and bands. - xaxismusic

76 Benmont Tench

Probably the most underrated keyboard player anywhere. The reason? He doesn't overplay. Just plays what is needed for the song and nothing more.

Listen to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and tell me this guy isn't top 5

77 Richard Clayderman

I can't believe it... ! There are great piano players in here, it's my opinion Richard Clayderman is at the top of all them, my respect for the classics of course.

Are you kidding me? Laugh out loud

My my.. the most successful pianist on guiness record don't have the justice here

78 Matt Bellamy Matt Bellamy Matthew James "Matt" Bellamy is an English musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and compose most famous for being the main vocalist in alternative rock band Muse.
79 Oscar Peterson

Yeah, I know... Most of you are going "who? " laugh out loud @ some of the people on this list, thanks for the laughs

Without a doubt, he was a major influence to most everyone on this list. In his time, for the style of music he mastered, there is no better piano player.

I would be surprised if anybody else on this list could play as Oscar did. Art Tatum is the only other one I can think in that class.

Putting "Pete" on this list, and then at 75, is an absolute insult. Pure virtuosic genius.

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80 Adnan Sami

'Read Wikipedia, as he's known as the world's fastest keyboard player"

He has created a new classical genre

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